Mismatched update Monday 8 November 2021

Mismatched 8 November 2021: The Episode starts with Bhalla and all coming to meet Aastha. Raja asks where is Anokhi. Aastha asks him not to shout, her parents are sleeping. She scolds him. She says I don’t know where is Anokhi, she was getting married. He says I know you provoke girls, you came to our house on Roka and provoked her to run away. Aastha says she is your responsibility, its good, she got free from people like you, I regret that she is born in your house. Bhalla says leave it, no need to argue with her, we will go to police station and find out.

She says sure. Raja checks the house. Aastha says I can also file complaint for entering my house forcibly.Rajesh asks where did you make Anokhi run away. Aastha says I won’t be scared of your threatening. Anokhi is on the way. Aastha asks is there any proof. Raja shows Anokhi’s bridal dress. He says I knew Anokhi will come here, where is she, tell me. She asks what will you do by finding her, didn’t you hear the recording, you want her to marry that illiterate guy. Bhalla says we didn’t come to hear your lecture, tell us where is Anokhi.

She says you are her dad, you want to sacrifice her and get rid of the burden, this bridal dress would have become a funeral cloth for her, can’t you understand this, she is your blood.Bhalla says stop this lecture, tell me, where is she. She asks him to file police complaint, she isn’t scared of them. Bhalla threatens to ruin her respect in front of the college. She says I m not scared of all this. They leave. Aastha says when we meet, we will celebrate your freedom. Babli and Rama are worried.

Bhalla says Aastha had made Anokhi run away, I will not leave her. He goes. Rama and Babli smile and hug. Rama says they couldn’t catch her. They thank the Lord. Anokhi gets down the train. Shaurya is also around. She sees his watch. Devi comes to Shaurya’s room. She says where is Shaurya. Anokhi leaves from the train station. She asks a lady for a mobile store. Two guys see her and follow. Anokhi sees them. Biji asks Rama for medicines. Anokhi calls Rama and asks are you fine. Biji asks whose call is it.

Anokhi says don’t worry for me, I m fine. Rama says we don’t want loan, we are happy without loan. Anokhi smiles. The guy says come, we will drop you. Anokhi says don’t dare to touch me or my bag. The guy holds her hand. She says leave me, else I will shout. She sprays pepper in their eyes. She leaves in the auto. Shaurya goes to his car and leaves. Shaan waits for Anokhi. He calls to ask about her. Shaan says she didn’t come, don’t know what’s the matter. Shaurya and Tej come. Shaurya says what a pleasant surprise, you here. Tej asks is everything fine. Shaan says yes, it was about an admission, someone recommended.

Shaurya asks who, we didn’t get any request. Tej says we give admission on merit. Shaurya asks won’t my recommendation work. Tej asks why, you aren’t any minister or trustee, entrance test results will come today. Shaurya says good to see you. He goes. Shaan says Tej is forgetting that I m also a trustee of this college.Anokhi asks how far is it. She argues with the auto driver. She asks him to stop the auto. She reaches the college. She says you were fooling me.

He says you have to give the money. She gives him 50rs. He asks for more 100rs. She sees the police. She says wait, your license will get checked now. Aastha comes to principal’s office. Bhalla says Aastha has sent Anokhi to a hell, we read such cases in newspapers. Aastha says you know the accusation is big, better file a police complaint. Principal asks Aastha about her. Anokhi comes to the college gate. The guard says you came late, you can’t go in. She says Shaan called me here. Shaurya comes in the car. Guard says the girl is insisting to go in and get the admission. Shaurya says shut the gate. Anokhi says Shaurya had given me the trophy. Shaurya leaves.

Anokhi trying to go inside the college. Guard stops her. Anokhi says I will try to make some calls, maybe Shaan comes back. Guard says its my duty to stop you, just go out and make calls, second year admissions are done. Anokhi gets sad. Aastha says yes, Anokhi came to my house, she made me hear Monty’s recording that he is not a nice guy, it was her decision to go away, she has taken the brave step. Raja says we will file a police complaint. Aastha says you may file the complaint, mention her age, she can decide for her life, I will also file a defamation case on you. Bhalla says she accepted that she has made Anokhi run away, she is getting Anokhi’s messages.

He asks her to show the phone. She asks him to behave himself.Anokhi gets sad and leaves. Aastha says Bhalla had beaten Anokhi and forced her to marry Monty, I have seen her wounds, I had been quiet that time. She asks Bhalla not to waste principal’s time. She says sorry Madam, your time got wasted, I can give you a written clarification, I m getting an imp call, I have to leave. Principal says sure. Aastha leaves. She answers Anokhi’s call. Anokhi says this is my new number, there is a problem here, I reached late, rickshaw man fooled me, Shaan left from the college, watchman isn’t letting me go in, I have met Shaurya and ran after the car, he didn’t stop the car or look at me once.

Aastha asks did you say that I have sent you. Anokhi says no, did my dad create some problem. Aastha says your dad blamed me for selling you away. Anokhi asks what, I will call him and ask him not to do this, sorry. Aastha asks did you decide where will you stay. Anokhi says Vineet’s family is here, but I can’t go there. Aastha says stay around the college, I will think what I can do. Aastha calls Shaan. Rama cries and says Aastha has returned the jewellery, Anokhi asked her to send it back to us, she has self esteem, she will stand on her feet by her hardwork, she had freed Bhalla from the loan, I wish he could understand this. She goes. Biji thinks.

Shaurya says Aastha didn’t sign the papers, I have warned her, anyways, I will handle her, don’t worry. He recalls Aastha’s words. He says you know what she told last time, what would have happened if she didn’t leave me, that maybe someone had snatched me from her. Devi worries. He says this can’t happen, I wasn’t so young that I don’t remember, I was 4 year old, you took me in your lap, I was trying to stop Aastha, that selfish woman didn’t stop, I don’t know why did she say this. Devi says Shaurya, person falls weak with age, her parents won’t be with her always, she maybe frustrated that she doesn’t have her husband and son, she tried to play with your emotions, she tried to plant doubt between us.

He says she is foolish, no one can come between us. He goes. Devi thinks I can’t let Shaan and Aastha meet again.Bhalla and Raja come home. Bhalla says I will send Aastha to jail, but Aastha didn’t make her run away. Raja says someone from family helped her. Vineet says call Anokhi again. Bhalla says I had taken her phone, go and check. Raja says its not here. Bhalla recalls Babli playing the recording. He says you played the recording, I got insulted in front of the world, why did you make Anokhi run away. Rama stops him from slapping Babli. Aastha says Shaan isn’t answering, I have messaged him, wait in the college lobby. Aastha says its fine, I m sitting outside the college, tell me when Shaan calls back.

Rama says I have made Anokhi run away. Biji asks why didn’t you die before doing this. Rama says I was their enemy before, I m relieved that I could do something for her. Raja says we got insulted. Rama asks him to show difference between insult and respect. She says you aren’t a good brother and good son, you wanted to go to Canada for a job, you can’t see that Monty was wrong. She says Bhalla will beat me and throw me out, right, I will not trouble him today, I will leave the house, I m free now.

Bhalla scolds her. Rama holds Babli’s hand and cries. Anokhi sits outside and cries. Zamane ka dekho….plays…

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