Mismatched update Wednesday 22 December 2021

Mismatched 22 December 2021: The Episode starts with Alok saying we will keep a big party when Shaan comes. Shaurya says I need to talk to you. Devi says not now, I m very happy and want to share it with everyone, ain’t you happy. Kitty, Bebo and Alok congratulate Shaurya. Kanchan thinks Devi had come to do this, why isn’t Shaurya saying anything. Devi asks Shagun to say something about Shaurya and her relation. Shagun says yes. Anokhi cries. Shagun says Shaurya and I were made for each other, our love story also had twists and turns, but today we have a happy ending, ego, career or something else won’t come between us. Everyone claps. Devi asks everyone to say about Shaurya and Shagun.

She sees Anokhi and says oh, you are also invited, come, Shaurya is your fav Sir, please come. Inna sona…plays… Anokhi says congrats Sir and Madam, you always stay happy together. She gives a flower and feeds them sweets. Anokhi runs away. Devi asks them to click pics. Shaurya tries to go. Anokhi runs madly and comes in front of a car. Ahir pulls her and shouts on her. Babli asks are you fine, take her to room. Anokhi says no, I don’t want to go there, stay away, I don’t want to talk. Babli asks where will you go. Ahir says come to my hotel, I didn’t get a room here, so I took another hotel. Shaurya looks for Anokhi. Devi asks why do you look so worried. He says I will talk to you later. She asks him to think calmly.

He asks did you think, fine I will think and tell you. She says please listen to me. He says I have understood, but you didn’t understand, you took a big decision in front of you, you didn’t take my permission or consent. She cries and asks shall I take your permission, for what, what shall I ask, why shall I ask, I never asked you when your mum left you and I took you in lap, I didn’t ask anyone, when I used to take care of you in your childhood, who asked me if I have permission to do this, look at me, a mother doesn’t need a permission. He says I know, don’t I have a right on my life, I had a right to come to you when I fell sick, this decision is also my right, this is about me, its my life, today was a special day for me, I had thought a lot, I had got happiness and you ruined it, you know your value, why do I need to prove it.

She says I thought you love Shagun, you aren’t able to say, I tried to get your happiness. He says please, I have to go. She says Shagun is waiting for you. He says fine, I can’t wait. She says she loves you. He shouts I don’t love her, I love someone else. He leaves.Ahir and Babli make Anokhi relax. Reema calls Babli and asks for Anokhi. She asks where are you, shall I come there. Babli says we need to give her time, you take care. Shaurya asks Reema where is Anokhi. She says I don’t know. He says tell me, don’t lie. Reema says she left from the party, I don’t know.

He says I don’t want Anokhi to misunderstand, don’t you want that she stays happy, let me speak to her, if you think she doesn’t want to talk to me, I will do whatever you say, help me out, please.Babli asks Anokhi to speak up. Shaurya comes and asks Anokhi to open the door, lets clear the confusion. He asks Ahir to answer him. Anokhi asks Ahir not to open the door. Ahir says he is stubborn, if anyone complains, then it will be a problem for everyone. Ahir opens the door and scolds Shaurya. He pushes Shaurya and asks him to leave, go and enjoy in his engagement. He asks didn’t your family discuss it with you, you are acting innocent, just go. Shaurya says I won’t go. They fight.

Ahir says I told you that I will not come in between if Anokhi is happy with you, but if you break her heart then I will not spare you, I was supporting you since morning, but not now, you have hurt her a lot. Shaurya says I will meet her, don’t come in my way. Anokhi comes and stops their fight. Shaurya says Anokhi…. Anokhi pushes him away. She asks him not to create any drama. Shaurya says Ahir isn’t letting me talk to you. Anokhi says I told him to stop you. He says its a miscommunication. She says I understood my place and your truth. Shaurya says whatever Devi decided, I didn’t know about it. She asks what did you do after knowing it, I was trying to explain you the same thing, we have no match, we were trying to be foolish, sorry, I was being foolish. He says fine, come with me, listen. Ahir stops him. Anokhi goes to her room.

Shaurya and Anokhi seeing each other. Tanhai…plays… He leaves. She cries. Devi says Shaurya doesn’t love you, I felt he sees you in that girl, he said he loves that girl. Shagun cries. Devi says that girl is clever. Shagun says I have heard it, Shaurya doesn’t love me. Devi says I m really sorry, but trust me, that girl trapped him. Shagun says he isn’t a kid, he knows what he is doing, would anyone make him throw this surprise party, I m sure he was planning something big, it got ruined by our coming, so he reacted like this. Devi says Shaurya didn’t talk to me ever, he challenged my love and rights for the first time. Shagun says sorry aunty, your relation with him is of many years.

Devi cries and says when Aastha left Shaurya, he was too young, he used to cry all day for his mum, I used to pity him, I thought to call Aastha back, but Tej explained me that Shaurya needs mum’s love, not mum, I have given that love to him. Shagun nods.Devi says love and need are different, maybe he loves someone else, but he needs you, he had seen Shagun in that girl and thought she is his need, I m sure that he will realize his mistake soon, like he chose between me and Aastha, he will choose between you and Anokhi. Shagun says I don’t think so. Devi says we can’t leave the ground and run away, we will fight and win, I need your help, I can’t tolerate that girl. She pacifies Shagun. She thinks I can’t let Aastha come back with Anokhi.

Shaurya drives and thinks of everything. Anokhi says you scold me, slap me, I have made a big mistake, I did such foolishness. Babli asks her to calm down. She says even if this relation is made, will this go on all life, no, you have much to do in life, you came here with a dream, become old Anokhi again. Anokhi says love is a nonsense, it has no place in my life, Shaurya also has no place. Shaurya meets with an accident. She says I wish I never met him. Devi brings Shagun to the family. Alok asks shall I give the engagement news in the newspaper. Devi says no, we shall wait. Bebo says Shaurya is not here, he has gone to a bachelors’ party. Kanchan calls Shaurya. Shagun says we will party once Shaurya comes.

Gayatri stops Kanchan. She says everyone’s mood isn’t so good. Yash asks Kanchan why is she worried. Kanchan says Shaurya went after Anokhi, they both aren’t answering, I m worried, what’s happening there, if anything goes wrong…. then…Shaurya comes to the hotel with the wounds. He falls down. Devi shouts Shaurya. Devi and everyone get shocked. Devi asks them to call a doctor. Doctor treats Shaurya. He says I have given stitches to his head injury, we have to do a MRI scan, call me when he gets conscious. He leaves. Kanchan says I wasn’t getting a good feeling. Gayatri calms her down. She calls Aastha. Aastha asks is everything fine. Gayatri says no, Shaurya met with an accident in Goa.

Aastha gets shocked. She cries. Kanchan calls Anokhi. Ahir asks Anokhi and Babli are they leaving, he will drop them. Babli says no need. He says its not safe, I will drop you. Anokhi rejects Kanchan’s call. Babli asks why is Kanchan calling you. Anokhi says maybe Shaurya is calling from her phone. Babli says I will scold him. Anokhi says we will talk later, we have to go back to the hotel. Ahir gets a call. He says sorry, I have to go for an urgent case, inform me if you need anything, go to reception, I will pack my bags. They leave. Devi asks Shaurya why did you punish yourself and me. She cries holding his hand. Kanchan looks on.

Anokhi washes her face and says thanks Shaurya for opening my eyes. She gets Kanchan’s voice note. Kanchan tells about Shaurya’s accident. She requests Anokhi to come soon. Anokhi cries.

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