My heart knows update Wednesday 31 August 2022

My heart knows 31 August 2022: The Episode starts with Kalyani asking Anupriya why did she jump in the pool? Anupriya says she will not leave her alone in trouble. Malhar and Sarthak also jump in the pool for their wives. Kalyani asks what is this madness? Moksh jumps in the pool calling Malhar. Kalyani asks Moksh to go out of pool. Moksh refuses. Malhar takes him. They all hold their hands. Ek dusre se karte hai pyaar hum….plays. Malhar tells that they can die happily for one another, they don’t complete this family, but this family completes us. Utara says what do you think that this family drama will effect me, no. She asks them to die. Gungun comes there and hits Utara with the catapult.

The open wires fall down on the ground and Utara loses balance and falls down in the Pool. Kalyani holds Utara. Utara says this fight is not over yet. Kalyani says it is over and makes her see the Police coming there. They all come out of pool. Kalyani tells that she feels bad for her and knows what she has gone through, tells that truth can’t change that Abhimanyu has done bad and got punished. Utara says my revenge is not fulfilled. Police takes her from there. Kalyani calls Gungun and thanks her. Everyone is about to enter home. Kalyani stops Sarthak and tells that she will not let her younger sister come inside, without doing her aarti. She does her aarti and asks her to wait. Gungun asks why are you showing hand like traffic signal police.

Kalyani says just 1 min. She brings colored water plate and tells that Lakshmi came home. She asks her to step on the color water and get inside. Gungun jumps in the colored water and walks inside with her face turned backwards. Kalyani is shocked and asks her to walk properly. Gungun argues.Later, Sarthak brings the bag and tells that Vahini is going. He says you lied to me that Gungun is with you, but actually she was not with you. He says you have played with my emotions Asawari says no. Malhar says we all know your truth. Sarthak says I have fought with my family for you and thought you have changed with time, but you remained same. She asks where will I stay? Sarthak says I don’t know, you please go. Gungun comes there and says if Kaki goes from here then even I will go. She hugs Asawari shocking everyone.

She cries. Anupriya says ok, if you want then Vahini will stay here. Sarthak says but. Anupriya says we found her after 5 years and will give her all the happiness which we couldn’t give her in these 5 years. Sarthak goes upset. Asawari looks at Gungun. Gungun looks at her angrily. Moksh asks Gungun why did she stop Asawari Aaji? Gungun says how to let her go, she has troubled me so much, now I will trouble her too. Kalyani calls them. Anupriya asks why did she call photographer. Kalyani says my sister came today, a family photo shoot is needed. Kalyani and Anupriya sit on the sofa, while Sarthak and Malhar stand behind them. Gungun insists to sit on the sofa where Kalyani is sitting. Anupriya asks Kalyani to get up.

Kalyani stands up and stands with Malhar. Gungun sits on the sofa and calls Asawari for the photo. She poses with Anupriya and others as the photographer clicks their pic.Later Kalyani comes to make rangoli with Anupriya and sees her making rangoli with Gungun. Anupriya says Gungun was insisting to make rangoli. Kalyani says I came to make it with you for puja. Anupriya tells Kalyani that she couldn’t refuse her. She asks what happened? Kalyani says nothing and gets sad. Anupriya asks her to say. Kalyani says I am very happy as Gungun came, but I have a feeling that you are going far from me and your love for me is getting less, and my Aai is not just mine now.

Anupriya takes her to kitchen and says we can drink tea together atleast. She boils the water and gives to Kalyani. Kalyani looks at it and says it is just water Aai. Anupriya says just like tea can’t be made without water, tea dust and sugar, like wise I can’t become Aai without you both. She says you both completes me, you brings sweetness in my life, while Gungun brings colors to my life. She says you made me mother first and asks why did she think that her love will get lessen for her. Kalyani gets emotional and cries making baby face. Anupriya hugs her.

