Mismatched update Saturday 6 November 2021


Mismatched 6 November 2021: The Episode starts with Rama asking Anokhi not to worry for her. She says you just run away, don’t worry for me, I will handle your dad. Anokhi refuses. Rama says just go, else I will do something to me, I couldn’t do anything for you and Babli, just listen to me and go away. Maayri….plays…. Anokhi holds Rama and Babli, and cries. Rama asks her to go. Monty gets the baraat. Everyone dances. Bhalla says baraat is reaching. He asks Raja to be careful. Raja says we won’t let Anokhi run away. Babli asks what shall I do to make them away. Rama asks her to just hurry up. Anokhi is in the room. Babli thinks of something.

She goes to Vicky and says I need to talk. He asks what’s the matter. She says I want your help. He asks will you run with me now. She says no, we have to make Anokhi run away. He asks what. She says look down, if I save my sister’s future today, I will feel I did something good, Monty isn’t a nice guy, I can’t let Anokhi marry him. Monty drinks alcohol. Babli asks Vicky to please help. Bhalla welcomes the baraat. Vicky says don’t worry, just leave everything on me, none will know how Anokhi left. Babli spikes some drinks. Anokhi packs her bags. Vicky goes to cut the petrol pipes of the truck. Babli gives the spiked drink to the car driver. Vicky cuts the pipe.

The petrol starts leaking. The driver faints. Bhalla and Rama are attending guests. Sudha says the guy looks bad, he is a drunkard. Anokhi recalls her family. She gets emotional seeing her house. Rama feeds the sweets to Monty. Vicky switches off the power fuse. The power goes. Anokhi smiles. She says thanks Babli. Babli signs Rama. Vicky signs Rama. Raja asks Vineet to check the fuse and generator. Babli goes and unlocks the door. She hugs Anokhi. She says its good I had made duplicate keys, come fast. She takes Anokhi out. Vineet signs them to go. He asks Anokhi to sit in the box, Veera will take her out of the house.

Anokhi thanks him. Babli says I wish Vicky was there at my time as well. Anokhi asks what do you mean. Babli says nothing. She hugs Anokhi. Anokhi sits in the huge box. Veera pushes the box and takes it. Babli sees Anokhi’s accessory stuck on the door. She pulls it off. Rama holds the box and says Anokhi. They cry. Jugni….plays…. Monty falls asleep. Bhalla looks at the box.Anokhi leaving in the big box. Bhalla doesn’t see. Sudha asks does any groom drink on wedding day.

Biji says it happens, Anokhi will handle him after marriage. Raja stops Veera. Babli comes to Vineet and says dad has called Anokhi for marriage. Vineet goes in and checks. He doesn’t see Anokhi. She asks what happened, where is she. He runs out. She smiles. Veera says empty case of speaker, I m going to take it to the van. Vineet goes to Bhalla. Raja asks him to show. Bhalla asks what do you mean she isn’t there. Vineet says she is clever.

Veera worries and opens the box. Bhalla calls Raja. Raja goes. Anokhi comes out of the box and sees them. Bhalla says your daughter has run away. She apologizes and cries. She says Lord, take care of Rama, she shouldn’t get punished. Bhalla checks the house. Laali asks how is Jhansi ki Rani born here. Babli laughs. Raja says we will go and find her, you handle Khanna. Anokhi runs away. She gets tired and waits at some place. Vicky wants to leave. He thinks what shall I do, Anokhi would be waiting for me. Shaurya is on the way. He recalls Aastha’s words. Devi calls him. Shaurya says car broke down. Driver looks at him. Shaurya says work is done. Driver says you should have not lied, sometimes it really happens.

Shaurya asks him to drive faster. Driver asks are you not hungry. Shaurya says no, do you feel hungry. Driver says yes. Shaurya says stop at any dhaba. Anokhi comes there. Shaurya goes to the dhaba. Driver sleeps in the car. Anokhi sees Raja and Vineet coming. She hides in the car dickey. They come to the driver and ask him about Anokhi.Bhalla bows down. Khanna and his wife get angry. Khanna insults Bhalla. She goes to Monty and asks him to get up, his would be wife has run away.

Monty asks did Anokhi run away, I won’t leave her. Khanna says I will file a case of mental harassment on you. His wife says you have to compensate, we called our relatives from Canada, who will pay for it. Bhalla says don’t make me say anything, you got a single gold chain for Anokhi, what did you spend.Driver says I didn’t see any girl. Vineet says open the dickey, I have to check. Driver says no, you are forcing me. Vineet tries to check the dickey. Anokhi worries. Shaurya comes and stops them. He asks what’s happening, who are they. Driver says they are forcing to open the dickey. Vineet says we are finding the run away bride. Shaurya asks him to call the police. Vineet says I m a lawyer, don’t threaten me.

Shaurya says then you should know the law. Raja says we will go ahead and find her. The car starts. Anokhi prays that the car stops.Khanna calls out Laali. Laali hides. Monty says Bhallas are cheaters, I will take revenge. Laali comes. Khanna says Bhalla will pay the price. Laali says don’t worry. Khanna and Bhalla argue. Khanna pushes Bhalla down. Rama cries. Babli goes to the DJ desk. She plays Monty’s recording. Everyone hears his words. The man says its good the girl has run away. Driver says food was so good today. The car breaks down. Shaurya asks what happened to the car, check it. Anokhi thanks Mata Rani.

Driver says your word got true, I told you, don’t lie. Shaurya asks him to check the door. Anokhi tries to open the dickey. She knocks. Shaurya looks for network. Driver goes to check. He gets shocked seeing her. He says you are that girl, they were finding you. She stops him. She doesn’t see Shaurya. She says no need to tell anyone, thanks for saving my life, I will go myself. He asks but who are you. She leaves.

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