Mismatched update Friday 5 November 2021


Mismatched 5 November 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi telling Aastha about Monty’s cheat. Aastha says I know it. Anokhi says that guy isn’t 10th pass, he wants to make me a maid, my future and career are ruined. Aastha says no, you aren’t such weak, you are brave, you know to fight for your dreams, make your dad and brother hear this recording. Anokhi says my dad won’t break this alliance at any cost. Aastha’s dad says no, daughters are princesses for fathers. Aastha asks her to try. Raja says I didn’t find Anokhi. Bhalla says we will file missing complaint. Rama asks why, she would be coming.

Bhalla scolds her. Anokhi comes home. She says I went to meet Monty, I got to know his truth, he isn’t a good guy.Bhalla says you always do this. Anokhi says mum didn’t know about it, Monty is a drunkard, he isn’t 10th pass. Bhalla says he is making you study. Anokhi says he wants to keep me as a maid. Bhalla says now you will speak against him. She says just cancel this alliance, my future will be ruined with him, hear the recording once. He says Monty is your future. Anokhi says trust me, I have recorded Monty’s lie. Bhalla says come with me. He says many guys drink alcohol, don’t make excuses, I will see how you don’t marry him.

She says maybe the result is something else, you may regret later. He asks her does she want to run away. She says I m your daughter, just hear the recording once. He says you will be marrying Monty. She asks him to hear recording once. He locks her. He asks Vineet and Raja to make sure that no one should enter Anokhi’s room, no one should know about it. Vineet asks him not to worry. Raja and Vineet sit outside the door. Rama and Babli look on. Anokhi cries. Jo bheji thi dua…..plays…. She recalls everything and cries.

Shaurya comes to meet Aastha. Aastha’s dad opens the door. Shaurya says Nana ji…. I came to meet Aastha. Nana ji says she would be in college at this time, I m her dad, do I know you. Shaurya says yes, no…. Nana ji asks who are you, what’s your name. Shaurya closes the door. He goes. Anokhi’s marriage preparations are done. Raja gets food. He says you think you can run away. Anokhi says I can run if I want. He challenges her to run away if she can. He goes and locks the door. Bhalla asks Rama not to make a sad face and go in function. Rama says let me hug Anokhi once. Bhalla asks her not to start the drama. Sudha asks what’s the matter. Biji says nothing, Rama is sending her daughter away, that’s why she is sad.

Rama and Babli sit sad and hold hands. Aastha comes home and sees Shaurya leaving. She asks him to come in. He says I came to give these papers and get your sign. She asks did Shaan send you to get my sign on divorce papers. He asks her to read it and sign. She gets shocked reading the certificate. She asks does this matter, Shaurya, I have given you birth. He says I know you, this document may not matter to you, so sign it. She says I didn’t raise you, we both have paid for it, I m sorry, you had to grow with this pain. He says that’s okay, just sign it. She says think of the situation that a mum had to decide to make her son away.

Anokhi recalling Aastha’s words. Aastha asks Shaurya to say something. He says I m not your mum. She says I have given you this name, will you change it as well. He says I don’t care for your decisions, the reason for it, just sign on the form, Devi is my mum, just she can call me her son. Raja says Anokhi is challenging me. Bhalla says Anokhi, your obstinacy will be paid by someone else, get ready fast. Anokhi recalls her mum and cries. Aastha says you believe it or not, I m your mum.

Aastha asks can’t this happen that I didn’t leave you, someone has snatched you from me. She cries. He asks what do you mean. She asks him to go and ask Devi, she will explain him well. She goes. Raja asks makeup artists to leave their mobiles outside and go in. He locks the door again. He says I will win today. Vineet asks for tea. Babli gets the tea. She takes Biji with her. She collides with Vicky. Vicky says I m back. She goes. He smiles.Aastha calls Anokhi. Babli gets the phone. She says its Aastha’s call. She recalls Anokhi’s words. Bhalla comes. Anokhi cries and gets ready.

Bhalla prays that everything gets fine. He thinks to check the phone. He gets Laali’s phone and goes. Babli takes Anokhi’s phone. She hears the audio recording. She gets shocked and says it means Anokhi said right. Vineet asks her to come out of the washroom. Babli comes out and says I was just seeing dance videos. He goes. The makeup artists go. Anokhi gets dressed in bridal clothes. She recalls her dreams and cries. Babli comes to talk to her. Anokhi doesn’t listen. She says I m gathering courage to get married. Babli says I know why you don’t want to get married, I have heard Monty’s recording. Anokhi turns to her. Babli says come to me.

Anokhi runs to her. They cry and hold hands, across the window bars. Babli says I won’t let this happen with you, what shall I do. Anokhi says make dad hear that recording, explain him, he will understand, try it once, go please.Babli says you think he will understand us, you better run away, I will help you. Anokhi says I can’t run away, if I run away, then dad will beat you and mummy, I wish there was some way out, I can’t let mum tolerate all that. Babli goes out to call Rama. She sees Rama and goes to her. She makes Rama hear the audio recording. Likhne wale ne likh daale…. plays… Rama gets shocked hearing the recording. She cries. Babli nods to her.

Rama goes to Anokhi and knocks at the window. Anokhi opens the window. Rama holds her hand and cries. She says Babli told me everything, she made me hear the recording. Babli comes. Rama says I know I should have stood by you, but I didn’t. Anokhi says I know dad will never understand, its too late now, don’t worry, I will do this marriage. Rama says no, its not late, just run away from here, you can’t do this marriage.

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