Anupriya does aarti with Sarthak. Malhar and Kalyani do the aarti next. Bhajan plays….Gungun shows something to Moksh and says lets go out and enjoy.Gungun takes Moksh with her. Moksh asks if something wrong with happen. Gungun says no. Asawari is in the kitchen. Gungun tells Moksh that they will scare Asawari now. She comes inside and sprays something on her. Asawari asks her to stop. Gungun runs away. Moksh picks the bottle and runs away. They come to the hall and stand for the puja. Asawari thinks if Gungun stopped me to trouble me, she didn’t know me. She lights her pallu with fire and comes out running, asking for help. Kalyani gives water to Malhar. Malhar pours on her saree and set off the fire.

Sarthak asks what is this foam and how the fire caught her saree. Asawari blames Moksh for attempting to kill her. She says he sprayed foam on my saree and the fire was caught. Foam bottle falls down from Moksh’s pocket. Kalyani asks Moksh if he did this. Moksh says no and tells that it was Gungun’s plan. Asawari stares Gungun. Gungun says I didn’t do. Sarthak asks Moksh not to lie and don’t blame Gungun. Kalyani says let me talk and says I always taught you to tell truth, a dangerous accident must have happened due to this. Moksh says I am telling truth, it was Gungun’s plan. Kalyani raises her hand to slap him. Anupriya holds her hand and asks what are you doing, he is a kid. Kalyani goes.

Gungun feels bad for Moksh. Asawari comes to her and says she stopped her from saying truth for her betterment. Gungun brings laddoo and asks Moksh to eat. Moksh throws it and asks why you didn’t tell anyone that it was your idea. He twists her hand. Gungun says that old aunty stopped me and told that if I tell anyone then they will throw me out. Moksh says ok, you shall not do this again.

Malhar asks Kalyani why she is tensed? Kalyani says no tension. Malhar says that’s you are keeping washed clothes for washing. Kalyani says she didn’t know what to do, today her Moksh lied and accused Gungun. Malhar says he is a kid and asks if he will not do mischief then will you do. He says even you can do sometimes. Kalyani hugs him. Malhar asks her to relax. Sarthak is angry on Moksh and tells Anupriya that he shall be punished. Anupriya says he is a child. Sarthak says this black thread will not work. He then says sorry and says she worries for them. Sarthak says we will not let anything happen to the kids and will give all the happiness to Gungun which she deserves.

Anupriya says don’t know where was she all these years. Sarthak says we will make her fine with our love.Kalyani calls Malhar and asks if he reached. Malhar asks if she is missing him. Kalyani reminds him of the surprise party for Gungun and asks him to bring all the costumes. Malhar says ok. Kalyani goes out of the room. Asawari thinks since Gungun came here, she is flying high. I will not leave her. She thinks to break the family with Gungun’s hand and takes marbles in her hand. She keeps it in Gungun’s room and goes. Gungun comes there and falls. Asawari holds her. Gungun tells that Moksh has done this. Asawari instigates Gungun against Kalyani and tells that she is jealous of you for Anupriya’s divided love.

Later Gungun and Moksh are playing and come to the hall. They find the light off. Gungun says she is afraid of darkness. Kalyani, Malhar, Anupriya and Sarthak come there in fancy dresses. Asawari comes there in clown’s costume. They say surprise. Gungun gets happy. Anupriya tells Gungun that this is surprise party for her and she promises that she will never go away from her. She ties the black pearls thread to Gungun and Moksh. Kalyani asks them to get ready with their costumes. Gungun and Moksh come ready with their costumes.

Kalyani says whose sister you are, perfect like me. Anupriya takes off evil sight from them. Malhar plays music and says party time. Kalyani says she has work and goes. Asawari looks at her. Gungun looks at her. Kalyani goes to her room. Malhar comes there and holds her. Kalyani says I got afraid and says you are getting mischievous wearing dracula’s clothes. She says let me go, everyone is waiting for gifts. Malhar says nobody is waiting for you. He says how to let you go, I am feeling love for my Barbie doll. Kalyani asks him to go and love Barbie doll then. Malhar says Kalyani is the one, on whom all my search ends. He gets romantic. They are about to kiss. Song plays….



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