My desire update Monday 5 September 2022

My desire 5 September 2022: Rudra confronts Preesha that like her sister is most important to her, Saransh is most important to him as he is his brother’s last gift, he will not let anything wrong happen to Saransh at any cost and he can separate from Preesha but not Saransh, decision is up to her. In home bar, Balraj tells Ahana that if Mahima dies attempting suicide repeatedly, they would be in trouble. Ahana says he is right, their reputation is at stake, Preesha wants to end their empire, so why don’t he kick Mahima out of house. Balraj says how to convince Rudra to send her out, why don’t she convince him.

Ahana agrees. GPS returns home. Vasu asks why is he late and why is his phone switched off. GPS thinks he shouldn’t inform her about Mahima’s attempt at suicide. She asks where is Saransh, if he is playing outside. He says Saransh insisted to play with him and Mahima, so it got late and he didn’t bring Sarang with him. She asks if Mahima is fine, he should have taken her to meet Mahima. He says she is fine.Saransh thinks he cannot see his parents fighting because of fake mamma Mahima, writes a note for Preesha that he is going to grandparents’ house and will return only when fake mamma leaves home, keeps it on table in Preesha’s room.

He walks out of house while watchman is asleep and walks on road when Yuvraj sees him and thinks where is his ATM going, walks to him and asks where is he going now, he will call Preesha and inform her. He asks not to. Yuvraj takes him to roadside eatery. Preesha wakes up and cries thinking Rudra wants her to decide between him and Saransh and Mahima, how can she leave Mahima who is in her life much before Rudra. She sits near table and gets worried reading Saransh’s letter that he is going to grandparents’ house and will return only when fake mamma leaves home.Yuvraj takes Saransh to roadside eatery and offering him ice cream asks what happened now.

Saransh says Rudra and mamma are fighting again because of fake mamma Mahima, so he left house to grandparent’s home and will not return until fake mamma leaves their house. Yuvraj says fake mamma is his real mamma, so he has to leave old mamma Preesha and live with new mamma just like if he gets bored with old toys, he leaves them and plays with new toys. Saransh says Preesha is his real mamma and he wants to stay with her. His friends greets him and says he came with his parents here. He checks friend’s parents and asks who is this new aunty as he knows his mamma. Friend says she is his step mother as his father left his real mother after giving him huge money in alimony.

Yuvraj brainwashes Saransh to do something similar and send fake mamma away with some money so thatg he can stay happily with Preesha.Preesha rushes to Rudra and shows him Saransh’s letter. They call Vasu and ask if Saransh came there. She says no and they inform her of letter. Vasu also panics and after informing GPS goes out to search Saransh. Rudra rushes out of house and seeing watchman sleeping vents out his anger on watchman. They both search Saransh on roads and meet GPS and Vasu. Yuvraj drops Saransh outside home and asks to think about his idea. Saransh returns home. Sharda emotionally hugs him and over phone informs Rudra that Saransh is back home.

Rudra with Preesha, GPS, and Vasu returns home. They both hug Saransh emotionally and their family bonding continues. At night, Saransh wakes up from sleep thinking he should get some money and send fake mamma out of their lives.Rudra with Vasu sees Preesha with family at hospital and asks what is she doing here. Vasu asks how did they all know about it and come here. Rudra says appa got massive heart attack. Vasu reminisces returning home from Khurana Mansion when GPS suffers a heart attack. She calls Rudra and informing him about GPS’ heart attack asks him to inform Preesha and come there soon.

Rudra thinks Preesha is already tensed regarding Mahima, so he should himself go and manage situation. He rushes GPS to hospital where doctor informs that GPS suffered massive heart attack. Preesha asks how is appa now. Rudra says his condition is stable now and seeing his parents and Mahima asks what are they doing here, who is with Saransh at home. On the other side, Yuvraj reaches hospital thinking he should stop Saransh before he reveals truth to his family. Preesha informs that Saransh is in hospital after severely being injured after he fell from Sharda’s bedroom. Rudra is shocked and asks how did it happen. Preesha says Saransh had gone to Sharda and Balraj’s room and tried to steal money from locker.

Mahima reveals that Balraj threatened him to call police, so he jumped from window to save himself but got severely injured. Preesha says Saransh’s condition is very critical. Rudra confronts Balraj and asks how dare he is to threaten a small boy. Balraj says Saransh was stealing his money. Rudra says its also Saransh’s money now and he can take it.Mahima blames Rudra that because of his father Saransh condition is critical, he was worried that she would harm him and didn’t want to return him to her, now she will not leave him with Rudra’s family and risk his life, she will take him away. Rudra says she cannot do that. Yuvraj hearing their conversation enters and informs that they are all the reason for Saransh’s condition and reveals that Saransh wanted to steal money to give it to Mahima and send her away from his, Preesha, and Rudra’s life.

Preesha warns him to stop lying. He says he brought Saransh home twice and they didn’t even thank him, he saw Saransh’s meeting his friend who lives with his father and stepmother after his father divorced his mother and gave her huge alimony, so Saransh thought of stealing money from Balraj and giving it to Mahima to send her away from their lives. Rudra tells Mahima that her son doesn’t want to stay with her, so she is responsible for his accident. Nurse walks in and asks Preesha to call Saransh’s father as he needs blood soon. Rudra accompanies her.

Balraj confronts Mahima next that she was alleging him, but her blood doesn’t even match her son and an outsider Rudra’s blood matched instead. Mahima reveals that is because Rudra is Saransh’s chacha/uncle. Balraj and Sharda are shocked and ask what does she mean. Preesha tries to stop Mahima. Mahima reveals that Saransh is her and Rajiv’s son and Khurana’s grandson Rudra married Preesha to bring Saransh home and let him stay with his own family; she and Rajiv loved each other and wanted to marry, but Balraj opposed it and before they could realize, she was already pregnant; Rajiv died in tension, etc. She then blames Balraj again for Saransh’s condition.

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