My desire update Saturday 2 December 2023

  1. My desire 2 December 2023: Nayantara is busy singing Sathiya Ye Tune Kya Kiya.. song, drying clothes, checking pickle bottles, and cooking in a kitchen. She then walks to workers and asks them to pack saris properly. Daadi walks to her and say she does multitasking effortlessly, is she a superwoman. Nayan says she is a house wife. Daadi says she sings so well, why don’t she get out of the house and try a singing career. Nayan says she is better managing house. Daadi asks about Kashvi. Nayan says she has gone to coaching center as its her results today. Kashvi checks results from the bottom list.

Arjun taps her from behind. They both reveal that they are best friends, Kashvi is searching for Arjun’s results from the bottom and Arjun is searching for Kashvi’s results from the top as she is a topper. They find each other’s name in list and congratulate each other that they can attend civil services exam now. Kashvi calls Arjun’s mother Nitya and informs her about Arjun’s results. Arjun calls Nayan and informs her about Kashvi’s results. Nayan then calls Niyta and congratulate her. Nitya asks if she is busy with her exhibition stall. Nayan says yes.

Daadi notices Mickey and Monty busy playing mobile games and scolds them. She asks about their mother Romila who spoilt them. Romila returns from market and gives her false expense list. Daadi asks if she didn’t buy mangoes as Kashvi wants mango shake. Romila says mangoes are costly and she can’t afford it as her husband is the only earning member in the house. She takes her sons to room and gives them mangoes. Nayan thinks where her daughter Mahima must be. Mahima is seen tricking model to have spicy pani puri mixed with diarrheal pills and rushing back home. Romila’s husband panics when the model refuses to model at the exhibition stall. Nayan walks in with her daughters. Romila yells and asks Daadi why should they share 50% shop profit with Nayan when her husband and sons sit at shop and Nayan just stays at home.

Daadi says Nayan manages inventories, clients, and accounts; they are just like Nayan’s servants who are replaceable; its Nayan’s ill fate that their family daughter and DILs don’t work. Romila’s husband asks Romila to keep her mouth shut as he is tensed that model is not coming to display their lehanga choli collection. Nayan says that is their special collection. Mahima requests if she can replace the model. Romila’s husband denies permission. Nayan requests him to let Mahima pursue her dream, but he gets adamant. Daadi orders that Mahima will model and shuts his mouth. Kashvi tries to discuss with Nayan about her results, but Nayan walks away. She feels sad and thinks nobody ask what she wants and hopes if her father was alive, he would have thought about her wish.

Samrat lands in Delhi after 20 years. His adopted son Pradyuman receives him and apologizes him for being late and asks him to cheer up. Samrat he can’t be happy in this city and is here on Pradyuman’s insistence to attend the exhibition. Mahima gets ready for modeling and tells her friend that she is excited as Pradmyuman who is an owner of many malls is attending it and she wants to marry him. Kashvi passes nearby talking to Arjun and discussing her wish to join civil services and help the society and better her mother and sister’s lives. Arjun says Nayan must be happy hearing about her results. Kashvi says no. Nayan walks to her and gifts her Ganeshji’s idol for topping in her exams. Sam gets ready to visit mall as a chief guest when Pradyuman gets a call about some rift in their other mall and rushes there asking Sam to reach the mall first. Nayan also gets ready and rushes to mall in an auto. Sam’s car and Nayan’s auto stop at a traffic signal.

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