Mismatched update Sunday 28 November 2021


Mismatched 28 November 2021: The Episode starts with Aastha saying Shaurya’s eyes show the truth, everyone misunderstands him, he is good at heart, its his birthday tomorrow, I want to give him some gift. Shaan recalls Devi’s words. He says Shaurya won’t accept the gift and insult you. She asks him why is he lost. He says I will just come. She thinks something has happened that Shaan is hiding from me. She sees Shaurya’s pic. Anokhi comes and says Shaan met me and said he is going home. Aastha thinks he didn’t tell me. She shows Shaurya’s pics. Anokhi asks her to stay happy.

Aastha says I have spent many years without my son. Anokhi says we can just plan something for his birthday, why don’t you meet him and make a new start. Aastha says no, he will get upset, he hates me, he thinks I left him in childhood, but truth is something else. Anokhi says I feel he will like it, I will talk to convince him, I can do this for you. Anokhi comes to meet Shaurya at college. She says I came to say sorry, I didn’t drop the noodles by mistake. He says you already said sorry, you may leave. She says its your birthday tomorrow.

He says no. She says some students were talking. He asks won’t I know it. She says Aastha also told me the same.He asks what else did she say, what does she want. She says she wants to meet you and wish you. He says you don’t know what woman well, she didn’t see me once, she never called me, she wants to celebrate my birthday, she is a liar, please leave. Anokhi says sorry, you don’t know Aastha, it maybe a misunderstanding. He gets angry and says you think I m wrong, because Aastha told so. She says she didn’t send me, I came here to explain you, how can you think so about her.

He says enough, you are talking to your professor, just be a student, don’t interfere in my personal matter, get out. She says you can’t talk to Aastha like this, whenever you met her, you just hurt her wish, you are behaving worse than a kid, I can’t see you telling such about her. He says I don’t care, you will care from now, you won’t sit in my class from now, now out, who are you to enter my personal life.Anokhi asks did you hear what you told me, I requested you, you can refuse for it, why are you threatening me, what’s the need, I know you are the college director, you are a rich man, even then you have no right to talk to me like this. He says I don’t want to.

She says I got punished, its a big loss for a student to miss a good class. Tej comes and asks what’s happening. Anokhi leaves. Tej and Alok ask Shaurya about Anokhi. Shaurya says she misbehaves with everyone. Tej asks him to calm down. Shaurya says she always troubles me. Alok says fine, that student is bad, but you… Tej says you have to take care of your respect and position. Alok asks him to go for the lecture. Shaurya goes. Alok says this girl troubles Shaurya, I m worried for him.

Kitty and Bebo plan a surprise birthday party for Shaurya in the college cafe. They message all the students. Shaurya comes to the class and says if anyone else didn’t come then its her loss. He looks for Anokhi. He shuts the door. Anokhi comes running. He says no one will disturb us now. Anokhi sees a high window. She gets a ladder. She stands there and attends the class. Shaurya gets shocked seeing Anokhi. He goes out and scolds her. She hides her face and says I can’t forget what you said, you asked me not to show my face, I can’t miss your class, if I get less marks, then who knows you remove me from this college. He keeps the door open.

She stands at the door and takes notes from his lecture. He sees her.Devi says Anokhi argued with Shaurya in front of me. Alok says I m worried for Shaurya, he loses control when Anokhi is around. Devi says keep her away from Shaurya, I have to throw out Aastha from here, and throw Anokhi from the college. He goes. She says I don’t exist without Devi. Kitty and Bebo talk to Pammi. They give a list. Kitty says don’t use Anokhi in this work. Pammi asks Anokhi to check the list. Anokhi says I will just do the work and leave, I don’t want Shaurya’s mood to get spoiled, I will not stay back in the party.

Babli comes to help Anokhi. She says Shaurya has helped us a lot. Pammi says I called someone for decorations and DJ, that couple isn’t coming. Babli calls Vicky and asks him to come to SIAC for the party. They decorate the place.the entire family planning Shaurya’s surprise birthday party. Devi asks them to just keep it a surprise. Kitty asks them to come at the college cafe as well for surprising Shaurya. Tej says we will celebrate it according to the children. Shaurya comes. Everyone hides the decorations. Alok says come, we will have breakfast here. They shout surprise. They show the cake.

He asks what was the need. He celebrates his birthday with them. He says I will leave for college, the surprise was really beautiful. Shaan comes and wishes Shaurya. He hugs Shaurya and says always stay happy. Shaurya thanks him.He greets the elders. Devi says happy birthday once again, stay happy, my blessings are always with you, no need to worry, everything will be fine in life, I have got that eclipse away. Shaan says you have made Aastha away from me. Devi says I asked you to do what Shaurya wants, right Shaurya. Shaurya goes.

Devi asks Alok to handle Aastha, she will see Anokhi. Pammi thanks Anokhi and Babli for the help. Aastha messages Anokhi. Anokhi says she is asking about Shaurya, I had to lie to her. She says I can get a gift for Shaurya and give it from Aastha’s side. Babli says idea is good. Anokhi calls Vicky and takes his help.Anokhi keeps the gift in Shaurya’s cabin. He comes and checks the card. She says Aastha has sent this for you.

He says its your handwriting. She says sorry, I wanted to gift it from her side, she felt bad. He tears the card and says out. She says sorry, I didn’t had intention to spoil your mood. He says fine, take this along. She gets hurt on her face by the gift. He turns and sees her. She asks how did you hit me. He says show me. She asks why this anger. He says you think I did it intentionally. She says don’t touch me. She falls back. She says let it be, I didn’t come to meet you, I was keeping this bouquet and leaving, you have thrown it on my face. He says I will throw anything I don’t like.

She says you also throw out students from the class. He asks are you accusing me. She says you don’t deserve these flowers, I m sorry, I expected you to understand Aastha’s emotions but I was wrong.He gets first aid kit. She says thanks, you gave me this gift on your birthday, you will always miss me on your every birthday, you can’t forget this moment, one day your birthday will not be celebrated without me. She goes. Babli asks how did you get hurt. Anokhi says I fell in the garden and got hurt, we have to go home.

Vicky asks them to stay back. Babli says we have to leave. Anokhi says Pammi aunty, we are going now, I have told you before. Pammi says oh, Shaurya’s family has also come here. Tej likes the decorations. Kitty and Bebo lie that they did all the decorations. Pammi says your leave is cancelled, don’t go, job isn’t easy, you can’t go. Babli says we shall stay back. Anokhi says I have to go. Babli says its about your job. Pammi welcomes the Saberwals. Shaan meets Anokhi and asks how did you get hurt. She says nothing. He asks how is Aastha. She says she is fine, I spoke to her. Bebo says we told Shaurya to get ready and come to pick us, we will go to mall for shopping.

Kitty says Shaurya is coming. Babli speaks to Vineet. Vicky says you have obeyed him and supported his male ego, you don’t need to get scared, you don’t deserve this, do you want to live such a life. She thinks. Shaurya comes. He sees the surprise. He asks who did this. Everyone comes singing the birthday song. Kuch hai junoon sa….plays…Everyone wishes Shaurya. Devi says Shaurya is upset, he isn’t showing it. Tej says don’t worry, he will be fine in some time. Kitty says we felt you left because of Anokhi.

Shaurya says we shouldn’t compromise our happiness because of others. He thinks where is Anokhi. He sees her. She asks Babli to give the candle to Pammi. Shaurya likes the cake. He says its the perfect cake for a professor, whose idea was it. Pammi says Anokhi’s idea. Shaurya sees Anokhi.

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