My desire update Sunday 26 March 2023

My desire 26 March 2023: Rudra with Roohi and Saransh thanks principal for allowing them to celebrate valentine’s day at school. Principal says children’s happiness is everything for him and reminds Rudra to sign on children’s field trip expense document. Roohi gets excited hearing about field trip. Principal says she cannot go without her mother’s permission. Saransh says he will meet her mother and convince her. Rudra gets tensed thinking Saransh will find out that Preesha is Roohi’s mother and says he will meet and convince Roohi’s mother. Saransh agrees.

Bunty returns home calling Bubbles and thinks he will destroy all the scholarship related documents before Bubbles wakes up. He remembers instructing Pandey over phone to withdraw all the money from account and make sure Rudra doesn’t find about it, thinks Preesha heard Pandey conversation and informed Rudra. He further remembers how Rudra forcefully took his help to track Pandey, how he acted as getting leg sprain and getting Pandey’s money bag, Rudra reaching manager and finding out about joint account holder Badrinath Gupta who is father, and how he erased all the evidences at school that he is Badrinath’s son Bhairav nath Gupta as he doesn’t want to return to his old poor life.

He thinks he came home to erase all remaining documents, but someone came and took away documents; he should ask Bubbles who came in his absence.Rudra with Roohi visits Preesha’s office. Preesha returns and asks why didn’t she pick her calls. He checks phone and says Saransh turned silent mod on. Roohi says she wants to go on a school field trip. Preesha asks her to go now as she is tensed. Roohi walks away. Rudra asks Preesha why she is tensed. Preesha says she found out who is behind scholarship scam, shows his signature on documents and asks if its his. He says no and asks how is the betrayer. She says his best friend Bunty.

Rudra is shocked and says Bunty is like his brother and will never betray him. Preesha says even she thought same, but she found these papers in Bunty’s home drawer. Rudra asks how did she reach Bunty’s house. She describes whole story. He says how can Bunty backstab him.Bunty wakes up Bubbles and asks if she took out scholarship papers from drawer. She says he knows she doesn’t touch his papers. She asks if someone came in his absence. She says courier boy had come. He asks if someone else also came as they can get into trouble if documents fall in someone’s hands. She says Preesha had come and had opened drawer to pick pen to sign courier slip.

He panics thinking Preesha would have shown papers to Rudra by now, he will call Rudra and find out if Preesha came there. Preesha says Bunty must have scammed him as Bubbles is severely ill. Rudra says Bunty would have sought money instead of backstabbing him, already he is betrayed once and cannot tolerate another betrayal and will get Bunty arrested for his crime.He gets Bunty’s call. Preesha asks him to act normal till they get evidence. Rudra picks call. Bunty asks where is he. Rudra says he is at school celebrating valentine’s day with Roohi.

Bunty asks if he didn’t meet Preesha. Rudra says he hates Preesha and will never meet her. Bunty says he called him to know about scholarship scam, did he find out who Bhairav Gupta is, does he need his help to find out. Rudra says he already has done a lot for him and doesn’t need any more help, he wants to spend time with Roohi today. Bunty relaxes thinking Rudra didn’t meet Preesha yet, he will meet Preesha and try to convince her to hide his secret. Rudra says he cannot spare Bunty and with Preesha reaches police station and files police complaint against Bunty. Inspector asks what if Bunty denies and says someone kept the documents in his house.

Rudra asks Preesha if Bunty scammed him as Bubbles is severely ill. Preesha says she even checked Bubbles hospital file, she has some serious illness. Rudra asks her to visit hospital and find out her problem.Bunty visits Preesha’s house. Preesha asks if everything is fine, f Bubbles is fine. He says Bubbles is fine and told him that she dropped her home. She asks why did he hide such a big truth. He nervously asks which truth. She says that Bubbles is ill. Bunty says she just has a normal fever and cough. Preesha warns him to stop lying as she is a doctor and read Bubble’s report that she has kidney failure and even visited her hospita.l. She remembers visitng hospital and requesting receptionist to show Bubbles report, but receptionist denies and asks her to wait till the treating doctor comes.

Preesha thinks she has to know all the details to stop scholarship scam and once receptionist goes aside checks report and finds out that Bubbles is being treated for kidney failure since one year. Bunty gets tensed and requests not to discuss about it with anyone and asks if she found some papers if when she visited his house. She says no. He requests her again not to inform anyone about Bubbles’ illness, especially to Rudra as he may get worried for them, and tries to leave thinking papers must be at home itself.

Preesha shows him scholarship papers and asks if he is not ashamed to do such a big scam with his brother like friend. Bunty denies. Preesha shows video where she confronts Bubbles to reveal truth. Bubbles accepts that she is severely ill and came to know about her kidney failure 1 year ago which required kidney transplant. She goes into flashback where Bunty gets tensed as he didn’t want to lose her and agreed to perform her surgery. She denies for surgery as they don’t have money. He says he will do anything for his family. Doctor informs that her progress is slow and needs tests worth 2-3 lakhs and medication change and even dialysis. Bunty gets more tensed and arranges money. Bunty asks how did she get so much money.

He agrees that she scammed Rudra by enrolling fake students for scholarship in Khurana School. Bubbles says its wrong to betray his best friend. Bunty says he knows Rudra helped them a lot and assures that once she gets well, he will return Rudra’s money and set everything right. Out of FB, Bubbles tells Preesha that Bunty did this for her and considers Rudra as his brother, so Preesha shouldn’t inform Bunty until she gets well and rejoins her duty and repay the money. Preesha denies and says she has to hide such a big truth to Rudra and asks her to stop supporting Bunty now.

Out of FB, Preesha tells Bunty that Bubbles explained her whole truth in hospital. Bunty accepts that he did a fraud with Rudra to save Bubbles and requests her not to reveal the truth until Bubbles gets well. Preesha denies and calls Rudra. Bunty pleads not to and apologizing her tries to hit her with a vase. Rudra enters and stops Bunty. Bunty is shocked and asks if he was hiding inside and listening to their conversation and Preesha acted as calling him. Rudra holds his collar and shouts he lied and betrayed; if he had informed him about Bubbles’ condition, he would have sacrificed his whole wealth. Bunty says he would have felt guilty taking his help whole life. Rudra shouts he stole money. Bunty says he didn’t and will repay his money.

Rudra says he played game with him and thinks why didn’t he remember that even Bunty’s surname is Gupta and he is Bhairav Gupta instead. He says was blindly trusting him, now he will be punished for his mistake and will be arrested by police.Bunty gets tensed and says they can speak. Rudra says there is nothing to speak. Bunty pleads that Bubbles will die without kidney transplant. Rudra shouts he doesn’t care if anyone dies and calls inspector to arrest Bunty. Bunty tells Preesha that its wrong, he trusted her and helped her, but she betrayed him; he hid her truth from Rudra. He pleads Rudra to spare him, but Rudra doesn’t agree. Bunty pushes police and runs away. Rudra asks inspector to go and arrest hm. Inspector says they will catch Bunty and asks Priya/Preesha to be careful as Bunty may attack her for exposing him.

Rudra says Bunty doesn’t have guts to attack her as he is with Mrs Priya. Inspector leaves. Rudra tells Preesha that she need not worry as police will catch Bunty. Preesha says sometimes situation force them to do wrong things, she is sure Bunty must be feeling guilty for betraying his brother like friend as he also loves her. Rudra says there is no situation which will force them on wrong path, wrong is always wrong whoever does it.

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