My desire update Wednesday 26 June 2024

my desire 26 June 2024: Arjun comes home calling Mahima. Mahima is having fruits, she hears him coming and hides the bowl, and put water in her eyes. She then pretends to be crying and asks Arjun, where is Karun? She says nobody knows where is he? She says due to your stubbornness, my son went and asks from where to search him.

Arjun says Karun is found and tells that he was about to meet with an accident, but a lady saves her and says she must be the God’s angel. He says that lady took him to her house. He asks her to come with him and says they will bring him. Mahima thinks what to do now, as she has to go to Kitty party. She tells Arjun that she has to go to temple barefeet to fulfill her mannat and asks him to go and bring him. Once Arjun goes, she calls her friend and says she is coming to Kitty and asks her to order something for her.

Kashvi tells Karun that he should have asked her to make it. Karun says he makes his own food at home, as his Mamma is always busy and has so much work to do. Kashvi thinks she must be working woman and wants her son to be independent.

Karun asks if you also work Mamma. He then says aunty. Kashvi gets emotional. She says she will make world’s best sandwich for him. He says only he can make it. kashvi says you will eat your fingers along with my sandwich. He says no, he will make world’s best sandwich. Karun goes to sit. Dadi asks him to come and do the puja with her. Karun says you are doing such a long puja, so think that my puja is also done. Kashvi brings sandwich for him and asks how it is? Karun likes it and says it is ok, I will eat it, but not best than me. Kashvi says your nose is growing big. He says no. Kashvi says you can’t see, but others can see and asks Dadi if she saw it. Dadi says yes. He says he will have sandwich with his mouth and not with his nose. Kashvi gets a call from her boss asking her to come to office. Kashvi asks now. He says yes. Kashvi asks Dadi to take care of Karun and says his father will come and pick him. She says sorry to Karun and says she has to go. Karun says he is a grown up guy and asks her to go. She pulls his cheeks and goes. Arjun doesn’t see Kashvi as she is going. Door bell rings. Dadi opens the door and finds driver standing.

Driver tells Dadi that Kashvi took the car and asked him to stay with her to help her. Dadi says ok and asks him to come inside. Arjun comes to a wrong house and thanks the lady for saving his son.

The lady says she didn’t save anyone. Arjun says he got a call from her and asked him to come to house no. 6. The lady says her house number is 9. Arjun asks where is house number 6.

Dadi tells that once Karun’s father comes, she will go and rest. Driver asks her to go and rest and says he will be with Karun. Karun says he is a big boy and don’t need anyone. Dadi goes to rest. Door bell rings. Driver opens the door and finds Arjun. Arjun sees Karun sitting on the bed. Karun runs to him and hugs him. Arjun asks him not to do this again and hugs him. He asks Karun not to do this again and asks him to promise. Karun promises him. Arjun asks Driver where is that lady who saved his son. Driver says she went for important call, her mother is at home, but resting. Arjun says ok, she has done a big favor on me.

In the car, Arjun asks Karun who tied mata rani’s head band to him. Karun says aunty who saved me, and says she said that Mata Rani will stay with me always and will protect me. Arjun thinks Kashvi used to say this and asks Karun to thank that aunty on his behalf if he meets him again. He asks if he is hungry. Karun says no, and tells that he had world’s special sandwich made by aunty. Arjun thinks he had world’s best sandwich once and reminisces Kashvi asking him to have sandwich and saying he will love it. He asks if it is not enough that I love you, and then says I love my work. Kashvi asks him to open his mouth and puts sandwich in his mouth. Arjun tastes it and says it is world’s best sandwich, and it is too good. Fb ends. Arjun misses Kashvi and says he has searched her everywhere, but couldn’t find out and hopes she is happy. Karun asks Arjun to see the Diwali Mela and says we shall go there. Dadi tells Kashvi that they shall go to Diwali Mela before leaving.

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