Mismatched update Thursday 23 December 2021


Mismatched 23 December 2021: The Episode starts with Babli asking where are you going. Anokhi says PS met with an accident, he got a head injury, I will see him once. Babli asks will they welcome you, why will you go there. Anokhi says I love him, my anger can’t end my love, I will just go and come. Babli shouts. Anokhi runs. She comes to Shaurya’s hotel. Kanchan asks her to come. Anokhi asks how is Shaurya, can I go and see him once. Kanchan asks her to come. Devi comes and stops Anokhi. She says you can’t meet Shaurya. Anokhi says I will see him once and go. Devi says you meet him after vacation, you are just a student or more than that, are you guilty that this accident happened because of you.

Anokhi says let me see him once. Kanchan says I had called her here. Devi scolds them. She asks Anokhi to remember her status, does she want to get related to Saberwals. Anokhi says you can scold me later, let me meet him once.Devi asks her to get out. She shuts the door. Anokhi says I won’t go until I see PS once. Devi says you got saved, you don’t support Shaurya and Anokhi from now. Kanchan nods. Yash looks on. Kanchan goes to the balcony and talks to Anokhi. She says I told you to trust Shaurya. Anokhi says I trust him, so I have come here. Kanchan asks why did you leave from the party, Devi announced the engagement, he didn’t, he came to talk to you, why didn’t you talk.

Yash calls Kanchan. Kanchan signs Anokhi to go. Yash asks what’s happening, did you know about Shaurya and Anokhi. She says its useless to talk to you. He asks shall I misbehave with elders. She says you don’t do anything, elders are ruining children’s lives, I can’t tolerate this. She leaves.Babli waits for Anokhi. She gets shocked seeing Vineet. He likes the hotel. He says I will call Babli. She says did he know that I lied to him. She comes to him and asks what are you doing here. He says I thought you would be missing me here, you chose a good hotel, I thought you are useless, you caught good work, I also deserve to enjoy here. She says yes. Anokhi says I wish PS gets fine soon, sorry PS, Kanchan is right.

Reema comes and asks how is Shaurya, did you meet him. Anokhi says don’t know, I didn’t meet him. Reema says come with me, we will meet him. Anokhi says no, they are already in trouble, they said I m stubborn, I m still here because of PS, any other girl would have left after that humiliation. Aastha comes there. Anokhi hugs her and cries.Aastha says tell me, how is Shaurya. Anokhi says don’t know, they aren’t letting me go in, I don’t know about his serious injury. Aastha says calm down, our prayers are for Shaurya, don’t worry, he would be fine, I didn’t come here to find out on call, I want to meet my son, you will come with me to meet him. Devi stops them at the door.

Aastha says I can’t wait for invitation if my son is injured. Devi says Anokhi has informed you. Aastha says don’t drag her in between. Devi says take her away from here. Aastha asks by what right will you stop me. Devi says by the right Shaurya gave me, he doesn’t like to meet you. Aastha says because of you, call Tej. Devi says my word is final. Aastha says woman’s word isn’t followed here. Tej comes and says just family can come in, you aren’t family now. Aastha says I know, but I m Shaurya’s mum, I will always be, I have a right on Shaurya, I can go to any extent for my son’s betterment. Tej says let her go.

Aastha and Anokhi come to meet Shaurya. Shagun comes in Anokhi’s way. Aastha cries for him. Devi asks Shagun to go and take rest. Aastha asks what did doctor say. Devi gets doctor’s call. She goes. Shagun greets Aastha. She says I m glad to meet you. Aastha asks her to go. She says we can meet later, I want to meet my son now. Shagun leaves.Anokhi sees Shaurya and cries. She asks will he get fine. Aastha says don’t worry, he will get fine soon. Anokhi says I don’t want anything else, even if things don’t get better between us, he should get fine. Aastha asks why are you saying this.

