My desire update Tuesday 16 August 2022

My desire 16 August 2022: Rudra pulls Preesha’s hair and says he will give her intense pain from hereon. Preesha pleads to leave her. Saransh enters and stands shocked seeing that. He asks Rudra why was he pulling mamma’s hair. Rudra says they were playing game. Saransh says he is a kid, but knows there is no game like that. Rudra says he and mamma fought and he was punishing mamma. Preesha gets tensed seeing Saransh’s tensed face. Rudra says he was joking and asks Preesha to pull his hair in return and making her pull his hair says his hair is strong. Saransh says his hair is not strong.

Neighbors walk into GPS’ house and handing him society’s notice say their daughter and son-in-law cannot stay here after what happened last night as whole society complained against them. GPS asks who are they to decide, its his house. Neighbor says house is his, but its in a society and he has to follow rules. Vasu warns them next, but neighbor says they can stay here peacefully, but cannot let their daughter and SIL in. GPS stands fuming shouting who they think of themselves.

Saransh asks how did he meet with an accident. Preesha says when she took Rudra to doctor, he fell and injured himself. Rudra says its just like he got injured during boxing match. Saransh says he saw his injury then, it was not severe like this. Preesha asks to call GPS. Saransh gets tensed. Vasu calls Preesha and informs her that Saransh was attending online class and don’t where he went after that. Preesha says he is here and she will bring him home in sometime. Saransh asks Rudra if its paining a lot. Rudra says yes. Preesha says when he gets pain, mamma kisses his cheek and his pain vanishes. He insists Preesha to kiss Rudra. Preesha hesitates, but Saransh insists. Rudra also insists for Saransh’s sake.

Preesha is about to kiss Rudra when Mishka with Ahana enters and shouts what is she trying to do and when she is warned from not coming near Rudra, she should get out right now. Rudra warns her to shut her mouth out and asks Ahana to take her away. Ahana takes Mishka out and says she should have patience if she wants Rudra. Rudra asks Preesha to get take Saransh out and get him milkshake. Preesha takes Saransh out and gets him milkshake. When she walks towards, Rudra’s room, Ahana and Mishka yell at her and reminding about court order warns her not to come near Rudra. They complain Balraj who fumes at Preesha. Rudra says he let Preesha in for Saransh’s sake as Saransh is everything to him like he is for them.

Balraj says he will get him discharged today and asks if he will return home. Rudra agrees and says he hates Preesha and never wants to see her again, and Balraj gets happy.Neerja thinks of searching Rahul’s ipad and in lieu of getting baby’s diapers sends him away and starts searching his cupboards. He finds one drawer locked and thinks pad must be in it. Rahul returns and seeing his files shattered asks what is she doing. She says she missed her ring, so she was searching it. He searches it, and she acting as finding it shows it and tries to leave. He stops her. She gets nervous thinking he got suspicious He asks if she was searching tab and asks to take diapers along. She smiles and takes diapers along.

Preesha calls Vasu to come and take Saransh home as Rudra is getting discharged and she will stay with him. Vasu agrees. Balraj with Ahana and Mishka brings Rudra out. Preesha tries to help, but Ahana warns her to stay away. Preesha stands crying and thinks if Rudra hates her so much.Balraj gets Rudra discharged and takes him along with Ahana and Mishka. Preesha sadly watches Rudra going. Rudra stops. Ahana thinks if he changed his mind. Rudra walks to receptionist ignoring Preesha and says she didn’t give bill and walks away taking bill. In car, Rudra cries reminiscing his love for Preesha and her betrayal, etc. Preesha also in her car cries reminiscing all the recent events. A Punjabi song..plays in the background.

Neerja wakes up at midnight and searches drawer’s key in Rahul’s pocket. She gets key bunch and thinks one key must be of that drawer and finding a small key thinks this must be the one. Rahul wakes up and asks what is she doing. Neerja gets tensed and keeping key back in Rahul’s pocket says she needs water and thinks he woke up now and she will get keys tomorrow again.Preesha walks towards home when neighbors stop her and yell that she cannot stay in this building after her inebriated husband created drama last night, she should pack her bags and leave. Preesha enters home. GPS and Vasu ask if Rudra is fine. Saransh walks to Preesha and asks where is Rudra. Preesha says he went to his home as he needs some time alone to recover. Saransh says asks her to promise that Rudra will return once he recovers.

Preesha promises. Vasu takes Saransh for dinner. Preesha expresses her pain in front of GPS.Balraj with Ahana and Mishka take Rudra home and asks Sharda to perform Rudra’s aarti as its a new life for him. Ahana says Rudra left behind Preesha and Saransh and they are out of his life. Balraj says Rudra will start a new life without Preesha and Saransh.Preesha continuing to chat with GPS thinks she will only know what Rudra saw in Rahul’s tab once Neerja sees that video and informs her. Yuvraj enters. GPS angrily asks what is he doing here.

Yuvraj acts and says he is worried for Preesha and GPS, if they are fine. GPS asks if he is so concerned why did he harm Rudra. Yuvraj asks what happened to Rudra. Preesha says he met with an accident last night. Yuvraj thinks why didn’t Rudra die or least lost his limbs, asks if Rudra is fine. Preesha warns him to get out. Yuvraj holds GPS’ feet and pleads to forgive him. Preesha gets Neerja’s call and walks to her room. Yuvraj requests GPS to get him water. GPS walks to kitchen. Preesha asks Neerja if she saw video. Neerja says she couldn’t as Rahul told he threw it as it is broken, but she feels he hid it in a drawer and she will try to get it somehow tomorrow and find out what is in that video.

Preesha asks to inform her soon. Yuvraj enters and asks why Neerja called her at this time. Preesha says its none of his business and drags him out to living room. Yuvraj acts as still loving her and asks why she is behaving rudely with him. Rudra walks in and says betraying is her hobby and yells that as soon he left her, she went back to her old lover. He insults Preesha.Saransh walks in and seeing him happily runs and hugs him. He asks Saransh to pack his bags as he is taking him to Khurana house. Saransh happily runs away. Vasu walks in and says he cannot take Saransh like that.

Rudra says he is taking Preesha also as she is his wife and he has right on her. He asks Preesha to pack her bags. Vasu asks Preesha if she really wants to go after what happened. Preesha says she has to go, else Rudra will be more angry.

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