Mismatched update saturday 8 January 2022

Mismatched 8 January 2022: The Episode starts with Anokhi saying why did Shaurya call me here. She sees the lights and decorations. She gets a ring box. Shaurya comes and hugs her. She smiles. He asks didn’t you like the gift. She asks what, the box is empty. He asks her to show it. He asks where did the ring go, sorry. He says this wasn’t a gift, how did you like this portrait, what a pretty smile. She smiles seeing their pic.

He asks do you understand anything by this double sided frame, one side is your dream and career, and this is our love, happiness, both of it are yours, what about the main gift. He asks her to check once.She gets a ring in the box and asks how did it come. She says I don’t want this, I was joking. He says but I m serious about you and our relation. He makes her wear the ring. Tej says I told you not to put much pressure on Shaurya that his fear ends, and he does what his heart wants, you didn’t listen to me. Devi says I didn’t know he will do this, Aastha can come back with Anokhi’s help.

He asks her to pack her bags. She asks why. He says just do as I say. Shaurya gets close to Anokhi. She turns away and says thanks, I was upset with you, you have encouraged me before the seminar, I would have not won this trophy if you weren’t there. He says I will change for you, like you want. He hugs her. She says I will go now, it will be wrong if anyone sees us. He says you won’t go. He says bye, thanks for coming, I liked it. She goes. He says I couldn’t tell her, its not my mistake, she spoke with love, thanks to Aastha for this.

Its morning, Shaurya asks Devi where is she going, when she should rest. Tej says yes, I will not leave from her side, this bag is yours. Shaurya asks why, where am I going. Tej says you have to go to Patiala and manage work, if I could go myself, I would have gone. Shaurya says you are right, I will manage, I will decide if I stay there or not, I will go to college first, I have imp work. Tej says you don’t have time, you have a meeting in one hour. Shaurya says I didn’t know, maybe I forgot, nothing wrong should happen here, I can trust you, right. He leaves. Anokhi thinks of Shaurya and applies sindoor. She says I shouldn’t blush, I m getting late for college. Kitty and Bebo get some message.

Everyone gets the same message and see Anokhi. They show Shaurya and Anokhi’s pic and laugh. Anokhi asks what’s wrong if we decided to stay together. They bully her. Anokhi asks them to show decency. Bebo says you have no values or morals. The students insult her and call her opportunist. Shaurya thinks I understand what Tej wants to do, its okay, don’t try to do wrong with Anokhi. The guy asks why did you marry, were you pregnant. Kitty says we will give her a pregnancy kit. Reema worries for Anokhi. Anokhi runs away. She goes to meet Shaurya. Peon says he isn’t here, he went to Patiala, he will work from there for some days.

Shaurya not getting network to talk. Kitty and Bebo trouble Anokhi. Shagun hears them. Anokhi asks them to think if Shaurya knows that they made the memes, then what will he do. She goes. Ahir teaches car driving to Babli. Vineet comes and stops them. Ahir asks Babli not to hear anyone coming in front of the car, such wild animals keep coming. Babli drives ahead. Shaurya greets Aastha. He says before you say anything, I have to say something, I need a charger for my phone. She says its there.

He says when I came last time, someone had sent me, today I came myself, I had some changes, you don’t believe it right, but its the truth.He says Anokhi taught me not to stay in the past, I don’t know if we can keep a normal relation, I m ready to try, we can make a new start if you want. Aastha smiles and nods. Shagun comes to Anokhi’s room. She says sorry, I thought to see you once, you are tensed, you said that middle class people love their respect a lot, SIAC is strict about rules, I will do my best to support you, does Shaurya know this, he had made his image in many years, his image got ruined, still he won’t get affected but your career… take care.

Shagun goes and says we will enjoy when you suffer.Shaurya and Aastha have tea. Shaurya thinks to tell Aastha about his marriage, maybe Anokhi wants to tell her. He says I had decided this, Shagun was okay, I didn’t expect that, she got to know that my feelings and love for Anokhi are genuine, maybe that’s why she understood my situation, aren’t you happy, you said I should keep feelings genuine. Aastha says yes, my happiness lies in yours. Shaurya says you have heard a lot about me, now about you. Aastha asks what. Shaurya says I don’t know about you and dad, nothing, I want to know it now, where you both met and how, how did you guys fell in love, who proposed first, it must be romantic, if you tell me, then I will be glad.

She smiles and cries happily. Anokhi comes to meet Babli. Ahir says she went to the market, are you fine. She says yes. He says you look worried. She tells everything. Babli comes and hears everything. Shaurya says you also like chinese food like me, how did you deal with dad then, don’t tell me you like to watch superhero films. She says I watch it still. He asks fav superhero. She says spiderman. He says mine too. He checks his phone. He thanks her. He says I m feeling glad talking to you, I shall go. She says I m also glad, where will you go now. He says hotel, I have to finish campus work and come back. She asks can you stay without Anokhi for few days. He smiles.

Babli asks Anokhi what did she do, why did she marry Shaurya. Ahir says I can explain. Anokhi says I love Shaurya, he also loves me, he didn’t do it intentionally. Babli scolds her. Anokhi says sorry. She hugs Babli. Devi says I want Shaurya to leave from her life. Alok asks by what way. Devi says all our ways have failed, this time we have to do something big, tell me something, there is a rule in college book right, that a student and a professor can’t have a relation. He says yes, we should have told this to Anokhi. Devi says I know Aastha would have explained Anokhi to choose studies than love. She tears Anokhi’s pic and says Anokhi won’t dare to come in my son’s life.

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