My desire update Thursday 28 march 2024

My desire 28 march 2024:Arjun blindfolds Kashvi and takes her on a terrace for a dinner date. Kashvi is surprised to see such a beautiful decoration and her favorite food on a table. Arjun says since she had lunch with her colleagues, she thought of having a dinner with her.

Kashvi asks who said she had lunch. Arjun says she saw her colleagues coming out of her cabin discussing that she threw a lunch party for them. Kashvi says she gave treat to her colleagues as it was her first day of office, but she wanted to have lunch with him and haven’t had lunch yet. Arjun says they both didn’t have lunch then.

Kashvi says let us have dinner soon as she is feeling very hungry. Arjun says wait for a few seconds and showers flowers on her. He then makes her cut a cake. She feeds him cake. He smears it on her face. She runs behind him and smears cake on his face. Tu Hai to Mujhe Phir Aur Kya Chahiye.. song plays in the background.

Arjun holds Kashvi closely and is about to say her I love you when family returns. Romila excitedly says there is a party going on here, let’s enjoy the party. Arjun looks at Jagadish.

Mahima recalls how she called Jagadish and lied to him that there is a power outage in the theater air and the show is canceled. Jagadish tells family if not movie, he will take them for a dinner. Mahima insists to return home for dinner and asks Romila to convince Jagadish. Out of flashback, Mahima thinks she will not let Arjun propose Kashvi and will soon oust Kashvi and get into Arjun’s life. Arjun asks Jagadish why did he bring back the family. Jagadish informs what Mahima did. Arjun gets angry on Mahima and confronts her. Mahima lies that her friend said a different theater name and she got confused. Jagadish says she repeatedly does mistakes and spoils everyone’s mood.

Arjun asks Kashvi why did Pradyuman visit her today. Kashvi informs how he was trying to bribe her for the same biogas tender and how she slapped him. He laughs and says he is proud of her. Kashvi’s assistant Nitin walks in and informs her that there is a complaint to the department that one of the officer took bribe, he got a CCTV footage to check who he/she is to check and report him/her to the department.

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