My desire update Saturday 16 March 2024

My desire 16 March 2024: Mr Sharma takes Arjun’s grandfather Digvijay out of the resort to the crematorium nearby. He calls Nitya, informs that he brought Digvijay to crematorium and asks if she is coming. Nitya says she will once the attender comes. Attender returns.

Nitya says bauji is sleeping peacefully and walks out. She changes her dress and walks to crematorium and scolds Sharma for standing outside instead of making preparations to cremate Digvijay. Sharma says people would doubt if he takes Digvijay on a wheelchair.

Nitya asks him to tell them that they couldn’t arrange ambulance and hence brought his father, who passed away due to heart attack 2 hours ago, on a wheelchair. Mahima reaches resort and arrogantly misbehaves with the boy who drops her to the result. She walks in and asks receptionist about Nitya’s room number. Receptionist says Nitya just went outside maybe for a walk. Mahima searches for Nitya and finds a crematorium next to the resort.

Kashvi reaches a banquet hall searching for Arjun. Arjun welcomes her in a blazer. Kashvi feels ecstatic seeing his attention towards her. He plays her favorite song and says he will play this song whenever he takes her out on a date. Kashvi feels more happy and thinks if he pays her more attention, she will be forced to reveal howmuch she loves him. They then enjoy dinner together. Arjun says he is happy that they both cleared civil services test and soon will be IAS officers. Kashvi feels bad and thinks she will inform him tomorrow that he failed the test. Arjun thinks of proposing her and kneels down in front of her when Kashvi’s alarm beeps with a message Dadaji’s medicines.

Kashvi says she will give medicines to dadaji and return soon. Arjun says attender will give medicines to dadaji. Kashvi says she knows which medicines to give and leaves.

Nitya and Sharma pull Digvijay Dadaji’s wheelchair with great difficultly. Dadaji falls down. Nitya scolds Sharma if he couldn’t tie bauji, and they both lift and carry him away. Nitya’s gold bangle falls down. Mahima watches it and gets suspicious. She picks bangle and follows them.

Nitya convinces crematorium worker with her drama to perform dadaji’s last rights. Mahima follows them and thinks they brought old man’s dead body for cremation and keeps gold bangles. She thinks of grabbing more money from Nitya. Kashvi goes to Dadaji’s room to give him medicine and is shocked to see a different man. She rushes out to inform Arjun. They both go in search of Dadaji and find Mahima there. Mahima lies that she came there with her friends. Kashvi says Arjun’s dadaji is missing.

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