My desire update Monday 1 April 2024

My desire 1 April 2024: Kashvi explains Arjun that she didn’t like a funky dress, but since he was excited to see her in this dress, she didn’t want to spoil his happiness and hence wore it. Arjun feels sorry and apologizes Kashvi. He asks her not to make such mistake again.

Kashvi says she is sorry too and asks him to enjoy the party instead of confronting Mahima as Mahim wanted to create drama and he shouldn’t let her succeed. Arjun says she is right and asks her to wear something nice and come down. Kashvi walks to party venue wearing another dress. Guest praises her dress and asks what had happened earlier.

Kashvi says she got confused and wore a different dress. Guest says she looks pretty in any dress. Kashvi thanks her and says beauty lies in the mind that observes it and thanks to them. She notices Mahima and walks to her.

Mahima says she looks pretty in this dress. Kashvi says Mahima doesn’t look good though in this dress as her mind is cheap. Mahima warns her to mind her language. Kashvi says she should mind her behavior and confronts her for changing Arjun’s ordered dress with an ugly purple dress as she knows how much she hates purple color.

Mahima acts innocent and refuses allegations. Kashvi says only she knows Arjun’s account password, so she exchanged the dress. Mahima thinks this topper caught her easily, she starts emotional drama that she was used to people’s attention till now but since she came into this house, she got jealous seeing everyone’s attention towards Kashvi and ignorance towards her. Kashvi says she will speak to her if she ever wants to and asks her not to feel depressed. Mahima hugs Kashvi and thanks her. She grins and thinks she will snatch Arjun from Kashvi at any cost.

Jagadish asks all guests to pay attention and asks Arjun to cut the cake. Arjun wishes to cut the cake with Kashvi. They both are about to cut the cake when Pradyuman walks in with ED officers. Jagadish asks who is he and why did he bring ED officers here. Pradyuman accuses Kashvi of passing her husband Arjun’s biogas tender using her designation power. Guests asks Kashvi if it’s true. Kashvi says it’s a lie. Romila says Kashvi herself told how she submitted Arjun’s tender even after the time passed. Daadi warns her to shut up. Pradyuman says Arjun failed in civil services exam and got tender via his wife. Arjun gets angry and holds Pradyuman’s collar. Kashvi stops him and says let her speak.

Pradyuman accuses Kashvi of tampering tender details and submitting them after the time ended. Kashvi says it was her mistake that she couldn’t accept tender while Arjun was waiting for her, tender timing was extended till 6:30 p.m., Arjun didn’t know about it and had left home, she submitted tender via Mr Chandra before 6:30 p.m. and Mr Varma handled the tender and not her, so Pradyuman can’t blame her. Pradyuman asks if she has any proof. ED officers ask Kashvi to show the proof or else accompany them for investigation. Kashvi calls Mr Chandra and Mr Verma who prove Kashvi right and Pradyuman wrong with their detailed justification.

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