My desire update Wednesday 31 August 2022

My desire 31 August 2022: Yuvraj provokes Preesha saying Rudra slapped her by leaving her alone on honeymoon. Preesha says get lost, if he is the reason behind it, she will not spare him. She goes aside and calls someone. Yuvraj thinks if that lady is the reason for Nalla Khurana leaving Preesha alone, he should inform Preesha about it; then thinks when fate itself is slapping Preesha, why should he interfere. Preesha reaches Delhi and seeing her phone switched off thinks she cannot call Rudra, so she will hire a taxi. Rudra heads towards airport and asks driver to speed up. Driver says police will fine him if he drives fast. Rudra says he will pay fine and drive then. Driver says he will drive.

Rudra nervously hopes Preesha shouldn’t reach home before he meets her. Preesha waits for taxi. Yuvraj holds her hand from behind. She turns thinking its Rudra, but seeing Yuvraj warns him to stay away from her and stop pestering him. He says he already booked taxi and will drop her home. Preesha yells at home, but agrees and gets into taxi. Rudra reaches there and seeing her getting into car with Yuvraj calls her and asks driver to follow Preesha’s cab.

Ahana gets ready in designer outfit. Mishka asks if she can’t she the problem at home. Ahana says its a celebration for her. They both walk down. Mishka lures Saransh with crackers and takes him away. Vasu worried accompanies him.Yuvraj starts pestering Preesha. Preesha asks him to go and sit in front. He says front seat and even dickie is full. He asks her to use his phone and asks nalla Khurana why did he leave her alone in Ooty. She tries to throw away his phone angrily, he takes it back. She asks him to stop the cab right there. They reach home. Rudra takes out Yuvraj and trashes him asking why is he pestering his wife. Preesha informs that Yuvraj is helping her reach home as her phone is switched off and she didn’t get a taxi.

Rudra warns Yuvraj to never show his face again and takes Preesha in. Yuvraj stands yelling that he helped Preesha and has to bear nalla’s torture, then thinks he has to watch the dhamaka which will happen in Khurana house.Rudra tells Preesha that he needs to talk about something because of which he left Ooty. Preesha says let us go in first. Saransh enters and insists her to come in first. Preesha says she will listen to her son as he is most important. He says yes. Saransh says a new aunty has come who pampered him a lot. She asks who is it. Rudra says he is trying to explain her same. Preesha walks in and stands amazed seeing Mahima.

Preesha is amazed to see Mahima. She emotionally hugs her. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Vasu emotionally hugs them both. Preesha asks Mahima if she is really alive. Mahima says she really is alive and returned. Preesha asks how did it happened, she had died 7 years ago in front of her. Rudra says he brought her here. Preesha asks if he knew Mahima akka was alive. Rudra says he will inform her inside and asks Saransh to stay out and play crackers, asks Ahana and Mishka to take care of Saransh. They both fume. Yuvraj watches the drama hiding and thinks now crackers will burn at Khurana House, good he saw Mahima and took her along to Ooty. He goes into flashback reminiscing the whole incident of meeting her and thinks his effort wasn’t waste.

Rudra informs Preesha that Mahima met him in Ooty and informed that she is Preesha’s sister, Saransh’s biological mother and Rajeev’s girlfriend. She asks why didn’t he inform her before. He continues that he came to inform her in hotel room, but she was sound asleep; Mahima wanted to meet Saransh soon, so he left to Delhi with Mahima early and left a note for Preesha; he even came to airport to pick her up, but saw her going with Yuvraj. Vasu then expresses her emotions. Sharda asks Rudra who is this girl. Rudra says she is Preesha’s sister and Saransh’s biological mother and came here for Saransh. Saransh walks down and asks Rudra where is mamma and who is this aunty.

Rudra says she is maa, then says maasi/aunt. Saransh gets excited hearing he also has an aunt. Vasu asks Preesha if she informed GPS about it. Preesha says no. Vasu calls GPS and asks him to come to Khurana House Soon.Ahana fumes outside thinking what must be happening inside. Yuvraj calls her and asks what is she doing outside, she should go inside and see what is happening. GPS walks in. Ahana says they were waiting for him and sends him in. Saransh hugs him and says Maasi has come. GPS meets Preesha and asks why did Vasu call him and Saransh was talking about Periamma/aunt. Preesha points at Mahima. GPS stands shocked seeing Mahima.



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