Mismatched update Wednesday 29 December 2021

Mismatched 29 December 2021: The Episode starts with Babli praising Anokhi. She asks him to value the person who values her dreams and her. Anokhi says I will always remember this. They have the lassi. Shaan says its an anxiety attack, doctor was asking what tension she has, I told him about her work pressure, I m also tensed, we are not able to find Shaurya, and then Aastha’s state. Gayatri says don’t worry for her, I m with her. Shaan cries. Devi asks Tej to do something. Tej speaks to the DIG and says Shaurya didn’t come home, just track the location, do something.

Gayatri asks Alok to call Yash home. Kanchan joins Babli’s party and says you are my role model. Ahir jokes. He says we should celebrate well, I have an idea. Aastha dreams of Shaurya and shouts. She asks did Shaurya come. Shaan says he is fine, he will come, don’t worry. He holds Aastha and Devi’s hands. He says I can understand what you are going through, you women have much courage more then men, we men get courage from you. Gayatri says Shaurya has blessings of we three mothers.

Shagun goes to Anokhi’s room. She thinks I should find some clue. She calls Anokhi. She hears music and goes to see. She sees Anokhi and Ahir dancing. She says Anokhi is partying here, Shaurya is missing, she doesn’t care for him, he wanted to leave me for this girl, I get annoyed with these middle class girls’ attitude, even Kanchan is here, even she is middle class. She clicks pics. She thinks I will bring her truth in front of Shaurya, but how. She bribes the waiter. She spikes Anokhi’s drink. Shagun says its sleep medicine, lets see what affect it shows. Alok calls Yash and asks him to come home with Kanchan, tell her Devi isn’t upset with her. Yash asks is everything fine. Alok says we have a meeting ahead, come soon. Yash goes to Kanchan.

He sees her with Anokhi. He calls her out. He says we are going back to villa, dad called and said Devi has forgiven you. Kanchan says I didn’t forgive her. He says Tej has to keep a meeting. She says you go back. He says you will do what I say. She says fine, let me enjoy the party now. She goes back. He leaves.Ahir says we will play a game, wrap the mummy, you have to wrap the team member, tissue role shouldn’t get torn, face shouldn’t be seen. Ahir and Anokhi make a team. Kanchan and Babli make a team. Shagun looks on. They play the game.

Ahir loses. Kanchan says we won. Ahir says sorry, I didn’t know this will break. Anokhi says you broke my record, I lost today. Ahir says sorry. Anokhi goes. He says sorry, you lost the game because of me. She smiles and talks to him. He thinks she got drunk, but how. She says S for Shaurya, S for Saberwal, I missed him and wrote S, but why, don’t know, I m little stupid, I m good in studies and debate, but stupid in love, 100 marks in economics, but 0 in love. She sleeps. He asks her to get up. Babli asks what happened to her. Ahir says I don’t know if she had some other shots. Kanchan says maybe, she didn’t know during dance. They take Anokhi. Anokhi falls dizzy. Ahir holds her. Shagun looks on.

Ahir lifts Anokhi and takes her. Anokhi says PS… Shagun clicks their pic. She hides. Shagun says Shaurya will come back, I will have to make sure that you don’t go back to Anokhi.Ahir making Anokhi rest. She sees Shaurya in him. She asks him to sing, she has a headache. Ahir asks what. He says you are really cute. She asks really. He says yes. She asks him to sing a song. He sings. She sleeps. Devi says its two days that Shaurya left from the house, we don’t know anything about him. Ahir says I like you a lot. Babli comes. Ahir says I will leave, tell me, if you need anything. He goes. Anokhi talks to Shaurya in sleep.

Devi says everyone is worried for Shaurya, what about you. Shagun says yes, you got me here, you don’t care for me. Devi asks what do you mean, someone has kidnapped Shaurya, I m not finding anything. Shagun says I know he will come back and go to Anokhi, I m keeping an eye on her, you will be surprised to know how she is taking an advantage of his disappearance. She shows the pics to Devi. Devi thinks ACP Ahir. Shagun says they were partying, how romantic right, she gets ready to lecture on morals, this is her truth, she was enjoying with Shaurya, and now with Ahir, how convenient, when Shaurya comes back, we need to tell him all of this, he needs proof, I have it.

Devi says this won’t help, I know him very well, he won’t trust these pics, its not easy to create a misunderstanding between them. Shagun says you promise me, you will talk to him, tell him to stop thinking of Anokhi, they should break up, this marriage is imp for you, I hope you also understand this. She goes.Anokhi wakes up. She gets Shaurya’s watch near the bed. She says how did this watch come in Babli’s room. She looks for Babli. She gets Babli’s message. She says maybe Vineet had stolen this watch, but how, Shaurya knows it or not, I will call him and ask, why is his phone still off, his family said he is found, he came back home, Kanchan would have told me if there was anything wrong. She calls Ahir.

Ahir is with Saberwals. He asks them not to worry, they will find Shaurya soon. He thanks Aastha for calling him on time. He says we will find him. Aastha says thanks for coming on my call. Devi says Shaurya left two days back, kidnapper was going to call us, but didn’t call. Ahir says their call will come, who answered last time. Shaan signs he did. Ahir says we want proof that kidnappers have Shaurya with them. Ahir asks the team to record the call. Vineet calls and asks Shaan for money. He says I will tell you where to get money. Shaan says make me talk to my son, I want proof that he is with you, maybe you kidnapped someone else. Vineet says fine, you will get proof in some time. Ahir gets the location. Devi says I want my son back. Ahir says I know you are in trouble, I promise you will get your son.

Tej says Shaurya will have the evening tea with us. Anokhi calls Ahir again. He doesn’t answer. She says I have to race against time, I will find Shaurya, I need a small clue. Vineet argues with a staff man. Anokhi asks from where did you get this watch. Vineet says you have it, why are you asking me. She says I got this from your room. He says Babli also stays there, get lost. He calls his aide. Anokhi follows and says he is hiding something. Shaurya frees himself from the ropes. Goon hits on his head and drag him. Vineet comes and asks where is Shaurya, tell me. Goon says he is fine, you asked 10 lakhs instead 50 lakhs, you take 10 lakhs, I will take the rest, you don’t do anything now, else you will be gone too. Anokhi hears this and shouts Vineet. Vineet gets shocked.

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