My desire update Saturday 13 July 2024

My desire 13 July 2024: Aditya talks to Kashvi’s pic and says when I propose you, you shall agree. He says you regards me as best friend, but I have moved on and wants to be your love, life, and life partner. He says I want to hear your agreement when I propose you. Kashvi is leaving the school, when she sees a young girl running inside the school and asking Kashvi to save her.

Kashvi hides her behind the car. The men holding the hockey stick don’t see her and go from there. Kashvi and the girl come out. Kashvi asks who are they? The girl says she is Simran and they are her family men. She tells that she loves someone from other caste, but they want her to marry someone from their caste. She says if she don’t get marry then they will kill her for their honour. Kashvi says they can’t do anything or harm you, and tells that she is a civil officer and will get them arrested. The men come there and ask her to come. Kashvi asks them to leave and says Simran will not come with you. She says she is the protector of law and will not let Simran go. The man says you are a weak girl and asks what you will do? Kashvi says don’t mistake any girl to be weak. She beats them. One of the guy holds Simran and slaps Kashvi. Kashvi hits him with stick and runs out holding Simran’s hand. They see a car coming there. Simran asks who is he? Arjun is in the car and asks them to sit fast. Kashvi says I will say. They sit in the car and goes. The men tell that they have fled.

Simran thanks them for saving her else don’t know what would have happen. Kashvi asks her not to thank them. She tells Arjun that Simran’s family men are behind her. She asks Simran, where you will go? Simran says she don’t know. Kashvi says she can’t leave her alone, and asks her to come to her house. Simran says they have seen you and has found that you are a civil officer, so we shall not go to your house. She says if I come to your house then even you will be in problem.

Arjun offers to take Simar to his house, as the men haven’t seen his face and she will be safe there. Simran says ok. Kashvi also agrees. Arjun says he will drop Kashvi to her house first. He drops Kashvi and then brings Simran to his house. Mahima asks who is she? Simran looks at Micky and gets shocked. Micky also gets shocked. Mahima asks who is she? Arjun says she is Karun’s Nanny, to take care of him. Mahima says we don’t need Nanny as Chachi and I take care of Karun, so we don’t need him. Romila thinks Mahima don’t move a leaf and has made me as Servant. She says Arjun thinks of us and brought Nanny. She asks Mahima to think that someone will be with Karun all the time. He tells that Simran is experienced to handle the kids, and says this is his last decision. Mahima says ok. Simran and Micky look at each other.

Aditya tells Dadi that she is Kashvi’s Dadi, and nobody is smart and intelligent than her. Dadi asks him to say what is the matter? Aditya shows the rings and asks which ring Kashvi will like? Dadi asks what do you mean? She asks if he is going to propose her. Aditya says yes. He says he thought to become her best husband from best friend. He says when they left from Allahabad, he realized that he loves her so much and has taken the transferred and came here. He says I need your help. Dadi thinks Kashvi will forget Arjun. She selects diamond ring for her. He says diamond for my diamond. Kashvi comes there. Aditya asks Dadi to hide the ring. He asks Kashvi to freshen up, and they will have food. Kashvi asks if they were talking about it surely. Dadi asks when he will propose her. Aditya says today after the Dinner.

Simran makes Karun ready in night suit. Karun says you have forgotten to make me wear pajama. Simran says you are little master to have found out. She makes him wear pajama. Karun says he is happy for pajama and her, and asks her if she will become his friend. She says yes. Later Micky comes to Simran. Simran smiles and says I love you Micky. Micky hugs her and asks why you was not picking my call. Simran says her family members have come to know about them, so tried to get her married to someone else, but refused. She says then they try to kill me, I escaped from home and then lady officer saved me. He says thank god, you are saved. He says your family will not agree, but how you will stay here as Nanny. She says we shall find out the solution. Micky says I can do anything for your happiness and says I love you. Arjun looks at them from outside.

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