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I do 14 August 2022:;Sanam finds that shaad has locked himself inside the room. he remembers his father’s stinging words, and is tensed and hurt. She desperately asks him to open the door, and when he doesnt, she presses the alarm on the watch to signal him and get him to open. He throws the watch but then to her surprise, he opens and lets her in, on her request. She finds the room decored in the mid-sixties, and a song playing, which he says was his mother’s favourite song. She tries to get him to cheer up, by dancing to its tunes, and he finds himself enjoiying slightly, despite continuing to try to put up a tensed face. sanam dances with shaad, while he is taken aback, by her frivolity.

Later she comments that she is very happy to see him like this, and feels that she has met the happy Shaad for the first time, and asks why isnt he like this earlier. He says that he too saw this a long time back, and she comments that in this room, she feels as connected as he does. he says that this is his mother’s room, and it still shares the memories that he has of his mother, and relives them once again, and for the first time, anyone else has come in. she asks what he does when he comes. he says that he spends time with his mother, who used to be a creative writer, and when he misses her, he reads her books. she hears tensedly. He says that when he finds that his conversation is one sided, he writes himself.

She is shocked and surprised, and asks him to read it out. he says that his writing only has pain and grief, and she says that she shall find it beautiful too. he narrates one, and she is mesmerised with his talent, and insists for more. he says some other time. she finds a pic of his mother by the taj and he says that she loved everything about india. she asks him to elaborate more on his mother, as she would like it then.

As they sit by the poolside, she goes through his mother’s pic, while he gives an inteo of her and other details, of how she was an indian, but after separation, she settled in Pakistant, even though she always felt strange here, and tried hard to compromise herself, but couldnt relieve herself of the pain of leaving her own country. he says that she just wanted love and bvrotherhood between the two enemy countries, and that she wanted the same status as a woman, as she got in india, but then pakistant didnt have such modern thinkling, and hence her modern ideas were rebuked, by the world, and even by her husband, and she always felt lonely and lost, without a proper life partner, and those who are alone always lose out. Both are in tears, while she wipes his, feeling his pain. he is in tears, while she too is tensed. He rests his head on her hands.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
Gazalla and razaak enjoy the lavish spread that the new bride has arranged for them for food. they ask her why she left her alive, as she wouldnt have understood due to her memory loss. She says that she didnt have any reason to kill her, as she has forgotten her love for ahil, then whats the use of killing her. He hastily asks what if her memory returns back, but then seeing her reaction he is scared. she says that by the time, sanam returns, she shall have full control over ahil, and she would make him so helpless, that even if sanam returns, he wouldnt let her in his life. They are boggled and asks what she plans to do.the new bride says that ahil’s life is about to change, once he wakes up from his deep sleep. gazalla and razaak are surprised. She says that when ahil wakes up, he would have a new life, ruled by none other than she herself.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
Sanam insistently takes him out, in the garden, trying to point out that he is still living in the past, wheer things happened due to the circumstances then. She says that he has loset himself in his mother’s thoughts, and asks him to move on and let go of the burden and guilt of the past. he says that it isnt easy. she asks it isnt difficult, and says that she has a solution, and tries the same balloon method, with shaad, asking him to let go, of the pain and grief torturing him, through the balloons, while he is extremely nervous and tensed, while she is oblivious that she reiterates the same dialogue that she gave to ahil, when he was tormented by his past.

she writes a balloon for him, and asks him to let go. she has flashbacks of doing the same with ahil, in a haze. After having done away with many balloons, he isnt able to do the same with his mother’s pain. He says that he cant. she asks him to. When he isnt able to, she speaks out, asking him to leave it, addressing him as ahil. she is boggled, and confused yet again, while he gets tensed to hear the name. he wonders who is this person, and if its her lover. The screen freezes on his face.Sanam thinks that one is tied to ones past. Shaad thinks that some people are so close to our heart, we cant forget them. Sanam feels like she has lived this moment before.

Shaad wonders who is Ahil and if he should ask her. Shaads moby rings. Its Ashfaque. He informs Shaad that Dawat-e-Dastaan is going to be held at his place. Shaad reassures all will be done in time. Sanam asks the matter. Shaad shares. Sanam asks what is it. Shaad says hs mom used to tell that thoughts cant be tied but those who can express their feeling in words, his mom was a big fan of theirs so she started this event. Sanam says great event, will go start preps. Shaad thinks trying same with you to find out your story.

