My desire update Saturday 10 February 2024

My desire 10 February 2024: Samrat asks hotel’s manager to call him when police arrives to investigate Daljeet’s murder and rushes to Nitya. He tells Nitya that she wants to talk to her right now. Nayan asks if he can’t talk Nitya later.

Sam says its important. He excuses guests and takes Nitya aside where he accuses her of murdering Daljeet to hide her crime. Nitya asks who Daljeet. Sam says her partner in crime Shehnaz Kaur’s mother who had all the evidences against her. Nitya warns him to mind his tongue and don’t forget that they are samdhis and their relationship will be tarnished if he tries to wrongly accuse her.

Samrat says she did wrong by killing Daljeet aunty, he owes justice to Daljeet aunty, he got all the evidence against her and will expose her for sure. Nitya fumes that Samrat is not even bothered about his daughter, she has to stop him at any cost.

Samrat returns to Nayan. Nayan asks what was he talking to Nitya. Samrat says nothing important. Nayan says he can discuss with her, she will speak to her best friend Nitya. Samrat says he will manage.

Nitya watches them and fears that Samrat may reveal her secret to Nayan. She determines to stop him at any cost and looks at a chandelier. Arjun brings pins for Kashvi and asks if he shall fix them on her back. Kashvi feels shy and hesitates. Arjun says he is her bestfriend and husband and hence she should stop shying in front of her. She agrees. He feels anxious seeing her bare back. She asks if he is fine. He says and fixes pins to her dress. A romantic song plays in the background. She asks if it looks odd and will people notice it. He says her smile is so pretty that people will not pay attention to her dress. She laughs. He holds her hand and walks away taunting her.

Mahima thanks Veera for bailing her out of police station and taking her to her home. Veera gets her in. Mahima shouts if she stays in such a stinky small house. Veera replies that Mahima should be thankful to her for bailing her out of jail by selling her mother’s earrings, she is homeless ungrateful cheap girl and should leave from her house if she doesn’t want to stay there. Mahima thinks she has no place to go and hence have to tolerate Veera for some time. She apologizes Veera and says she was joking.

Hotel staff confronts Nitya for poisoning Daljeet’s juice and sending it to her via him. He says now police will arrests him. Nitya says nobody will find out and promises to pay him a huge sum if he does her one more task. He asks what shall he do. She asks him to tamper a main chandelier no stage and make it fall on Samrat. Staff agrees. Romila starts badmouthing about Kashvi and Arjun when she finds them missing from party. Aruna joins her. Samrat asks what is wrong in it as they married and have right to spend time together. Nitya says he is right. Her husband says they should celebrate instead as the children are getting compatible with each other after their wedding drama.

Nitya says they shall dance and asks Samrat to dance with her forgetting everything. They all 4 dance on stage. Staff loosens chandelier. It falls towards Samrat when Kashvi notices it, runs and pushes Samrat away, and bears it on herself. Samrat is shocked to see her in a pool of blood.


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