My desire update Tuesday 6 June 2023

My desire 6 June 2023: Digvijay gets angry seeing Roohi with Preesha and tells Kanchan that Rudra has sent his daughter to trouble Preesha again and wants to mentally and physically torture Preesha. Kanchan says Roohi is a kid. Digvijay asks her to send Roohi away Kanchan says Pihu brought Roohi and when Preesha doesn’t have any problem, why is he bothered. Digvijay says there is a problem, she won’t understand. Aryan eats Preesha’s prepared laddus and gets emotional. He recalls he getting romantic with Preesha while she was preparing prasad laddu.

Raj knocks the door and asks Rudra if he can come in. Rudra wipes his tears and says he will not get laddu. Raj says he came to ask if he is angry on him for talking to Pihu. He says he doesn’t want to befriend Pihu, she herself came to thank him for helping her with notes. Rudra says he doesn’t have any problem if he befriends Pihu. Raj asks how he found out that Preesha prepared these laddus. Rudra talks about the emotional connect with his lady love and suggests him not to lose his lady love if he finds one.

Digvijay informs Armaan about Roohi visiting home to meet Preesha and having food from Preesha’s hand. Armaan gets angry and says he thought Rudra’s family would be afraid after Shimila incident, but this girl is unperturbed. Digvijay asks him to go and send te girl out. Armaan walks to Roohi and asks what is she doing here. Roohi hides behind Preesha. Preesha says her car broke down and she needed to washroom and hence she came here, she was hungry and hence I fed her dosas. Armaan says he will drop her home as her father must be worried. Roohi thinks she needs to find some way to spend more time with mamma and says she needs to use washroom again and leaves. Preesha thanks Armaan for being kind to Roohi.

Armaan says she needs to maintain distance with Roohi as Rudra must be using her to get closer to Preesha. Preesha thinks Armaan is right, but why she feels connected to Roohi.Roohi thinks what she should do to visit Preesha often. She notices Kanchan scolding gardener when he seeks suddenly 1 month leave and requests her to keep a temporary gardener for a month. Roohi gets an idea and asks Armaan to drop her home soon. Armaan thinks what this girl is up to now. Roohi pampers and hugs Preesha and thinks she will return soon. Armaan takes Roohi from there and drops her home. Roohi thanks him for dropping her home. Rudra notices Armaan and asks what is he doing here. Armaan says Roohi’s car broke down in front of his house and hence he came to drop her here. Rudra says car is fine or else driver would have informed him. Armaan leaves.

Rudra asks Roohi why did she visit Armaan’s house. Roohi says she has found a solution for their problem and would discuss it with him and Saransh. After some time, Roohi reveals that Armaan’s gardener has left the job and hence she wants Rudra to enact as a gardener for a month and try to recreate old memories in front of Preesha to revive her memory. Rudra says he will be identified easily. Saransh says Rudra is right. Roohi says she knows what to do. Rudra says if she is planning of his plastic surgery, he would never agree for it as his fans and Preesha love his face. Saransh says Rudra si right. Roohi says she got a dumb father and brother and asks them to just follow her.

Kanchan notices Preesha happy and says she looks happy after meeting Roohi. Preesha says she feels emotionally connected to Roohi and felt happy feeding her. Kanchan says Preesha is kind hearted. Pihu shouts and they both rush to her and knock her room door. Roohi takes Rudra to MK Makeup Studio where Vanshika joins her and says Delhi’s famous makeup artist will perform his makeup and change his getup to a gardener.Kanchan and Preesha rush to Pihu hearing her shouting. Pihu shows rahes all over her face. Preesha asks how did it happen. Pihu says she used a new cream. Jahnvi asks if the rashes will clear or not. Preesha asks her not to worry as its allergic reaction and she will give her allergy medicine which will clear her rashes by tomorrow.

Pihu says she has college party tomorrow morning and will be bullied by friends if she doesn’t attend it. Kanchan says she knows a famous and talented makeup artist MK of MK Makeup Studio who will do her makeup and hide her rashes. Preesha says Pihu should go for it till her rashes are cleared by tomorrow evening with allergy medicine. Pihu agrees.Driver gets a call from his wife to return home to celebrate daughter’s birthday, he refuses saying he needs to attend duty. Kanchan with Preesha and Pihu walks to him and asks diver to take them to MK makeup studio. Preesha asks drive to go home and celebrate his daughter’s birthday. Driver hesitates but agrees on Preesha’s insistence. Preesha tells Kanchan that they shall take a cab and ask Armaan to pick them up while returning home. Kanchan agrees.

MK is amazed to see rockstar Rudarksh Khurana at his studio and asks if he came for a makeup for his next concert. Roohi say she wants him to perform Rudra’s makeover as a gardener. Vanshika explains him. MK tries different looks on Rudra. Roohi, Saransh, and Vanshika select an old long haired and beard gardener’s look. Rudra fails to identity himself. MK does final touchup and asks them to bring gardener’s clothes for Rudra. They all 3 leave the studio to bring clothes for Rudra. Rudra says he needs to pee and rushes to bathroom. Kanchan with Preesha and Pihu enters studio next and asks MK to hide Pihu’s rashes with makeup as she needs to attend party. MK says Pihu will look more beautiful after the makeup and starts her makeup.

Preesha gets Armaan’s call who says he is coming to pick them up. She says still make up is going on. Armaan says he will wait at the backside parking lot till makeup is done then. Rudra gets out of washroom and gets tense seeing Preesha there. He runs back to washroom, calls Roohi, and informs that Preesha is in MK studio and he is stuck in washroom and doesn’t know what to do. Roohi says she will think something. Vanskhika says she will take MK’s help. She calls MK and asks him not to let the customers in her studio know that Rudra is there as Rudra is going to their house as a gardner. MK asks where is Rudra now. Vanshika says he is stuck in washroom, so he should get Rudra out from there silently. MK says Rudra can get out via washroom window.

Preesha likes Vanshika’s makeup and goes to washroom. MK asks Kanchan where is the other lady who came with her. Kanchan says she has gone to washroom. Roohi asks Rdura to get out of washroom via a window and meet them outside. Preesha is about to enter washroom when MK stops her and loudly asks her not to get in there. Rudra hears that and tries to open window hurriedly. Preesha asks MK why she shouldn’t enter washroom. MK says its door gets jammed often. Preesha opens the door after some try and walks in.

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