Shaads aunt comes to fake-Misbah and asks for her familys happiness. She feels guilty for putting Shaad’s life in danger. fake-Misbah tells her … the apple is very sweet, eat it. She refuses. Fake-Misbah force feeds her. She says feel bad seeing you. She puts the knife on Shaads aunt. She says you wanted to marry Shaad. Fake Misbah says yes but till Shaad found out Shashi Kapoor is a woman. Sanam has ruined things by telling Shaad all. Now will end them both. Fake-Misbah thinks that dont have time to waste. Need to end both.

Sanam-2 is signing papers and Lawyer congratulates Sanam-2 and tells her she is equal partner in Ahils work. Sanam-2 tells lawyer that he will keep Sanam-2 updated on all developments as she doesnt want work to suffer in Ahils absence. Gazala asks Sanam-2 how she did all this without Ahil’s consent. Sanam-2 says she went before media deliberately so she gets right to handle her husbands every deal. She says i have equal right on every thing of Ahil. Sanam-2 says will make Ahils property mine. Tanveer died dreaming to make property on her name, but i dont wait for dreams to turn true but i make them true. From now on, the reverse countdown of Ahils life starts.

Shaad tells Wazira that he knows its dangerous but he has to try. He says that coz of Sanam found out Shashi Kapoor is a woman and close to me. Fake Misbah rues that everytime she tries to end off Shaad, Sanam interrupts. She cribs that heard hearts are connected in love but how do they reach out to each other without any communication. She decides to find out the connection between Shaad-Sanam. Fake-Misbah recollects Shaad looking at his watch and worrying for Sanam. She thinks that there is some device that helps Shaad-Sanam keep in touch. She wonders how to find out.

Gazala-Razak are watching horror film and scream on seeing Sanam-2’s silhouette. Sanam-2 tells them to get on job. She tells Razak to get 10 drops of blood of one true couple who love each other and do anything for each other. Gazala says Sanam-Ahil’s pair. Razak wonders where will we find. Sanam-2 says go find out.

Part 2

Sanam-2 is busy making some black magic potion. Gazala-Razak come and say got many pairs but couldnt find true lovers. She says found the pair in front of me but was busy searching elsewhere. Gazala-Razak ask who are the pair. Sanam-2 says you two. They give their blood. They ask why but. Sanam-2 says their true love will help Ahil to forget his true love Sanam and make him fall in love with Sanam-2.

The event is on at Shaads place. One person shares about his brother in laws tricks on him. He says ..raaz jante hain hum kholne ka dil ke talon ka, ishq me humko ae dost tajurba hai teen salon ka.Abki garmi me ..raatein zyada choti ho gai shayad, galat faisla tha tera, balon ko katne ka.Nigahon nigahon … harpal afsana ban jata hai.Shaad is talking to Sanam and his friends tease him. He says nothing is ready. They insists. Fake-Misbah asks Shaad to tell about his love story. He freezes. She asks Sanam to help Shaad. She is hesitant too. She says only remember falling in love not how and when. Fake-Misbah insists again. Sanam recollects moments with Ahil but faces are blurred. Sanam looks at Shaad.

Part 3

Sanam tells Shaad to tell all. She says it means a lot to me. She says you are so embarased about us. Shaad says yes our love started with a mistake. He says how on his way back from work, he was diverted. He says how he saw Sanam distributing balloons to poor kids. He says fell in love with your smile. His friends praise their love-at-first-sight look. Sanam feels confused with Shaads story. Fake-Misbah notes all.

Location: Shaad’s and ahil’s residence
Sanam tries to know more about how their love story blossomed, and shaad is tensed. Misbah wonders why is she asking as if she doesnt remember anything, and asks shaad to spill the truth. He says that he never proposed but mutually decided to spend their lives together. Sanam is tensed. Misbah sees through the differences, and decides to try it out, saying that he should propose to her right now. sanam says that this isnt needed as they are already married. but misbah insists, while the others too tease and coax him into proposing to her, as to how much he loves her. both of them are tensed, but the people dont let go. Shaad finally gets down on one kneee, and takes off his ring. She wonders that this is probably the most bful of her memories, then why does she feel so weird.

