My desire update Monday 15 August 2022

My desire 15 August 2022: Preesha with GPS, Sharda, and Vasu search Rudra worried for him. Rudra rash drives his car and rams it to a pole. Preesha sees Rudra’s car and asks GPS to stop their car. They all rush to Rudra’s car and see him unconscious and severely injured inside car. They try to open door, but its locked from inside. Sparks emerge in car. Worried, Preesha breaks open door and try to get him out of car before car starts catching fire, but seatbelt is jammed. GPS brings knife from his car and cutting seatbelt get out him. Just then, car bursts into fire. They rush him to hospital. Preesha calls doctor and requests to check severely injured Rudra.

Doctor says his condition is critical and needs surgery, they should sign consent form till he makes surgery arrangements. Balraj with Ahana enters and says he will sign consent form. He gets emotional looking at Rudra and asks doctor to treat his son at any cost. He then blames Preesha for Rudra’s condition and warns her to not go near Rudra. Preesha says nobody can stop him. Balraj says that is why he brought court order and hands it to him. Sharda says Preesha saved Rudra instead and she is not at fault. Balraj asks what happened between her and Rudra that he met with an accident. GPS says he is blaming Preesha who saved his son.

Ahana blames Preesha for Rudra’s condition saying she must have provoked Rudra to take this extreme step. Preesha says they were very happy, she had taken him to her friend Neerja’s house for dinner. Ahana asks who Neerja. Preesha says Rahul’s wife. Balraj shouts that Rudra was upset because of Rahul. Ahana continues her theory shouting at Preesha. Vasu warns her to stop blaming her daughter. Their argument starts. Preesha warns Ahana to behave with her mother. Doctor comes out of OT and says Rudra’s condition is critical and he will be under observation for 24 hours.

Preesha thinks she will not go from here at any cost. GPS asks Vasu to go home as Saransh is alone. Vasu hesitantly leaves. At home, Saransh gets up calling Preesha and Rudra and gets afraid seeing no one around. Vasu enters, and he hugs her tightly and asks about Preesha and Rudra. Vasu says they have gone out and asks him to sleep as he has online class in the morning.In hospital, Preesha stands outside, Rudra’s ICU room. Ahana shouts at her to go from there, but Preesha says she will not at any cost. Balraj says its okay and let law take its course. Serial’s title track plays in the background. After 24 hours, doctor informs that Rudra is out of danger. Everyone relax hearing that.

Rudra gets conscious in hospital. Sharda says by god’s grace he is fine. Balraj says he will take him home soon. Rudra asks why is he in hospital. Ahana says he met with a car accident last night and was brought here. Rudra reminisces whole last night’s incident and asks where is Preesha. Preesha watches from outside. Balraj says whatever happened is because of Preesha and even Kunal doesn’t want her near him, he has taken court orders and Preesha cannot come even 100 meters near him. Rudra says Balraj did all this for him, he is right, now Preesha will not come near him forever. Mishka takes Ahana out and says what they couldn’t do in months a mere accident did it in a night.

They both walk to Preesha to make her jealous. They taunt that Rudra is conscious now and she must have seen hatred in Rudra’s eyes for her, Rudra asked Balraj not to let Preesha near him as he hates her. Preesha stands sadly while they walk away smirking. Balraj asks them to go home while he stays with Rudra. Sharda feels sorry for Preesha, but is helpless and leaves.Balraj gets a call and walks out of Rudra’s room. Preesha walks in silently and asks Rudra how is he, apologizes saying he has to suffer so much. He calls her near him and holding his hand tightly says she is the reason for this. Preesha says she doesn’t know what happened to him after visiting Rahul’s house, asks him to leave her as its hurting.

Rudra says he wants hurt her. Preesha pleads and he leaves her. She requests him to tell what happened and why she changed, he used to protect her and now he himself is hurting her, even Rahul didn’t say anything. Rudra asks if she doesn’t know about the video in which she agrees that she wants to take revenge from him and gave Rudra’s video to Rahul. Preesha says she met Rahul to confront him, that video is a lie. He says she is lying and will get his hatred from hereon, he hates her. Balraj enters and warns her to leave or else he will call police. Preesha walks away crying and thinks which video Rudra saw. She reminisces Rahul’s broken pad and thinks video must be in that, she needs to check.

At home, Saransh insists Vasu to take him to Rudra. Vasu thinks Saransh cannot see Rudra in dilapidated state and says she has dance class and even he should attend online class, else Preesha will scold her. He agrees and opens his laptop for online class, realizes he and Rudra have test today, so he packs Rudra’s laptop and silently leaves towards hospital.Preesha calls Neerja who asks if Rudra is found. She says shocking events are happening since last night, Rudra met with an accident and in the morning, he informed about a doctored video in Rahul’s pad in which she spoke that she is with Rahul and wants to take revenge from Rudra.

Neerja asks how is it possible. Preesha asks her to get Rahu’s pad and check that video. Preesha walks to Rahul asks him to give his pad as she needs to watch movies. He says it was broken and he threw it away, so he will order new one for her. She thinks it can be repairable, Rahul must be having that tab even now.Ahana with Mishka return to hospital and taunt Preesha. They walk in to Rudra’s room and ask if he needs anything. Nurse informs that Rudra wants his wife to sponge him. They both are shocked and think everything changed back to normal. Preesha walks in. Rudra insists her to remove his shirt and sponge him. She does.

He holds her tightly and asks if its paining. She says she is not and he should tell what exactly happened. He pulls her hair and says he will hurt her from hereon. Saransh enters and stands shocked.

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