Mismatched update Monday 15 November 2021

Mismatched 15 November 2021: The Episode starts with Vineet saying Anokhi is a runaway bride, I did pity and let her stay in my house, but she had stolen the bangles, she is my sister in law. Anokhi says Babli had given me the bangles herself. She asks Shaurya not to believe Vineet. Shaurya says its your admission form, you had stolen my watch, I will not permit you. She says no, its a misunderstanding, Vineet is lying, trust me, I had no time to get the fees. Vineet say she is a liar, don’t give her admission.

Shaan comes and asks what’s happening here. Shaurya says I will manage it. Anokhi tells everything to Shaan and Alok.Babli’s mummy ji scolds her that Anokhi took the bangles to the jeweller. Babli thinks to talk to Vineet. Mummy ji asks her to sell the clothes. Babli says I had given my bangles, which was given to me by my mum. Mummy ji says your everything is ours, we manage your expenses, don’t tell me what you got from your Maayka. She calls Rama and asks did you talk to Anokhi. Rama says no. Babli tells about the bangles. Sh says Vineet will blame her for theft. Rama says Raja went after Aastha and troubled her, its good for TC to reach her, I m praying, don’t worry.

Alok says you mean you don’t have money to give fees. Anokhi says I need some time, my TC is also coming. Alok says you are losing your time. Shaurya says how much help do you want, there is a limit to mend rules, we have been kind to you. Shaan says I can’t break the college rules, sorry, I can’t help you in this.Vineet says this girl is a thief. Shaan scolds Vineet and asks him to get lost. He says your TC will come in some time. Vineet asks how will you pay the fees. Shaurya shouts enough of your drama, this is not your house, but our institution, we gave you many chances, you didn’t take the admission process seriously, you don’t have the TC and fees. Shaan says if the certificate comes in time, then I will pay the fees.

Shaurya says don’t do this dad, you are supporting this girl, just because she is Aastha’s student. Shaan says she is qualified. Vineet asks will you give admission to a thief. Anokhi asks him to say the truth, Rama gave those bangles to Babli. Vineet says she defamed her dad, I came to tell you about her, its your wish. Anokhi says he is lying. Shauya says you won’t get any chance now, we have no place for you.She says fine, I will not clarify, you talk of ethics and rules, but you are believing Vineet without any proof, I submitted my documents, you don’t want to believe me, I give up, I won’t let myself get insulted.

She cries and runs away. Aastha reaches the college. She recalls inspector coming to help her and sends away Raja. Anokhi recalls everything and cries. Aastha sees her and stops. Anokhi hugs her. Aastha asks what happened, why are you crying, I got your TC. Anokhi says its not about TC, nothing can be fixed. Aastha asks what happened, there is nothing that can’t be fixed. Shaan says you chose a bad excuse to refuse the admission to her. Shaurya argues with him. He says what’s wrong is wrong. Shaan says I won’t let her go, there is still time. Shaurya shouts you are making a big mistake by getting emotional. Anokhi says my SIAC journey has ended. Aastha says no, there is always a hope, come with me.

She takes Anokhi. She recalls Tej’s words. Shaan gets shocked seeing Aastha. Shaurya looks on.Shaurya asking Aastha what is she doing here. He calls the security. Shaan sends the guard away. Aastha says Shaurya, this college runs for the betterment of the people, everyone has a right on it, you can’t ask me to leave without any concrete reason, I m the professor and guardian of this student. Shaurya says she isn’t a student of our institution, get out. Shaan asks Shaurya to respect. Aastha says I have come here because my student is denied admission without any reason. Alok comes and says oh, Aastha has come.

He says its been many years, you have courage to come here, Anokhi didn’t have money for fees, Shaan has a big heart, he agreed to pay fees, she didn’t had TC also. Aastha says maybe you don’t know how to talk to women, I m not your relative or employee. She gives the TC. Alok checks it. Aastha says Shaan doesn’t need to pay Anokhi’s fees, I got her fees with me. Alok says we doubt this girl’s character. Vineet says she is a thief. Aastha asks what did she steal, your gold bangles. Vineet says my wife’s bangles. She asks shall I call Babli here, we will hear it that she gave the bangles to her, you are a lawyer, you would know it well, stay in your limits.

Vineet says you don’t think of insulting me, then I will show you. She asks what will you do, will you file a case on me, you have insulted Anokhi in front of everyone, remember, one should lie as much as you can prove. Vineet says Anokhi has run away from her marriage. Aastha says you are a cheap man, I didn’t know you are foolish, its a crime to get any adult girl marry forcibly, Anokhi didn’t file complain about you all, she had run away because she wants to study, not to enjoy her life. Ravi says that’s Shaan’s wife, right, Shaurya’s mum…

Aastha says Shaurya thought its a conspiracy, you are making a mistake by snatching her rights, I can go to education board to complain, your college registration and license can get cancelled. Alok and Shaurya ask her is she threatening them. Aastha asks Shaurya not to doubt, why is he scared if he didn’t do anything. He asks why do you think so. She says then you should have no problem with her admission. Alok says we have a problem. Shaan says no, we have no problem, she cleared the interview, she submitted documents, TC is also here.

He asks Anokhi to pay the fees and submit all the documents, welcome to SIAC. Shaurya gets angry. Aastha hugs Anokhi and asks her to come for admission process. Shaan smiles seeing Aastha. Anokhi goes to submit the file. The man says the counter got closed. Vineet says the admission counter got closed today. He curses Anokhi. Anokhi asks the man to see the time, there is still 10 mins left. The man checks the clock showing wrong time. Aastha says its not our mistake, you give her admission. Anokhi smiles. Aastha says we are ready with papers, TC and fees.

Vineet asks where will she stay if she gets the admission. Aastha says hostel. The man says hostel is already full. Vineet says you got to hear it now. Aastha says Anokhi can stay in her elder sister’s house for few days, until she gets a place in the hostel. She warns Vineet. He leaves.Shaurya comes. He says I m surprised to see you fight for someone’s rights, you just fought for yourself, right. Aastha signs no. She asks Anokhi to complete the process.

She says I have to go now. She goes. Anokhi runs to Aastha and takes her blessings. She says you did a lot for me, I will never let you down. Aastha says be strong and fulfill your dreams, its a new start of your life. They hug. Anokhi says convey my greetings to Rama. Aastha leaves. Shaan comes and stops her.

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