Mismatched update Sunday 7 November 2021

Mismatched 7 November 2021: The Episode starts with driver saying about the girl. Shaurya asks what, just fix the car, I have to be there for the interviews tomorrow. Monty’s family shout on Bhalla and leave. Bhalla falls down. Raja feeds him water. Sudha says I told you to be careful. The man says daughter can’t be locked in a room or beaten. Sudha says daughter’s mum also can’t be beaten, how were you getting your educated daughter married to that drunkard. The man says you have heard their truth. Bhalla asks what about my insult, I lost all the respect because of Anokhi. Rama thinks I wish you could have been proud of Anokhi.

Aastha asks did you run away from the mandap. Anokhi says I could come because of Rama and Babli. Aastha asks her to sit. She asks are you fine, you did a big thing. Anokhi says its because of your blessings, please get my admission in Saberwal college, I couldn’t give the entrance, my family can reach here also, this time, I want to complete my studies and fulfill dreams. Aastha asks why do you want admission there, its not an easy thing, you want transfer certificate. Anokhi says so I have trusted you.

Bhalla gets angry on Raja and Vineet. Raja says lights went off, we had gone to check. Bhalla says you were guarding the door. Vineet says you don’t need to question me, I was just helping you, if you can’t control Anokhi, how will I control her. Raja says main fuse got off at the same time, it means someone has helped in making Anokhi flee, just Babli can do this. Aastha asks did you lose faith on me, come in, I will try my best that you get admission there, its not less than a test for me. Anokhi thanks her. Bhalla asks Babli about Anokhi. Babli says I really don’t know. Rama says Babli doesn’t know, maybe her friend helped her.

He says I will find her, but I will not leave anyone who helped her flee. Aastha calls Shaan. He says you remembered me after 25 years.He answers and asks are you fine. She says yes, I m fine, I had urgent work and need your help. He asks won’t you ask how I m. She says everyone stays fine there, right, sorry, I have an urgent work, my student is my daughter, she wants admission in Saberwal institute. He says fine, you got a chance to become someone’s mum. She says my student is talented, her family was getting her married to a drunkard, she had run away and came to me, if you get her admission in Saberwal college, it will be a favor.

He says don’t say this, you know I can do anything for you, college admission isn’t my decision alone, there will be a process, Tej and Shaurya will take interview. She says I didn’t ask you anything before and left to make Shaurya and your lives easy. Vineet scares Babli. Raja says Aastha would be knowing for sure, Aastha had come here on Roka day. Bhalla asks what, you didn’t tell me. Rama cries. He says it means it was her plan to make her run away, I will not spare Aastha. His brother says we will find Anokhi and bring her home. They leave. Babli worries and prays for Anokhi.

Shaan says fine, tell that girl to come to college and meet me, without taking your name, I can’t guarantee admissions but I will get her interview done, then its her fate. Aastha thanks him. She says a chance is enough for that girl, I trust her, she is a bright student. He says I should thank your student, you called me after 25 years because of her. She asks how are you. He says I m just living, I don’t know about the rest of the life. Anokhi asks what shall I do of this, can you send my jewellery to dad, so that his loan burden gets less. Aastha nods and asks her to come.

They leave in the car. Jugni….plays…. Bhalla and everyone come to Aastha’s house. Raja knocks the door. He says there is no one at home. Bhalla’s brother says we will file a police complaint. They leave Aastha’s house. Aastha asks Anokhi to be sure, she shouldn’t regret later. Anokhi says no, I have your and mum’s blessings.Aastha asking Anokhi to keep 5000rs, just some cash was left at home.

She asks Anokhi to just meet Shaan Saberwal. Anokhi says okay. Aastha says I will send the transfer certificate, keep my old handset, change the sim and call me. Aastha says listen to me carefully, don’t take my name in Saberwal college, I can’t give the answer. Anokhi nods. Aastha hugs her and asks her to go. Jugni….plays…. Shaurya comes to the train station. Shaurya borrows a phone. He calls Devi and says everything is fine, I m coming. Anokhi boards the train. Arora sees Anokhi there.

Gulati calls Bhalla and says it was Anokhi’s marriage today, Arora has seen her boarding a train. Bhalla asks his brother to drive to the station fast.Anokhi prays for Babli and Rama. She prays that she makes them proud. Shaurya thinks I will reach on time for the admissions, maybe…. He recalls Aastha’s words. Anokhi throws away her bangles and recalls Monty’s words. A man says Manjeet got these bangles on the track. Bhalla gets the bangles from him. He says Anokhi has run away, she ruined my respect.

Kukku asks him not to worry, they will ask Gulati about the next station. Anokhi cries. A girl comes and says this is my seat. Gulati says we got late, the train left from the other station. Anokhi stands at the door. Shaurya comes there and goes to sit. Anokhi thanks Rama for giving her a chance to make her identity. She thinks your blessing and support are with me. She prays. Gulati says don’t worry, Anokhi will reach here before morning. He calls and says our girl has run away, she will be reaching there, detain her at the station. He gives Anokhi’s details. He says I will forward the pic.

Bhalla says I m the girl’s father, take the girl in your custody, we are reaching there. Anokhi looks out. She sees the police and thinks maybe dad has sent them for me. Shaurya pulls her and asks how can you jump and die, don’t commit suicide. Anokhi says I m not dying, leave me. She uses pepper spray on him. She gets free from him and tries to get down the train. She gets his watch by mistake. She runs away. She gets inside the train once again. Shaurya says I can’t see anything.

Rama asks Babli not to get scared. She says even I m feeling scared, Bhalla will not leave Anokhi alive if he catches her, none should know about us. Rama goes to Biji. Babli thinks if dad really brings back Anokhi, then….. She prays for Anokhi. Bhalla says we are reaching there. The man says sorry, we didn’t find her, maybe she had runaway before reaching the station. Bhalla says I got ruined, Anokhi didn’t do it right. Raja asks him not to lose hope. Anokhi prays. She gets Shaurya’s watch in her hand. Shaurya looks for his watch.

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