Sanam hears shaad asking if she accepts his love, and is boggled, as she remembers faint memories of ahil’s proposal to her. she is disconcerted. Misbah asks sanam whats she thinking, and asks her to extend her hand. When she doesnt, misbah pulls her hand out and finds the wrist watch, and understands that this is the device that alerted Shaad.A sudden bad intuition makes ahil clench his fists and disturb him in his deep sleep induced by the new bride, while he mutters asking sanam not to do so, as she cant.

Finally, Shaad extends out his hand to don the ring on sanam’s hand, while she is terribly disturbed, while across borders, ahil too is terribly worried in his sleep. she finally retreats her hand away, and wonders why is she so tensed, to wear this ring. Misbah asks why is she trembling so much. Sanam says that its nothing like that, and goes to freshen up. Misbah takes this chance to surf through her room, while all others including shaad are worried searching for the ring. Misbah finally finds shaad’s watch that has been alerted by sanam’s watch, that she stealthily had pressed, while extending sanam’s hand out for shaad. Shaad finally finds the ring, but doesnt show it to anyone, whereas sanam comes and says that they shall find the ring tomorrow.

He conceals the ring, and apologises for not being able to propose. She makes him promise, that he would take her to the site of their first meeting. He tensedly asks why. She says that she wants to know everything about their romance, her connection to her past. He promises her that he shall take her there tomorrow. she smiles at him.Meanwhile, misbah finds the watch, and sits by the poolside, and breaks it to pieces, and then throws it in the water. She says that his minute by minute connection to jannat is broken, but she has suffered enough due to jannat, but now its become easier, as her love story shall end where it started, as when they go to their meetinfg site tomorrow, it would be fatal for shaad. She taunts that shaad’s last night is today with jannat, as tomorrow his death is imminent and thats Shashi kapoor’s promise.

Early morning, sanam wakes up with a start, wondering why is sh feeling so restless, that she is being distanced from her love, when everything is right. She goes out to find out where is shaad. As she comes down, the others are eating at the dining table. She is invited for breakfast, along with shaad’s father insisting her, and she complies. misbah is tensed. she picks up a conversation reminding shaad of his promise to Jannat, to get her to the place where they first met. Jannat invites them all. But wazira asks what shall they do. Misbah pinches her, while sh then says that they can come along. Misbah is happy when she concedes, and asks shaad’s father to come too. they all decide to tag along. shaad and sanam notice that wazira is tensed.

While he searches for the watch, shaad is frustrated that jannat called everyone. she comes in saying that she wants him to spend quality time with his father. He is mesmerised, as she takes the dupatta and it lands on his face and then slides off. He asks about the watch and she says that she hasnt seen, but it doesnt make a difference, as they are together. He is hesitant, while she assures that they are already connected by the heart, and they shall go and come back together and when she is with him, she isnt scared. She keeps her watch there too. She takes him out finally.

Scene 2:
Location: Ahil’s residence
gazalla and razaak are shocked as to how the potion that the new bride has concocted fr ahil, so that he falls madly in love with her. The new bride tells gazalla that this love potion shall work only when he isnt thinking of sanam. She says that hence she would administer it to him, when he is unconscious, as she cant risk a mistake with ahil and for achieving this, she would send everyone out of the house tomorrow. Gazalla is tensed and boggled and asks what then. she is asked to clean the swimming pool by then and leaves hastily. they both wonder what shall happen to sanam and ahil, as this lady wont let them unite.

Scene 3:
Location: Shaad’s residence
meanwhile, misbah is getting ready and asks wazira to pack one of the dresses and angrily leaves. And as wzira complies, a revolver falls out. she is shocked to see it. later, when misbah returns she doesnt find the revolver, and is angered. Meanwhile, wazira is thinking of disposing off the revolver in the gutter, before shashi kapoor finds out. misbah hollers at her to stop, but she makes a mad dash. Misbah rushes after her, while wazira has the revolver hidden underneath her dupatta.

As she collides into shaad, it slips and falls under the centre table. He notices something falling, but doesnt realise whats it. he bends down to try and feel it, and then get it out, while wazira and misbah watch tensedly. wazira hopes that shaad gets this revolver, as that would ensure their family’s safety. Misbah notices the khurpi kept, in a pot, and hides it stealthily. The screen freezes on Misbah and shaad’s tensed faces.

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