My desire update Saturday 17 December 2022


My desire 17 December 2022: Rudra rushes home and asks Sulochana why did she call him home. Sulochana shows Sharda. Rudra gets happy Sulochana recovered completely and asks if she is fine. Sharda says she is fine, hence she is in hall. Rudra hugs her emotionally. Sharda says nothing can happen to a mother of a son like him, even Solochana served her so well and she is indebted to them. She desires to meet Devika. They both insist her to rest now and meet Devika in the evening. Rudra thinks what if Sharda finds out about Preesha via Devika. After sometime again, Sharda insists Rudra to meet Devika right now. Devika comes to meet Sharda and says Sulochana informed her about Sharda, so she came here. Sulochana tells Rudra that if they call Devika here, Sharda will not visit Devika’s house and meet Preesha.

Devika chats with Sharda and shows her ceremony pics saying her bhabhi arranged all the functions. Sharda is shocked to see Preesha. Devika says she is her bhabhi Devika Thakur. Sharda is more shocked to hear that.Preesha opens her cupboard. Arman’s file falls down open. Preesha is shocked to see private investigator/PI’s report regarding her and thinks she cannot believe Arman hired PI to know her past. Arman walks in and asks why is she upset. She asks why did he hire PI to know her past and betrayed her. He says he didn’t betray her. She says they promised each other not to question about their past, but he broke his promise; she will reveal his past to him, thinks he may cancel Rudra and Devika’s wedding, but then thinks she cannot carry a burden on her for long.

She is about to start when maid informs that Anvi is crying after she fell down and injured herself and she rushes out. Arman picks file to look at it. Preesha nurses Anvi’s knee injury and walks to Arman and says she will tell her truth now. He shuts her mouth and says he doesn’t want to hear about her past. She says he hired a PI and will check the file doubting their friendship. Arman says he didn’t check the file, reminiscing the incident, and reveals that he went to Srinivasans’ house to invite them for Devika’s wedding and found out the truth that she is their daughter, why did she hid the truth when her mother visited her. Preesha says amma was afraid that her past will haunt her, they both didn’t reveal their relationship.

Arman throws file in fire and says he will never ask her about her past. Preesha relaxes and thinks Rudra and Devika’s wedding will happen for sure now.After Devika leaves, Sulochana tells Sharda that Devika is a very nice girl and they feel happy meeting her. Sharda says yes and asks why did they hide the truth Preesha is Devika’s bhabhi. Rudra shocked asks who informed her. Sharda says Devika showed her ceremony pics. Sharda says they were also shocked knowing the truth and thought she would be hurt. Sharda says why would she be hurt; just like Rudra has right to move on, even Preesha has right to move on; she always considered Preesha as her daughter. Devika returns home and informs Preesha that Sharda is fine now and will attend her wedding.

Preesha gets happy and asks her to inform not to strain herself much and she will prepare her favorite sooji halwa. Devika asks how does she know. Preesha says she guessed. Devika says she will take her to meet Sharda. Rudra brings Sharda and says there is no need for that. Preesha says she felt really happy seeing maa, then says aunty. Sharda says maa, she wants to hear maa from her and hugs her emotionally. Devika takes her in and introduces her to Arman and Chachaji. Chachaji says he felt really nice meeting her, makes her sit and tells Arman that Rudra’s mother is very beautiful and graceful. Arman says she is RK’s mother. Sharda says she felt good meeting them. Chachaji says he will not leave her now and she has to attend all the functions. Sharda thinks how to meet Preesha alone, tells Devika that she wants to take some gifts for her and wants Preesha to accompany her. Preesha agrees.

Rudra says he will accomany them as maa is still weak. Chachaji insists to accompany them. The reach a shopping mall. Sulochana takes Preesha aside. Rudra stops Chachaji from following Sharda and thinks he knows maa wants to speak to Preesha alone.Sharda emotionally hugs Preesha in a shopping mall. Preesha asks how is she as she heard about her surgery. Sharda says she is fine now. Preesha asks how did she fall so ill. Sharda says Saransh left and even she left, she became lifeless without them and was hoping she would return at least, she couldn’t tolerate her and Rudra’s separation. Preesha says there was nothing left between her and Rudra after Saransh’s death as they came together because of Saransh.


Their discussion continues. Sharda says the god who had united them will reunite them again and hence they met again. Preesha says now things have changed as Devika loves Rudra and its better or Rudr marries Devika and move on. Chachaji (fallen in Sharda’s love) asks Rudra to comment on his jacket. Rudra says it doesn’t suit him. Chachaji says he will take Sharda’s help as her choice is very trendy and graceful. He walks to Sharda. Preesha and Sharda get alert seeing them. He asks Sharda about his jacket. She says it suits him. He says their choices match, she choice is so charming and graceful, so she should help him select gifts for Devika. Sharda agrees and accompanies him.

Rudra tells Preesha that Sharda maa loves her even now. Preesha thanks him for bringing Sharda to her. He says she told everything except what she should. He asks her not to start again. He selects a sari and insists her to try it. She says she doesn’t’ want to. He forcefully puts Sari around her in front of mirror and asks if she agrees that he understands her very well. He himself drapes Sari around her. Itnisi Baat Hai Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Hai.. song plays in the background. He hugs her from behind and says she wore her husband’s gifted red sari during sangeet and should wear her ex-husband’s gifted sari now. Salesman says their jodi is really nice and madam’s husband’s choice is really good. Preesha says she didn’t like this sari. Salesman says her husband’s choice is really good though.

She says he is not her husband. Salesman apologizes and leaves. Rudra says he is Preesha husand with ex included. She says he should remember that difference. He continues. She angrily walks away and goes to try a sari in changing room. Rudra pulls away her sari and insists her to wear his gifted sari or else he will not give her own sari. She helplessly wears his gifted sari and says she will not spare him if she comes out. He says she shouldn’t leave him for whole life, ex-wifey. She gets out of changing room. He gets mesmerized with her beauty. Tumna Hue Mere To Kya.. song plays in the background. Sharda with Chachaji walks to them and tells Preesha that this sari is looking very pretty on her. Chachaji backs her. Rudra tells Preesha that he will buy this sari and she shouldn’t give it to Devika.

Rudra goes to pay bills when he sees Ahana with Mishka shopping a boy’s clothes and asks what is she doing here. Ahana nervously says its a shopping center, so obviously she is shopping. Rudra shouts if she is shopping for Saransh, where is he. She asks to stop shouting as she came here to buy a gift for her friend’s son’s birthday, why would she shop for a dead Saransh, he should accept this fact and move on. Rudra warns to reveal it if they are hiding something and argues with them. Preesha is shocked to see Mishka alive and Rudra with Ahana and Mishka, thinks if Rudra knows Mishka is alive. Ahana and Mishka walk away discussing they closely escaped.

Preesha drags Rudra aside and says she cannot believe that he was with Mishka and Ahana, Mishka is alive means Saransh is alive. Rudra says he understands. She asks then why did he hid the truth. He says he didn’t and came to know about Mishka yesterday, so he left sangeet ceremony midway. He explains her the whole incident from seeing Mishka in a market to catching Mishka. Preesha asks why didn’t he inform her about it, their Saransh is alive if Mishka is alive, why didn’t he question Mishka. Rudra says he questioned Mishka, but she lied that she escape and Saransh died. They both cry emotionally. Rudra says he believes their son is alive, Ahana is hiding truth and he will find it out at any cost; he will do anything to bring back their son if he is alive. She says they both will search and bring their son back and hugs him.

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