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Guddan 11 November 2022: Guddan come in house temple⛪ and tell Shanti bua that if you find that Mine and Akshat friendship is wrong than for sure Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha friendship is too wrong and stop praying ??them… Shanti Bua shout in anger??. Guddan say we all are aware of their friendship which is still praised in whole world, if Akshat and mine friendship is wrong then their friendship is totally wrong… Durga and Sarawasti says Guddan herself making dig for herself and both smile?.. Bua again shout, but guddan say let her finish first.. Guddan than say sorry to bua by holding ears and say she might have talked in high pitch or wrong tone, but truth is that FRIENDSHIP IS THAT SHIP WHICH NEVER DROWNS..

Guddan further add that its not necessary that every husband and wife relationshipget established on wedding night, but step can be taken which is can be made only after becoming friends…Akshat come on stairs and Lakshmi too climb and stand near Akshat.. Guddan say to bua that see these stairs, you can’t climb leaving one stair and if you try, you might fall down.. Akshat and Lakshmi extend hand, Guddan hold their hand??, and Guddan climb up.. Bua shout that friendship make family lose only strictness is needed.. Guddan say to her that being DIL, MIL, Wife, Husband or every relation: but above all: FRIENDHSIP provide strength to stand with unity.. And hold Akshat hand.. Dadi ask Bua to agree with Guddan thinking?..but bua shout that this friendship can’t work, only strictness works, and I shall prove that soon..

Dadi, Guddan and Lakshmi are doing head massage of each other sitting on stairs with song Ek duje se karte hai pyar hum??.. And later Dadi get sad?? for bua thinking?, but guddan assure her that every thing will be fine soon.. On the other aside Bua is taking pedicure from Durga and Saraswati, and by mistake get hurt, she throw water and scold them badly, saying she will show Guddan her place..????Guddan and Lakshmi are sitting with their head on dadi shoulder, when Vardan sent her romantic shayari, Lakshmi shy?… Guddan teases her that Vardan is her hubby, and getting romantic? is his right, than Lakshmi repeat her lines for her and Akshat and guddan goes from there and Dadi and Lakshmi plan romantic? date for Guddan and Akshat on their names..

Next Morning Akshat find note? stating that:- “whom is store of mistakes, whom you forgive everytime, will you come on date with her Akshat Jindal” (hindi translation:- Jis galtiyon ki dukan ko aap karte hai hmesha maaf, kya aap aa skate hai date par uske sath jindal sahab) and Guddan find note? in casrole stating:- “Guddan be ready by 8 pm, as we have to go on date” (hindi translation:- Guddan hume date par jaana hai, ready rehna 8 pm tak)..

Lakshmi take note ?from her and tease Guddan, when finally Guddan say she is not aware about why people call it date?? What we do it on date?? As i don’t know its concept!! Lakshmi calm her down and ask her to message? yes..
On other side Akshat deny to go and say to dadi that we are friends only. Dadi say who says friends don’t go on date??? Your father and I use to go regularly and if today he was alive we would have gone today as well and ask him to say yes?.. Guddan and Akshat msg? each other saying yes for date…

Now off episode and promo of Kurkure::
Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati complain that males do duty from 9 to 5?? and on mon to sat only, but we females are never free, not even on sunday.. Guddan hear and eat latest kurkure? and get idea to make her DIL free from sunday duty…
She goes to Vardhan and and tell them saying she is bored by eating DIL made food, and she can only burn.. Vardhan ask how can we help?? Guddan say you can’t after all you are busy in office work and you can’t cook.. Kishore say we can cook any dish of any country, after all we are Akshat’s son. Guddan challenege them to cook on every sunday than and they goes by accepting it… Guddan, Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati smiles eatting kurkure?, kayal chatpta hai..

Guddan says in heart how do I ask him about. AJ says in heart can I ask her? He says you said something? She says no.
Durga is working. She says bua ji has made me her servant. Kishor comes and says I want to talk. She says I dont’ have time. There is plenty of work. He says you don’t have time for me? She says I don’t right. She leaves. Durga says to Kishor please don’t worry. She is stressed out due to work. You should try to be humble. He says I will be. House is like our office.


Laxmi says to Guddan you are getting late for the date go get ready. Guddan tests so many dresses. She says what should I wear. AJ asks dadi what should I wear. Dadi says they are both black. AJ says they are different shades. Dadi says you should wear some colors. He picks grey. Dadi smiles. Dadi says I am so happy.
Guddan says I won’t know what to wear. But why am I so nervous? Laxmi says do you need help? She says did you get a gift for AJ? Guddan says I forgot.
AJ wears a printed shirt. Dad says you look so good. I am so happy.

Dyrga comes to her room. Kishor has decorated the whole room for her. She sees a gift. It’s a jewlery set. Kishor says did you like it? She says I love it. Thank you. He says you should thank Guddan. she asked me to arrange all this since you are my friend too. Durga throws it in anger. She says you did all this because Guddan asked? You are blinded by her friendship thing too now?

Scene 2
Guddan coems out. She says such boring human and such beautiful set up. AJ holds her hand and takes her to table. Gudadn gives him a book as a gift. AJ says book? Guddan says yu like reading right? I have seen in movies, people like you read books. Guddan takes the gift from him. AJ has brought selfie stick for her. Guddan says what.. You got me a selfie stick? Why would I take selfies from it? AJ says we are on a date. He says did you read the book you brought? She says its better than you gift.

Guddan’s saree gets stuck in AJ’s watch. She says our relation is like this thread right? We are distant. We are tied but distant on different sides of it. He says you are right. But as long as you are tied you come close eventually. Our choices are different. but our destinations are same.AJ pours wine in the glasses. He gives it to Guddan. AJ says cheers. Guddan says cheers. Music plays. AJ extends hand. He dances with Gudan. Gudda says can our choices our ways meet with time? Is there any habir of mine that you like? The music stops. The music stops again. AJ fixes it. He says the drive is short. Let me bring another one.

Durga is cooking in the kitchen. Shantani says I know you are angry. she sold her thoughts to your husband too. Saru says she is on a date with AJ. Shantani says even Kishor is singing about her friendship theory. Understand how that Guddan is. You will lose this house and your husband too.

Durga comes to Guddan and says what do you want to prove? How dare you interfere between me and my husband. First laxmi’s house and now mine. Your thoughts are so low like your background. Guddan says enough. durga says you have crossed your limit. Durga is about to slap her. Guddan shoves her hand and says I am the MIL of this house. I have right on everything and everyone in this house. Guddan says Shantani she isnt the same Durga I knew. She used to care for and value relations but now she has changed entirely. Shantani hugs Guddan. Shantani says your thoughts are the MIL and DIL should hug. If she doesn’t consider you MIL you don’t have to interfere in her life. The anger that you showed right now, if you showed it before she wont have dared to slap you. Now bore what you saw. Use your mind next time. Shantani leaves.

Guddan goes in. Dadi says Durga I wasn’t expecting this from you. If you have any respect left in this house, go and apologize to Guddan. Guddan locks herself in the kitchen. She breaks things. Everyone thinks she is angry. She is scared of a cockroach. AJ breaks the door. Guddan says I dn’t want to talk to anyone. AJ sees the cockroach. AJ says listen.. Guddan says I don’t want to talk to anyone. AJ plays the music back. He says there is one habit I like about you. When you get angry and in tears but you know how to control it. You know how to live life with good things. Guddan hugs him. Guddan says I like my friend a lot too.

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