Mismatched update Monday 29 November 2021

Mismatched 29 November 2021: The Episode starts with Shaurya celebrating with his family. He sees Anokhi. Reema asks her to have it. Anokhi says no, I have kept a fast. She avoids Shaurya. Reema asks are you avoiding him. Anokhi says no, you go now. Shaurya says strange, she is avoiding me. Devi asks whom is he looking for. Devi asks Alok where is Anokhi. Kanchan asks Yash to come for dance. Gayatri asks how can you dance in front of Tej. Kanchan insists. Yash says let it be. She says we are not old, you are shy to dance with your wife. He says no. She says come with me.

Devi asks Alok to see Kanchan, she pulled Yash for the dance, the daughters of the house aren’t dancing. Shaurya says its fine, let her dance, its my birthday, you and Tej should also dance. The girls ask him to dance with them. Shaurya says I don’t know dance. Devi says he can’t dance, he doesn’t like it. Anokhi looks on. Shaurya and family dance on the music. Saddi galli….plays…. Anokhi asks Babli to go home, she will handle everything.

Shaurya goes to Anokhi to talk to her. They start arguing. She asks what if everyone is like you, then everyone would throw out students from the class. They get tangled in the light wires. She says you leave this, its unnecessary, I will fix it. He says fine, do it, wow, you have done it well, we can end this, I know I should have not done this. She asks you mean sorry. He says yes, I said you can come to the class, why are you giving me attitude. She says its better than giving a wound. He holds her. He says you just complicate things. She says you spoke to Aastha in a wrong way. He says I don’t want to talk about her.

She says she is your mum. He says don’t just get into this. She says I don’t know why you are upset, but she will be your mum, you can’t change it. He says its easy to go, until you go through that situation. She says you will believe me when I go through that situation, you aren’t alone who has a problem with parents.He says don’t compare our pain. She says pain is pain, it hurts the heart. He asks why did you choose economics, you would have taken philosophy. She says life teaches a lot, if a person wants to learn. He says its not necessary that all lessons are right, you are just talking big things.

She says you will find something good from bad experiences. Jo tera hoga….plays… He says like this one, wait. He sorts the wires and gives it to her. He says I guess our problems is sorted, no hard feelings. She asks are you telling about us or Aastha. He says give my message to her, Aastha and I will never have any relation. She says you can never break this relation or deny it. He says enough. She says none can change this truth. He says mind your own business. He goes. Devi comes to Anokhi. Shaurya says Aastha has taught this to Anokhi, I hate her.

He sees Aastha in front of the car. He gets down. She says happy birthday Shaurya. He says you have made it unhappy. She says we shall do something special today. He asks what will you do to trouble me, Anokhi reminds me that I m lucky, you care for me. Aastha says its a special day for me, I have celebrated this day always. He scolds her. He asks her to get lost. She says you can’t deny my truth. He says you aren’t my mum. She says you are my son, listen to me once, I didn’t leave the Saberwal house, I was ousted, they snatched you from me. He says lies, you didn’t come to meet me. She says you were very young, I came here and sat outside the house for hours.

Devi arguing with Anokhi. She asks what were you talking to Shaurya. Anokhi says nothing. Devi says I don’t know you well, but I know Aastha well, she is good in using others. Anokhi says I don’t understand what you are trying to say. Devi says I will understand, maybe you by heart things when you don’t understand the chapter. She says Aastha can try anything. Anokhi says Shaurya came to me himself, you can ask him, he won’t lie to you, I didn’t call him, tell me if I can do anything for you, Aastha taught me to respect and help elders. She goes. Devi says I m standing between Aastha and Shaurya, Anokhi you can’t get close to Shaurya, I have to end this.

Aastha says I m saying the truth, I tried hard, but Saberwal house walls got higher for me every time. He says I m glad you didn’t raise me, I would have become irresponsible like you. She says I didn’t leave Saberwal house, I was ousted, I was forced to take this decision, I used to come with your fav cake on your birthday, I was told that you will get disturbed, I wasn’t allowed to meet you. He asks her to go out. She feels hurt. He asks her to just get lost.

She says I didn’t wish you or Shaan to get hurt, if I was selfish at this time, things would be different, I was a strong responsible woman, I fall weak in front of my son. He says I m not your son, you aren’t my mum. She says listen to me, I lived in the hope to tell my truth to you, to come out of the guilt. She hugs him. He pushes her away and says I don’t care, you live or die. Anokhi looks on shocked. Shaurya goes. Aastha says I m a bad mum. She sits crying. Anokhi consoles her. Aastha says I thought my son will forgive me one day, but no, he doesn’t love me. She cries. Anokhi says he is your son, he regards you his mum, he is just angry. She consoles Aastha.

Shaurya is on the way. He drives in anger. Aastha gets sad. Anokhi says I will get water for you, we will go to the hospital. Aastha says I don’t want to snatch anything from you. Anokhi gets water. She doesn’t see Aastha there. Shaan and Alok ask Shaurya how was he driving the car. Devi says good that he reached the house safely, he isn’t saying why he looks worried. He asks Shaan did you say anything to him. Shaurya says ask his wife. Shaan asks what did she do, she is in the hospital. Shaurya says she came to college to wish me. Devi calms him. Anokhi calls Aastha.

She says where did Aastha go. Devi says Shaurya celebrated birthday with the family, Aastha ruined it. Shaan says she is Shaurya’s mum. Shaurya throws the glass and says she isn’t my mum, why do you favor her, what happened to her, why did she come today to wish me. Shaan says control yourself, stay in your limits. He gets Anokhi’s call. Anokhi says Aastha is missing.

Shaurya asks what do you mean, where are you. Anokhi says she came to college to wish Shaurya. Shaan learns everything. He says Aastha is missing, she met Anokhi after meeting Shaurya, she is nowhere, I m going to find her, Shaurya I don’t know what you spoke to her, if anything happens to her, if she takes any wrong step, then you will be responsible, I will never forgive you, you can’t forgive yourself. Shaan and Anokhi ask the receptionist about Aastha. The lady says she took the discharge, she paid the bill. Shaan says I m going to report this to Dr. Batra. Anokhi says calm down, check in cafeteria, I will ask the nurse. She asks the nurse about Aastha. Nurse says she said she is going to meet her son.

Anokhi prays for her. She goes out and sees Shaurya. She scolds him. She says what do you expect after saying all those things to Aastha, where did she go, I will blame you. He warns her. She says I m warning you, I m the witness, if she isn’t found, then you are the culprit, none can save you from me, I will get you punished, you can remove me from the college if you want.


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