Faltu Starlife update Friday 15 March 2024

Faltu 15 march 2024: The Episode starts with Faltu saying I never thought I would need to hide the sindoor again. She changes the tshirt. She asks Shanaya to lie about her. She goes to play and recalls Ruhaan and Ayaan’s words.

She thinks I have no other way. She plays well. Coach applauds Shanaya. Shanaya looks on and thinks she plays really well. Coach says well done, you can remove the helmet and black mask now, go and get some fresh air. He asks where is Faltu.

Shanaya hugs Faltu and says you played really well. Faltu asks her to go out. She explains her what to answer. Shanaya says I was a cricket player and I m not able to play because of injury, you are saying like I don’t know it. They come home.

Faltu asks Shanaya not to tell anyone, else everything will be shattered. Shanaya asks her to relax. Sumitra sees them. Faltu says you should stay in your house. Shanaya says no, I want to spend time with you, this is also my house, Ruhaan bought this for me. Faltu says fine, I m in tension.

Shanaya says no, I won’t tell anyone, promise, I m tired and hungry, come. Sumitra asks what’s happening in practice. Faltu secretly goes to meet Ruhaan. Sid asks Tanu to calm down. She says we will help Janardhan by leaving a bag of money. He says the idea is really bad, keep some patience, time heals every wound, he will forgive us. Sumitra comes to them. Faltu comes to Ruhaan’s house and calls him out. She sees the decorations and wine. He asks her how was the day. He says check the box and tell me how did you like it. She sees the necklace and keeps it back. Sumitra says Faltu is plotting against us, I have heard her. She tells everything.

Faltu asks is this for Shanaya. Ruhaan says its for you, you are doing a lot for my sister, I thought to do something for you. He offers her a drink. She says I can’t take it, I have to talk to you. She refuses to have the drink. She says try to understand, I don’t have much time, its imp, listen to me. He asks her to say. She says I want to request you to end our deal, sorry I can’t lie to family and the world every day. Tanu says we know Faltu isn’t such a girl, stop interfering in her life. Sid smiles and says I want to focus on making my image better. Sumitra says fine, one day you will be compelled to listen to me.

Sid says I m so proud of you, you have really changed, I love you. He hugs her. Ayaan says Faltu forgot me, no call and message, she didn’t tell me about the first day at academy. He calls her. Her phone is left in the car. He worries. He calls Savita and asks how is everyone at home. She says everyone is good. Janardhan asks Ayaan not to worry and come home soon. Ayaan says I will come back once the work is done. He asks Savita about Faltu. She says I will go and see her. He says yes, she doesn’t share her problems with anyone. Kinshuk says Faltu isn’t in the house. Savita asks where did she go. Ruhaan asks why did you sign the deal knowing it will be difficult. Faltu says I didn’t think much, trust me, I wanted to help Shanaya, but I can’t, we will return your money. He says fine, we will cancel the deal. She thinks he agreed easily. She thanks him. He threatens her about Ayaan. She is shocked.

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