My desire update Friday 11 November 2022


My desire 11 november 2022: Preesha disguised as Sardarji Chotu serves to Harish and asks how is it. He says its tasty and he will prepare tea from today. Chotu nods yes. Harish gets a call and walks away with Raghu for some work asking Chotu to cook for them. Chotu agrees. Inspector calls Preesha/Chotu and asks where is she. She says she is at Harish’s den and she feels Rudra and Saransh are kept here. Inspector asks to send the location to raid the place. She asks to wait till she confirms if Saransh and Rudra are in the room and opens room using hair pin. She finds a chair with rope and informs inspector that Rudra or Saransh must have been kept here. She searches another room and doesn’t find them there, informs inspector that they would have been hidden in some other place. She hears car sound and disconnects call saying she will call him later.

Ahana takes Vasu and GPS home. Sharda asks why did they come here. Ahana says they came here as Saransh and Preesha are not at their house and Sharda lied that they went to their house. GPS asks if Preesha and Saransh are trouble, where are they. Sharda says Preesha denied to inform them fearing they would get tensed. Vasu requests to tell truth. Sharda reveals that kidnapper demanded Saransh along with 10 crores in exchange of Saransh, so Preesha made a plan and describes in detail what happened next. Sulochana yells at Sharda that she should have informed them. GPS asks if kidnapper took away Saransh. Sharda says Mahima is kidnapper. Ahana asks how does she know. Sulochana asks who is Mahima.

Ahana says Mahima is Preesha’s sister. Sulochana asks how can a sister trouble her sister. Vasu says Mahima can do it and in fact has done it before. Sharda says Mahima had kidnapped Saransh once, Preesha and Rudra caught her and sent her to jail, but she came out again to trouble them. Vasu asks wehre is Preesha now. Sharda says she doesn’t know and thinks she cannot tell them that Preesha has gone in disguise to goon’s den.

Preesha/Chotu serves food to Harish and asks how is it. He says its very tasty and asks her to get ready to accompany him. She asks where. He says he questions a lot; if he wants to work with him, he should just obey his orders. She hopes he takes her where Rudra and Saransh are.Ahana confronts Sulochana and Kabir that if they knew about Mahima kidnapping Saransh. They nod yes. She fumes and asks why didn’t they inform her. Sulochana says kidnapping Saransh was Kabir’s plan via CC, but someone else killed CC and kidnapped Saransh; they don’t know where Preesha is now.

She scolds them that they ruined her plan and Mahima will take away 500 crore empire. Sulochana asks how can Preesha’s sister Mahima grab 500 crores. Ahana reveals Mahima is Saransh’s biological mother and she can takeover Saransh 500 crore empire. Sulochana sits shocked.Harish takes Chotu/Preesha to his another den. Chotu searches Saransh and Rudra there. Harish then takes him to another den and asks him to wait here. He insists to accompany him to learn his work. Harish says he will teach later and walks away. Chotu thinks if he kept Saransh and Rudra somewhere else. Harish later takes him to another place.

Mahima calls him and complains that his men cannot cook properly, she wants to kill them. He laughs and says she can shoot them. Chotu thinks whom they want to kill now. Mahima asks him to bring chicken biryani to her. He agrees, turns and seeing Chotu near him asks if he is hearing his conversation hiding. Chotu says he was brooming. Harish says he has to prepare biryani for his special client. Chotu thinks she knows client is Mahima and once she finds out Mahima’s location, she will find out where she has hidden Saransh and Rudra. She prepares biryani and tells Harish that his client will love it. Harish says he will come back soon.

She says she will accompany him as she doesn’t have any work here. He agrees and walks out. She calls inspector, but he doesn’t pick call. She then calls Sharda who asks where is she, she doesn’t know what happened. Preesha says she doesn’t have time to listen her, she should inform inspector to track her location as she is going to Mahima’s hideout and may find Saransh and Rudra’s location. Sharda agrees. Harish takes Preesha to Mahima’s hideout. Preesha thinks its really akka and hides her face. Mahima asks if he brought her biryani. He says yes. She asks what about passport and tickets. He says its on the way. Preesha thinks Mahima wants to escape with Saransh. Mahima walks towards Preesha.

Inspector with his team reaches the venue and catches Harish and his puppet. He calls Preesha. Harish asks why will Preesha come here. Inspector informs Chotu is Preesha. Mahima tries to shoot Preesh. Preesha overpowers her and kicks gun away. Mahima angrily tries to strangulate her in vain. Inspector enters and arrests Mahima. Preesha asks Rudra’s location. Mahima says she knew this would happen, so she had made a backup plan already. Preesha continues insisting her to tell where Rudra is. Mahima says she made Rudra hang on a rope with ice block under his feet; once ice block melts, Rudra will die. Preesha slaps her. Inspector points gun at her and warns to tell where Rudra is. Mahima says he can kill her.