Anokhi says this happened because of me. She tells about their love story. Aastha asks did Shaurya propose you. She smiles. She says its a good thing. Anokhi says I also felt happy, but Devi had announced his engagement with Shagun, Shaurya didn’t say anything against her, I was hurt and heartbroken seeing that. Aastha says Devi came against love once again, not this time. She asks her to stay there. She goes out.Aastha coming to Devi. Devi asks are you done meeting Shaurya. Aastha says you can’t control Shaurya’s life, he isn’t a kid, he knows his good and bad, its his decision whom to love.

Anokhi says sorry PS, I had hurt you, I didn’t trust you, get well soon, else I will feel guilty, I got angry but I also love you like you love me, I can’t stop myself from saying it, I love you. Shagun comes and looks on. Anokhi says I know you had told that in anger, you also love me, please get well soon. Aastha asks by what right did you announce his engagement with Shagun, you don’t love and care for Shaurya. Devi asks are you saying this, who didn’t see her son for years, I m fulfilling your responsibility.

Shagun says you still love him knowing we are engaged. Anokhi says were engaged, not now. Shagun says we love each other. Anokhi says Shaurya loves me now, he told this to me. Aastha says you have used Shaurya as a weapon, I was silent till now, you don’t love him, you love yourself, you are selfish, think about it, when Shaurya knows your truth, what will he do. She goes. Devi gets angry.Shagun asks was it Shaurya’s idea that you call him PS, so typical, he wants total control of everything. Anokhi asks what. Shagun says you just started to know him, I know him since years, our engagement still broke, didn’t you think why it broke, you think I don’t deserve Shaurya, are my looks, qualifications and class aren’t enough, even then our engagement broke, you know why. Anokhi says I don’t want to know it.

Shagun says SIAC have many hopes from you, you are so intelligent, I m warning you, you shouldn’t go through what I have gone through. Anokhi says thanks, I m Anokhi, I had come here to study. Shagun says you are like me, I had to do phd and complete my dreams, but Shaurya couldn’t tolerate it, he broke the engagement, he blackmailed me to leave him or my career, even then I left everything and came back to him, because I love him, he has something that you can’t resist, so you also fell for him, love made me leave everything, dreams, hopes. Anokhi says love doesn’t make anyone compromise. Shagun says there is no identity and career after marrying him, he and his family won’t tolerate it, you will be just his wife.

Devi says I love Shaurya, I don’t care what you think. Shaan and everyone come. Shaan asks how is Shaurya, did you meet her. Devi gets angry on him and Aastha. Alok says you should have not allowed Aastha. Devi says she has troubled us, she should leave now. Shaan says Aastha won’t go anywhere, she can stay with Shaurya. Tej taunts them. He says if you all care for Shaurya, don’t say a word loud, just pray for him that my son stays fine, nothing happens to him. Devi says you are right Tej, nothing is imp than Shaurya, at least for me, don’t know what happened to me. Tej gets a call from the doctor. He says I had sent reports to doctor for his word, ask Aastha to take rest at her hotel, she would have much imp work than her son.

He goes. Anokhi says whatever you say, they run a big institute, Shaurya always encourages students. Shagun says yes, Shaurya wants his wife and mum to just see his family. Anokhi says if you know him, then why are you marrying.Shagun says for love, you would thank me to save you from making a big mistake. Anokhi says you don’t love him, you have no courage to tell this to yourself or anyone, you are lying to yourself. Shagun says this is the truth. Anokhi says this isn’t my truth, I will decide it. Shagun says I m his fiancee, our love, care and prayer are enough, he doesn’t need you anymore. Anokhi says we will be affected if we don’t meet each other. Shagun asks what will you tell Devi and Tej if they ask about your right, what’s your relation. Anokhi says I don’t want a name for this relation.

Shagun says you have to stop studies and growth if you marry him, you have to break dreams, I have strength, what do you have, who can sacrifice everything and go to him, that’s the question, you can’t do what I can do for him, can you afford to leave everything and go to him, can you?

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