My desire update Saturday 22 June 2024

My desire 22 June 2024: Romila appreciating Mahima for her act and says nobody could know since 9 months that you are not pregnant. She says there kashvi is pregnant, but is roaming hiding her face. Mahima asks how did you know? Romila says she saw Kashvi coming out of Dr. Payal’s cabin. Mahima thinks to confirm with Dr. Payal.

She calls Dr. Payal and asks if you are treating Kashvi. Dr. Payal says yes, I am treating her and gave Kashvi’s report as yours. Mahima asks why did you give her report as mine, and tells that when is her due date? Dr. Payal says 2 days later. Mahima asks Doctor to inform her when she comes for delivery. She asks Romila to help her. Romila says surely.

Kashvi is in labour room. Dr. Payal asks Dadi to sit outside and tells that she will have normal delivery. She goes to her cabin and calls Mahima, asking her to come to hospital, as Kashvi came for delivery. Mahima thinks she shall act now. She acts as she got labour pains. Arjun comes there and takes her to hospital. Mahima acts. Doctor tells that she has to do her C section, as baby is moved to side. Arjun goes out.

Mahima asks Doctor if she knows what to do? Doctor says yes, and says Kashvi can deliver at anytime. Kashvi delivers the baby and looks at him happily. Dr. Payal gives her injection on her foot, and Kashvi faints. She then asks Nurse to take Kashvi to her ward. She takes the baby and gives to Mahima. Mahima tells Romila that she is successful and recalls giving money to Romila asking her to keep eye on Kashvi. She tells her that she will replace Kashvi’s baby with dead baby. Romila says it is wrong to snatch baby from her mother. Mahima tells that if the baby stays with Kashvi then she will get back to Arjun. She says it is good that Arjun’s baby stay with him. She says if you help me then I will give you more money and will let you and your family stay in Bajwa house. Romila says I will do as you say? Mahima says you are nautanki and didn’t want just money, but wanted more. Fb ends. Romila appreciates Mahima for her plan and tells that you have won. Dr. Payal tells Kashvi that her baby couldn’t be survived. Kashvi says I saw him crying and moving. Dr. Payal says he was very weak, and died. Dadi says this can’t happen. Kashvi asks why you are lying. Dr. Payal says I am sorry and goes. Kashvi cries and thinks God doesn’t want our union and that’s why he snatched baby from me.

Mahima gives baby to Arjun, saying the baby is theirs. Arjun says my son. Mahima thinks it is yours and Kashvi’s son, and you will think the baby as our son and will never think of leaving me.

After 5 years, Kashvi comes to the hospital and tells that she went for Diwali shopping when she started labor pains. She calls her husband and asks him to come to the City hospital. Nurse asks Receptionist to call Doctor and says it is emergency.

Mahima buys new electronic items and asks the men to keep them safely. Arjun asks what is all this? Mahima says she has ordered it, as their son is going to top class school soon, and it doesn’t look nice if they have low quality stuff. She says if his friends come there, then they shall think that their house is like their house. Arjun tells that Karun haven’t got the admission yet in play school and tells that they have just applied. Mahima says you don’t care for our son. Arjun says you know the reason, why I am refusing.

Kashvi tells Doctor that she is in labor pain and asks her to start the treatment. Doctor says we will start the treatment, just as the payment is done. Kashvi says my husband will pay and asks her to start her treatment. Once Doctor goes out, Kashvi goes behind the nurse. Nurse comes to the baby’s ward and tells that she will sell him for 20 lakhs Rs. Kashvi gets angry and asks her to keep the baby back in the cradle. She keeps gun at the Nurse and asks her to give her all the info about the baby’s smuggling and whoever is involved. She says she is a civil officer and had received many complaints of the parents that their kids are declared dead and sold to other couples for money. She asks her to give the info. Just then the doctor comes there and aims gun at Kashvi.


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