Inspector then points gun at Harish and threatens him. Harish says he really doesn’t know where Rudra is. Mahima taunts Preesha that ice block is melting soon. Saransh hearing that says he heard Mahima ordering ice block and throwing visiting card outside window. Preesha says they can find out Rudra’s location via visiting card, calls ice block company owner who says Preeha Srinivasan ordered ice block today, but he cannot reveal delivery location. Inspector warns that he will arrest him in murder case. OWner gives warehouse address. Mahima says they found out location, but cannot save Rudra as he must be dead by now.

Inspector asks constable to keep Mahima handcuffed as she is an intelligent criminal. Preesha insists to take Saransh along as she doesn’t want to make same mistake again. They reach warehouse and rescue Rudra on time. Preesha and Saransh hug Rudra emotionally.Preesha thanks inspector for his help. He warns her not to take such risk again and says he will go and arrest Mahima and Harish. Saransh asks to put Mahima in jail forever and not let her out.

Inspector gets constable’s call that Mahima’s escaped in lieu of going to washroom. She reminisces Mahima insisting to take her to washroom and escaping via bathroom window. Out of flashback, she informs inspector that she alerted her whole patrolling team. Inspector informs same to Preesha and drops her, Sarfansh, and Rudra home.Back home, Sharda gets emotional seeing Rudra’s condition and asks him not to go away from her again. Rudra says she need not worry until Preesha is there to protect him. Ahana apologizes Preesha for mistreating her. Preesha says its okay as she was also worried.

Sulochana starts her drama next and says even Kabir was worried for him. Kabir says he got his brother after many years and cannot lose him. Rudra says he knows who was behind all this, it was Mahima who wanted to kill him and Saransh and grab their wealth. Kabir relaxes that he is not doubted. Sulochana thinks their 500 crores are still in their kitty. Once everyone leaves, Preesha gets romantic with Rudra and asks him to get ready soon for their honeymoon. He says he will get ready by morning then. She shies. Mahima driving car away thinking Preesha thought she can catch her easily, but she cannot; she will return soon to take revenge from Preesha.

Panditji visits Khuranas. Sharda asks why did he come early morning. Rudra says he called Panditji to find Adhana and Kabir’s wedding muhurat and asks Pandit to find a date soon. Pandit checks holy book and says wedding muhurat is after 2 days. Sharda says its too early, so he should find another date. Panditji checks and says there is next date after 6 months. Sharda says its okay. Sulochana says they cannot wait for 6 months. Rudra says he wants to perform his brother and Ahana’s wedding soon and will make all the arrangements. Preesha thinks she cannot let this marriage happen. Sulochana says let us start the arragments right now.

Mishka confronts Preesha that her plan failed and she made the situation worse. Ahana notices Mishka angrily on Preesha and goes to confront her. Mishka fumes that she doesn’t want her to marry leech and creep Kabir as he eyes badly even on her, in fact she created a drama on holi day to expose Kabir; why Ahana wants to marry Kabir. Ahana says for this wealth and explains that Kabir is Rudra’s brother and once she marries Kabir, she can be Saransh’s legal guardian and grab whole Khurana empire. Mishka asks what about Kabir. Ahana says let him go to hell, they both can enjoy this whole wealth. Mishka asks why didn’t she inform her about her plan. Ahana asks her not to inform anyone about her plan or else it will fail.

Preesha informs Rudra that she couldn’t book any good wedding hall for marriage, its a question of Khurana’s dignity, so they should perform wedding after 6 months lavishly; its also a question of Kabir’s happiness, etc. Sharda backs her. Rudra says let us take Sulochana’s opinion. Sulochana with Kabir walks in and says she is not happy if wedding is postponed, asks Sharda what problem she has if Kabir marries after 2 days. Rudra says they cannot celebrate wedding lavishly and cannot invite high profile guests. Sulochana asks where were high-profile guests during their problems, she wants her dear ones Kabir and Ahana’s marriage in a simple way with only family members’ presence.

Rudr says let us seek Ahana’s opinion. Ahana walks in and says she doesn’t want to postpone wedding and doesn’t bother if high profile guests attend her wedding nor not. Kabir says they can perform wedding in their farm house. Rudra likes his idea. Ahana says they have 3 farm houses and can perform prewedding rituals also there. Sulochana backs her. Preesha says its difficult to make arrangements in 2 days. Sulochana says they all can make arrangements easily and Rudra says let us leave right now. Preesha stands tensed.

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