Mismatched update Tuesday 7 December 2021

Mismatched 7 December 2021: The Episode starts with Reema asking Anokhi to talk to Shaurya. Anokhi refuses to take his help. She sees Ahir and asks what are you doing here. He says I came to give you an update, I thought you went to Kapurthala. She says I had an exam. He says we will catch the goons soon. She thanks him. He says I will drop you. She says thanks, its your official car, I can’t sit, I don’t have any official reason today, I will go, I don’t want to become a burden on anyone. She leaves.

Shaurya thinks thank God Anokhi came to give her exam, its silly to leave the college for a simple thing, why am I thinking. Aastha and Shaan ask Anokhi how was her exam. Anokhi cries. Shaan says you can do well next time. Anokhi says they said I did cheating, but its not true, disciplinary committee will take action against me. Aastha says I know, you can’t cheat. Shaan asks her to say in detail. She tells them. Shaurya says she is a bright student, she should study here. Shaan says I will talk to Alok. Anokhi says no need, I m leaving the college any way. Aastha says you have to prove yourself innocent. Shaan says yes, you have to fight the wrong. She says I m tired of such fights, don’t tell anything to anyone.

Its morning, Anokhi meets Tej and gives the college leaving application. She wants his sign on the TC. Tej refuses. She asks why. He says they have prepared a letter for you. Shaan comes. Anokhi reads the blames of misbehavior and cheating. She reads that she got rusticated. She says I didn’t do any cheating, they have falsely accused me, you can’t rusticate me like this. Shaan argues with Tej and calls his decision wrong. Anokhi says Kitty, Bebo, teacher and Alok are framing me. Tej asks her to stay in limits. She says I don’t want to fight, I just want my TC, I will go. Tej says give her the TC, mention she is rusticated. Shaan says its about her future.

Tej says I have no time to think. He asks Alok to take Anokhi out. Shaan asks Tej to think once.Shaurya comes to the college. He collides with Anokhi. The papers fall. He says I can’t tell you anything, you are the rising star of our class, congrats. She asks why, for getting rusticated, you have won again. He says I don’t know what you are saying, I m wishing you, you topped in the class, I m happy for you, congrats. She says I got rustication letter for the cheating blame. He sees Tej’s signs on the paper. He asks what nonsense, I didn’t know it. She asks how can’t you know about it, its your college, your family decision. He says its wrong, you should fight. She says no, I m going.

He asks why are you going. She says its better for me. He stops her and says you aren’t going anywhere, I won’t let you go, come with me, SIAC’s name will also get ruined with this. Alok messages Devi that Anokhi left. Shaurya comes to meet Tej. Tej says you didn’t go to Patiala. Shaurya says good I didn’t go and came here, I got to know you are rusticating Anokhi, it can’t happen, she has topped in the class, how did you not consult me before taking this move, I m still a part of this management, cancel the rustication. Tej asks what are you saying, that too for that girl, who troubled you a lot. Shaurya says I m just defending the truth, not Anokhi, she has no reason to cheat. Shaan says we had not been fair to her.

Alok says its like we did cheating. Shaurya says actually, its such a thing, we did cheating, you can’t rusticate any student for cheating, we can fail or detain them, we all know this, Tej also knows this, we can’t ruin someone’s future, its not fair, if anyone had any doubt, then proper enquiry should have been done, it was a wrong decision.Tej shouts Shaurya, what you you think. Shaurya says I interacted with Anokhi, I know her, she has given all the right answers, she is brilliant. Alok says you mean the teacher is lying. Shaurya says we have to ask her.

He confronts the teacher. He says I feel you are lying, not Anokhi. Teacher gets tensed. Shaurya says I know there are rules about students’ lies, what if teachers lie, isn’t that much worse, we should take a serious action about it. Teacher says Anokhi is blaming Kitty and Bebo to save herself, why will they cheat. Shaurya says I know how they perform, they have copied from text, its proved that Anokhi didn’t cheat, we should call her and sincerely apologize, we want to rectify our mistake, nothing is imp than student’s future and rights. Tej says fine, call her back.

Shaurya goes to Anokhi and takes her. Tej says after seeing your exam results, we decided to give you another chance. Anokhi, Shaurya and Shaan smile. Tej says we are not rusticating you. She thanks him. Shaurya tears the rustication paper. He smiles seeing Anokhi.Shaurya and Anokhi have a talk. She says you have said bad things to me, I m leaving. He says whatever I said… She says those things have hurt my heart.

He says I know some reason will be here to stop you. She asks why don’t you want me to leave from here. He says forget whatever happened. She refuses. He says you can’t see that I fought with my family for your sake, you just wanted to hear a sorry. Anokhi says sorry isn’t useful if its not from your heart, I m sorry to ask you to say sorry. Shaurya says its not necessary to say what I don’t feel, you need to understand. She says you have called every girl wrong who wants to fulfill their dreams. She goes. He worries.

Tej says Shaurya has spoken to me badly. Devi asks him to calm down. He says Shaurya did this for Anokhi. Gayatri and Kanchan look on from far. They say maybe its about Anokhi. Tej says Shaurya got rude towards me. Devi says we did wrong to give her an admission. Shaurya comes and asks what happened. Devi says Tej is in stress. Shaurya says sorry for that. She says you went against Tej for Anokhi’s sake, you challenged Tej’s authority. Shaurya says no, the facts were not kept right in front of him so his decision was wrong. Tej says you can’t disrespect family. Shaurya tries to explain. Alok says Anokhi had put the blame on Kitty and Bebo.

Shaurya asks what’s wrong, they don’t focus on studies, they use our names sometimes. Kanchan says yes, they are wrong. Devi stops Kanchan. Shaurya says they trouble Kanchan a lot, Kanchan is elder to them. Devi says we are talking about Anokhi, not our girls. Shaurya asks where were you at this time, sorry to support her, wrong was happening with her, a teacher can angrily rusticate a student without any reasons or facts, I won’t accept this, I know she is right, she is bright, what’s the reason to remove her from the college, it will be wrong, that girl is intelligent, she can take our institute reputation higher.

Alok argues. He says that girl needs our college, we don’t need her. Shaurya says no, she is leaving this college herself. He goes. Tej says the disease has caught up Shaurya, we have to think of something. Devi says yes, I know what it can be.Shaurya thinks of Anokhi. She says I should apologize, I should have not done this. Kanchan comes to ask. She asks why do you want to apologize. He tells her everything. He says I m trying to help her, but she isn’t agreeing. Kanchan smiles. Shaurya says she is a bright student, so I want to help her. She asks only as a student right. He smiles and says Kanchan…. what reason do I have to stop her.

He says if any guy points a finger at girl’s character, it hurts the girl’s heart, maybe this sorry heals her wound, so you can say sorry. He thinks. Its morning, Anokhi packs her bags. Shaurya comes to meet her.She asks why did you come. He says I wanted to meet you and say…. She asks sorry. He says you won’t get the TC, use any contacts. She asks why, because I asked you to say sorry. He says yes. She says everyone wants me to leave the college. He says what do you think, anyone else has no work, you stay in the college or not, does it matter to anyone, you don’t care for it, why would anyone care.

She says then give me the TC. He angrily throws the things. He gets hurt. She does the aid. She stumbles. He holds her. He says none can stop you, but yes, you won’t get the transfer certificate.

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