My desire update Friday 22 march 2024

My desire 22 march 2024: Jagdish informs Arjun that Kashvi sucked poison out of Arjun’s body and saved him risking her own life, now Kashvi’s life is in danger. Arjun walks to unconscious Kashvi and pleads her to get well soon as he can’t live without her.

He says his anger is superficial and he loves her immensely from deep within. Kashvi wakes up and asks if he is fine, did doctor give him antivenom injection. Arjun asks what is she, why did she risk her life.

Kashvi says she can’t live if something had happened to him. Arjun says even he wouldn’t be alive without her. Kashvi apologizes for lying to him. Arjun says he was frustrated and wrongly vent it out on her; he failed by himself and blamed her instead; he is very sorry. They both hug and cry emotionally. He asks her not to make such mistakes again.

Jagdish with Nitya walks in and feels shy seeing their bonding. Nitya fumes and thinks she was trying to separate them, but they bonded more strong now; she needs to turn this opportunity into her favor now.

She tells Jagdish that it’s good children’s misunderstanding cleared, they both should take Digvijay Bauji from children’s room and let them spend some quality time together. They shift Dadaji to their room. Arjun and Kashvi ask why did they bring Dadaji to their room. Nitya says they saw a lot in recent times, so we want them to spend time quality time together. She asks attender Om to go and rest in servant quarters and also sends Arjun and Kashvi. Next morning, Jagdish leaves for a walk. Kashvi joins him.

Nitya walks to Dadaji and asks why he escapes death repeatedly and is saved by Kashvi and others, why didn’t he die 10 years ago when she tried to kill him after he saw her secret. She recalls Dadaji seeing her killing Shenaz and going to police station to inform commissioner about her act. She calls Sharma and asks him to let his men bury Shenaz’s body and reach police soon to stop Dadaji from meeting commissioner as he saw her killing Dadaji.

Sharma reaches commissioner’s office and misguides Dadaji. Dadaji escapes from there and drives car towards Haridwar to hide. Nitya tracks his live location and gets his car crashed by a truck. Car falls from a cliff and burst into fire. Out of flashback, Nitya tells Dadaji that he has die now.



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