Imlie Starlife update Saturday 22 June 2024

Imlie 22 June 2024: Killer walks towards Imlie holding a sickle. Imlie runs. He runs behind her and attacks her injuring her shoulder. She pushes him away and runs towards home. He catches her, shuts her mouth, and pulls her away. Avinish and Shivani’s wedding rituals continue. Avinash fixes mangalsutra in Shivani’s neck.

Killer puls Imlie away and beats her. Daadi asks Agastya about Imlie. Agastya says she must be coming. Imlie shouts. Agastya hears her and rushes for her help. Family surrounds Imlie. Agastya and Vishwa beat Imlie and try to catch him, but he escapes. Daadi seeing Imlie injured says Imlie repeatedly said killer is here, but they didn’t listen to her. Imlie says she is fine, they need to catch the killer.

Killer returns catching Bulbul. Agastya warns killer to spare Bulbul. vishwa hits killer. Killer falls down and escapes again. Bulbul panics. Karan comforts and hugs her. Everyone are shocked seeing that. Vishwa bandages Imlie’s wounds. Vishwa says he has alerted his team, killer will be caught soon. Imlie tells Shivani that instead of enjoying her big day, Shivani is paying attention towards her. Shivani asks her not to talk materialistically, they are family. Navya says she needs her DIL at home and asks Rajni to perform Shivani’s bidayi. Rajni and Govind talk emotionally and perform Shivani’s bidayi. Imlie thanks Vishwa for helping Agatya. Vishwa says protecting Agastya is his duty and reminds her to keep her promise.

Daadi calls Imlie and Agastya and feels guilty for not trusting Imlie. She says Imlie always thought good for their family, but they mistrusted her always. Imlie asks her not to cry. Daadi says Imlie was right about Karan and Bulbul, but they didn’t see that. She apologizes Imlie for all her atrocities towards her. She gives a ring to Agastya and asks her to fix it in Imlie’s finger and make her as his life partner for 7 lives. Back to room, Imlie feels sad recalling the recent events. Agastya walks in and asks if she is going somewhere.

Imlie jokes that she is thinking of going on a vacation after celebrating independence day. she then says their contract is over today and they are free to live their own life. Agastya says yes. Imlie talks about their date, etc Their emotional discussion continue for some time. They then get on their beds. Agastya looking at Daadi’s given ring thinks she was thinking about their date, he is thinking something more. Next monring, Agastya tries to fix ring in Imlie’s finger in front of whole family when Vishwa fixes ring before him. Imlie says she is marrying Vishwa, leaving everyone in shock.


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