These Streets update Wednesday 22 December 2021

These streets 22 December 2021: Asmita says to Shikhawat can we go back to Dehli? I dont’ want Krishi to meet Shan. Shan says what would you tell her? Who am I? She says like we told Vivan I am his mom we can tell Krishi.. You are her dad. Shikhawat says you know Vivan. Asmita says we can handle it. Let’s go from here please. krishi comes and says I won’t go anywhere. Asmita is dazed. Asmita says you woke up. Krishi says this is my city I won’t go from here.

Shikhawat says she wont’ be able to take a sudden change. Kirshi says uncle you are so nice. Krishi says mama promise me you would give me something. She says it was my birthday on Janmashtami. Would you celebrate it? Asmita says we will celebrate your birthday tomorrow. What gift do you want? She says I would tell you tomorrow. Krishi says in heart sorry I couldn’t tell you. My birthday would unite you.

Asmita and Krishi are in car. Krishi says this is s surprise. Asmita says where are we going? She blindfolds Asmita and says this is a surprise. Krishi asks driver to stop the car. She takes asmita inside. Asmita can’t see. Krishi takes off her blindfold. It is Shan’s house. Asmita recalls her moments with Shan. Krishi runs in. Asmita runs after her. She falls. shan holds her. The son Kal ho na ho plays. Nandani comes there. Nandani says I am here to invite you on my birthday. I wont’ cut the cake without you. You have to come. Chahat and Nandani are angry. Shan asks Nandani to take Chahat inside. Nandani says but.. Shan says take Chahat inside. She goes to her room.

Asmita walks out. Shan says stop it. Stop using a girl. You have to stop this drama. Asmita says don’t come to her birthday. We dont’ care about you. Shan says yes you can live this life without me. I would come tomorrow. I wont’ break that innocent girl’s heart but I would also get a chance to embarrass you. See what I do there.Nevi says Shan and Asmita hate each other. their love can never die. Their love would burn Nandani’s pride. I have to kick her out of this house. This is the only way I can get the power of this house again.

Asmita sits and cries in temple. she says why are you doing this? You made Krishi meet shan already? He doesn’t want to own her. She keeps asking about her dad. How do I tell her Shan is her dad.
Krishi says how do I hide that I know who my dad is. I will become my papa’s best daughter. Dadi made the right plan. My name would be Krishi Shan Mazumdar. I know God would help me.
Asmita says I can’t let my daughter suffer in all this. Why did Krishi invite shan? This isn’t right for her. Shikhawat says if you don’t want him to reach to Krishi he won’t. I have made the security tight.

Shan looks in the mirror and recalls asmita with shikhawat. He drinks. He says you are using a daughter? Why are you using her? Why are you doing this? nevi says you would go to her birthday right?Nandani says yes Shan would go. anyone would come and ask him to come with him. Nev says are you scared?? That Shan would meet his daughter. Blood is blood. Nevi says you couldn’t see them together why do you care about them now? you care about asmtia’s daughter with shikhawat? Keep Shan away from all this. He knows the truth that girl isn’t Shan’s. Shan burried his daughter. Nevi says she is a little girl anyway. Nandani says what would you say to chahat? Should you go? you care about asmita’s daughter.

SHe fooled and lied to you. Chaht hates that girl. Shan says I wont go there. He leaves.The party starts. Krishi says I have never cut cake before. Thank you asmita hugs her and says this is all for you. Shikhawat says let me introduce you to the kids. Nirvan shoves her. He says only I would hold hands of mummy papa. Shikhawat says this is really bad Shan. Krishi stands on a side. Asmita says go play with kids. She sees all the kids. She says when would papa come. I wont play unless he does. Krishi says I won’t cut the cake until Shan papa comes. Asmita says he won’t come. We are all here with you. All these friends are here. Everyone has to go home. Krishi says God please send shan papa.

Asmita says come Krishi let’s cut the cake. Niravn says what are you thinking. Asmita says make a wish. Krishi says would God give me that? She says . Krishi says I want my papa please send him. She blows candles. Shan coems there. Krishi smiles. Krishi runs and hugs Shan. EVeryoen is shocked. Krishi says let me give you the cake. Shan looks at asmita. Chahat comes there and says I hate you papa. she runs. Shan says chaht stop. He hugs her and says where were you. I looked for you everywhere. Chahat says what are you doing here. You are with thsi girl. She runs. Krishi says please dont go papa. Shan leaves. Krishi is sad.

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