My desire update Sunday 18 December 2022

My desire 18 December 2022: Preesha asks what did Ahana lie. Rudra says Ahana told that Mishka fell far away during bomb blast, but they both saw that Mishka was found nowhere around 1 km radius and even police didn’t; they both were buying a boy’s clothes and lied that its for their friend’s son. Preesha says they are plainly lying and we should follow them. He asks if she really wants to accompany them, what will they say Chachaji and maa. Preesha walks to Sharda and Chachaji and says jeweler called her, so she will visit him with Radha and Sharda can go home with Chachaji as she may get tired. Chachaji gets excited hearing that and says he will get her a coffee on the way.

Preesha then returns to Rudra and follows Mishka and Ahana’s cab in another cab. Ahana notices them and informs Mishka that Rudra and Sherlock Homles’ niece down market Preesha are following him. Mishka panics and asks how will they find a birthday boy and birthday party, now Rudra will realize that they were lying. Rudra asks cab driver to speed up. Preesha asks him if they saw him. Rudra says no and says if they find Saransh back, everything will change and he may not marry Devika. He asks what does he mean. He says even she may not stay away from Saransh and they both will stay with Saransh like a family, she doesn’t have to stay with Arman then.

Ahana sees a boy Rishi’s birthday party sign, stops car, and tells Mishka this is the best way to escape. Mishka says that means they bought gifts for this Rishi even though they don’t know him. Ahana says how does it matter and walks into party venue. Rudra thinks Ahana is really attend a birthday party, but she will never buy any gifts, so they should go in and check. Ahana and Mishka see guard checking invitation card and seeing their friend attend party accompanies them in. Rudra and Preesha fool watchman and run inside. Watchman follows them saying they cannot enter without invitation. They hide in a cupboard. Rudra gets romantic and touches her seductively. Tumna Hue Mere To Kya…music plays in the background.

Preesha gets alert and pushes Rudra out. Rudra sees watchman outside and jumps back into cupboard and says watchman will catch them. She asks how can he be so shameless. He asks how can he resist himself and asks if she can resist herself. Watchman is about ot open door when another watchman calls him and he leaves.Preesha and Rudra get out of cupboard and search Mishka and Ahana. Mishka notices them. Birthday boy arrives. Ahana says they will gift dress to boy and let Rudra watch it. They nervously walk to the birthday boy and give him many gift boxes. Boy’s mother says she didn’t identify them. Ahana says they met in Mrs. Kapoor’s party and leaves asking her to pay attention other guests.

Rudra thinks Ahana was right. A fan gets happy seeing them together and says she was happy to see their favorite couple. Preesha follows Mishka and hears her booking 3 flight tickets to London, thinks its possible that the third ticket is for Saransh and she needs to inform about it to Rudra.Chachaji accompanies Sharda to her room and after finishing coffee, praises her as usual. Sulochana sees them and asks if Rudra didn’t return with them. Sharda says Preesha got a jeweler’s call and went with Rudra. Chachaji leaves. Sulcohana says Sharda shouldn’t have let Rudra with Preesha as he still loves and agreed to marry Devika to get back Preesha. Sharda says they both cannot separate at all they immensely love each other.

Sulochana says Preesha is married now and would hurt the people associated with them. Sharda says even she is not understanding it, Rudra and Preesha were together for Saransh’s sake and without Saransh, their relationship ended but not bonding. Preesha returns to Rudra and informs him that Mishka book 3 London tickets and 1 maybe for Saransh.Preesha informs Rudra that she heard Mishka booking 3 flight tickets to London. Rudra says they booked 3rd ticket for Saransh and knew they were lying. She says yes. He says they need to spy on them 24/7. In cab, Preesha says how will they spy on them as they don’t know their address.

Rudra takes her outside Ahana and Mishka’s house says he was spying whole night via opposite house and looks like no one stays here, so he will rent that house and spy on Mishka and Ahana for 2 days. Preesha says she will also stay with him for Saransh’s sake. He asks if she will really come, what will she tell her husband. She says her husband is understanding. He thinks he wants Preesha’s together and only Saransh can do that as they were together because of Saransh. During dinner, Preesha engrasped in thoughts overfills bowl thinking how will she excuses herself from house for 2 days. Arman alerts her and asks what is she thinking. She says she is worried for Devika’s wedding in 2 days.

He says she need not worry and seeing her in thoughts even after sometime asks her reason. She says appa is missing her and wants her to stay with him for 2 days, but she doesn’t know how to manage Devika’s wedding. He assures that he will manage as she is thinking about herself after so many months. She says she will leave in the morning and happily hugs him. He gets happy and reciprocates back.In the morning, Preesha walks down with her bags and chats with Anvi seeing her studying. Anvi asks where is she going as she cannot stay without her. Preesha says she is going to meet her grandparents for 2 days. Anvi asks who are they.

She says she will surprise her during Devika’s wedding and requests to let her go for 2 days. Anvi agrees. Preesha leaves, meets Rudra, calls Vasu to inform her her whole plan, but when Vasu doesn’t reply messages her. Rudra with Preesha visits real estate agent and insists to rent that particular flat with his own reasoning. Agent says that flat is only for married couples. He says Preesha is his wife and hugs her tightly. Agent agrees. He gives agent’s commission and walks to flat holding Preesha tightly. She pushes him away. He shows Ahana’s house from window and says its like a clear view like CCTV camera. He then reminds her about their honeymoon stay. She asks him to get back into his senses as they are no more husband and wife. He continues his jovial mood and asks her to cook for them both.

She asks to cook his food himself as she is not his wife now. He requests. She agrees if he helps her and reminds they are together only for Sarnash and he shouldn’t expect much. He says once he finds Saransh, he will not let her with Saransh. They both start cooking. Hamari Adhuri Kahani.. song plays in the background. She holds hot plate and burns her fingers. He tries to suck her finger. She pulls it back. He gets intimate and asks if she doens’t feel anything. She doesn’t react. He goes to get ointment fo her burn.

After some time, Preesha sees a moment in Ahana’s house. Rudra via binocular sees Ahana opening door and receiving a parcel. Mishka and Ahana think they fooled Rudra easily and will fly to London in 2 days. On the other side, Anvi injures her hand while playing and crying loudly calls Preesha. Arman rushes to her. She insists him to take her to Preesha. He agrees and takes her to Vasu’s house. Anvi says she came here before to meet teacher. Arman says even her grandparents stay here and asks her to ring bell. Vasu opens door and takes them in. Anvi asks why did he bring her here instead of taking her to her grandparents house. He says Prishma will inform her and calls Preesha. Vasu surprised informs that Preesha didn’t come here.

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