Mismatched update Monday 6 December 2021

Mismatched 6 December 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi seeing the suspects. Shaurya comes there. Ahir says you come here for any reason, tell me why did you come. Shaurya says I came here for case follow up. Ahir says we are doing the same, Anokhi is seeing the culprits. Shaurya says I was also involved, you should have called me. Ahir says I was going to call you later, Anokhi is the victim, its her right to identify them first, you left my special tea and left, its your wish to stay back or go. Anokhi goes to identify.

Ahir asks what’s the relation, its solid. Shaurya says its my profession, we always keep personal and professional lives. Ahir says same pinch for you. Ahir asks Anokhi about the goons. Alok gets shocked. He asks what, they got caught. Devi asks who, anyone from those goons who attacked Anokhi. Alok nods. Devi says they can reach you. He says no, I wasn’t there, goons will help me at this time. Devi says we have a respect in the society, what if Tej knows this, fix everything. Gayatri comes and looks on.

Anokhi says their faces were covered, so its tough to identify. Shaurya asks her to recall their description. She says yes, the guy’s hand had a scorpion tattoo on his hand. Ahir shows the goon with the same tattoo. Anokhi says he was the one, he caught me. She gets tensed. Ahir asks her to calm down, she doesn’t need to worry. He says this one man will help us reach the other goons. Shaurya says I hope soon. Ahir asks Anokhi to have water. Shaurya gets angry and goes. Ahir says he left the tea again, we will catch the goons soon, trust yourself and not lose. She says I will come but you have to give me some time, I m shifting back to Kapurthala.

Alok worries. Gayatri asks what was Devi saying. He asks her to leave. She says maybe I can help you. He goes.Aastha takes care of Anokhi. Anokhi says one goon is caught. Aastha says other goons will be caught up also. Anokhi says I m going back. Aastha says you took up much pain to reach here, you want to ruin your hardwork. She asks Anokhi to change her decision. Anokhi recalls Shaurya’s words. Shaurya thinks of her. She says I will give the test and go, I will prove him wrong by scoring the highest marks, then we will go. Aastha smiles.

Shaurya says many students came and went, I didn’t care, what’s special in this girl. Anokhi studies. Aastha asks her to have milk. Shaurya says she is a good student, so I challenged her to give the exam, will she take the challenge, how can she leave the college. Devi sees him. Anokhi says I have to get the best marks to leave SIAC with much honor. Shaurya says I was thinking about the new campus. She says you work a lot. She talks to him and he names Anokhi. He says Anokhi doesn’t like me. Devi thinks I knew he is worried because of Anokhi. She says Anokhi is foolish, why did Tej take her interview. Shaurya says its okay.

She says no, that girl has troubled you and all of us, shall I talk to Tej about her if you say. He says its late for me now. She asks him not to think about that girl. He says her name is Anokhi Bhalla. Devi gets angry. Its morning, Tej asks Shaurya to make a routine to visit Patiala branch. Shaurya asks can I go tomorrow, I have some work in the college.Shaurya saying about the exams held at the college. He makes the work excuse and leaves. Devi gets worried. Alok will be going out of your hands. Devi says you shouldn’t have called the goons.

Alok says sorry, I will fix this. She says this time, do as I say, what happened to those goons, did that goon get caught and reveal name. Ahir tries to make the goon speak up. He calls Anokhi. He sends an audio message to Ahir. He says she isn’t replying to the message, did she go to Kapurthala. Shaurya meets his students. He looks for Anokhi. He makes a quick announcement. Maya asks a question. Shaurya thinks of Anokhi. He thinks I didn’t hear it. He says good question, can anyone answer it. Reema answers. He thinks how to find out. Anokhi comes there.

Kisi shaam ki tarah….plays…. She gets seated. He asks anyone to ask if they want about test related. He says I will be correcting the papers, all the best. Reema gives him the bouquet. Other students also give the bouquets. Anokhi avoids her. Shaurya wishes them all the best. Anokhi sees Kitty cheating. The teacher sees this and doesn’t say anything.Kitty’s friends also cheat. Anokhi looks at them. She writes her exam. She asks teacher to not ignore the students cheating.

Teacher asks her to just go. Anokhi says it will be unfair with other students, you aren’t saying as they are trustee’s children. Teacher collects the answer sheets and goes. Kitty argues with Anokhi. She says I would have got you rusticated. Anokhi says I m leaving this college. Kitty says its her drama, she just wants attention. Shaurya thinks of Anokhi. Teacher gets Alok to the class and says Anokhi did cheating. Kitty and Bebo smile. Anokhi gets shocked. Shaurya leaves from the college. Anokhi says I didn’t cheat, they are lying, they did wrong, they are blaming me. Teacher shows the chits from Anokhi’s desk. Anokhi says I didn’t do anything.

Alok scolds her. Anokhi says trust me. Teacher says she was teaching me as well.Alok says we felt you are a topper, honest student and gave you admission, but you did cheating, this time you will know it. Alok smiles and recalls the teacher informing him about Anokhi’s complain. Alok says now Devi would be happy. The man gets the papers and says its for Shaurya. Alok calls Devi and says Anokhi is caught cheating, she didn’t cheat, but I framed her, we will decide if we remove her from college or make her run away. She says good, don’t celebrate it so soon, let the work happen. He says its done. She says no, Shaan, Shaurya and Aastha can convince her to stay back. He says this time, her courage will shatter, if Tej gives the decisions, then everyone will be silent.

Anokhi asks why did you do this. Kitty says she invites problems for herself. Anokhi cries and asks Reema and Maya to leave her alone. The girls calls Anokhi a cheater. Reema asks Anokhi to go to disciplinary committee and tell the truth. Anokhi says no, I don’t want to go. Reema says you should clear your image before you go.

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