Mismatched update Saturday 25 December 2021

Mismatched 25 December 2021: The Episode starts with Anokhi saying I don’t know anything. Babli sees Vineet coming. She signs Anokhi. She says ask Shaurya, then I will plan the decorations. Anokhi says I will call him and ask. Vineet asks will you work all day. Babli says we are getting paid for work. He says yes, but you guys didn’t enjoy here. Babli asks him to enjoy well. He says I will enjoy, end the work and come to the room. He goes. Anokhi says tell him that you went here for my sake, not work. Babli says he threatened to call dad, I will tell him that event got cancelled, we will go to room now. Tej asks Devi to call a doctor for Shaurya. Shaan and Aastha come. Tej stops Devi and says let him do his wishful, we will see him later.

Shagun opens the door and says Shaurya took medicines and slept. Shaan says its okay, we will still meet him. Shagun says sure, tell me if you need anything. Shaan and Aastha see Shaurya.Devi says if Shaurya knows, then don’t know how will he react. Shagun says you have to make him accept this. Devi says I also want this. Shaan consoles Aastha. She says sorry, if you supported me that time, then …. you have to support Shaurya this time. Shaurya recalls Anokhi. Devi says I have to think of something. Shagun says I have brainwashed Anokhi, she won’t come in his life again, I told her the real reason for our engagement breaking, Anokhi will never think to make such a compromise.

Devi smiles. Aastha asks how did you agree for their engagement. Shaan says I didn’t know it. Aastha says its happening as Devi wants, its wrong, someone has to tell her, don’t let this happen with Shaurya. Shaan says I don’t want Shaurya to become Shaan, if Shaurya and Anokhi unite today, then they will become Shaan and Aastha, I don’t want Shaurya to yearn for Anokhi as I yearned for you.Aastha says its not necessary that their story also ends like ours, Shaurya and Anokhi are very different, Anokhi came here, Devi didn’t allow her, but still she sat outside and waited for him, Shaurya was unconscious… Shaurya says Anokhi…. He gets conscious.

Shaan says you didn’t sleep, we thought you are sleeping. Shaurya asks did Anokhi come to meet me. Aastha says yes, I got her inside the house. He asks who didn’t let her meet me. She says Devi didn’t permit her to come in. He gets up. Shaan asks him to stop. He takes Shaurya to Devi. Devi taunts Aastha. Shaurya stumbles. He says you ruined my sleep. Tej ask why are you talking to her like this. Shaurya says ask her. Devi says you think I will do anything that’s not good for you. Shaurya says I never understood what you did. Tej scolds Aastha. Shaurya says she didn’t do anything, its about Anokhi.

He asks Devi not to lie, like she said Anokhi didn’t come to meet him. He says you have lied to your son. Devi says I will not say that, truth won’t change. Tej says if she didn’t stop you, then you would have left to meet her in that state, would you stay safe, you are blaming her, you are doubting her. Devi says don’t say anything Tej, let him say whatever is coming to his mind. She says very sorry to hurt you, my intention was never wrong. Shaurya says I don’t understand, whatever happened with Anokhi was wrong, what would she think about me. Alok says when she came, you were unconscious, would you ask her for tea or coffee, she didn’t stop, she argued with Devi and left. Shaurya says fine, I will go and ask her, why did she come, I will get a clarity and get peace. Alok asks Tej to stop him.

Shaurya says I have to go, else I can’t forgive myself, why do I feel that you all have planned something behind my back, why did you all come to Goa suddenly, Devi didn’t ask me and decided my engagement, Devi has rights, but I also have some rights. Shaan and Aastha look on. Shaurya says I had planned a lot, its all over, maybe I don’t deserve that chance, its fine, but nobody will stop me today. Tej says I always told Devi that Shaurya isn’t a kid now, we shouldn’t ask him where he goes, but I m telling you, you won’t go anywhere, go to your room and sleep, you took medicines, you don’t have senses, I can’t let you go in this state. Shaurya says I m sorry, I can’t even listen to you today. Tej says you think well. Shaurya says I m in my senses, sorry, I have to leave. He leaves.

Anokhi eats panipuris. She says I wasn’t so weak. Babli says you have turned strong. Anokhi says Aastha and Shagun should get the credit. Babli says forget them. Anokhi says its not an end, its a new start for me. Babli asks do you want to meet Shaurya. Anokhi recalls Shaurya. She says there is much to say, but I can’t do this, he will see my feelings, I don’t want him to see it. Babli asks are there still feelings. Anokhi says don’t worry, I will not lose my path, my studies and career are very imp, love isn’t made for me, I m not made for love.

 Aastha arguing with Devi. She leaves. Babli says you will get what’s yours when right time comes, it will be the best. Vineet comes drunk and sings. Anokhi says tell him that event got cancelled. Babli says yes, right. Anokhi says I will come along. Shaan says Shaurya didn’t come home, did you talk to Anokhi. Aastha says no, did you call him. He says no, I didn’t want to disturb him, I didn’t talk to Anokhi, she had shown me a mirror, she asked many things. She tells everything. She says I had no answers for her.Babli goes to Vineet. He is on call. He says I will pay the money. The man gives him 24 hours time.

Vineet says my wife’s event is going on, I will take money from her and pay you. Babli comes and asks how was your day. He says great. Babli says I had to tell you something. Anokhi says the event got cancelled, we won’t get money for it. He scolds them. He asks how will we pay the hotel bills, do something. He goes. Babli worries. Anokhi thinks Vineet looked scared, why. Kanchan says whom shall I ask about Shaurya. She sees Anokhi. She asks did you talk to Shaurya. Anokhi says no, I got my senses, whatever was destined has happened. She leaves. Shaurya calls Kanchan. She answers and asks where are you, how are you. He says fine. She says I met Anokhi, she looked upset, call her once, we are in hotel, you also come here and talk to her. Vineet hears this.

Devi and everyone is worried for Shaurya. Devi says Anokhi is making him away, I feel scared. Tej asks why, did you do anything wrong. She says I feel Anokhi and Aastha… He asks don’t you trust yourself, why are you scared today. She says don’t know. He says but I know, you took much tests of him, every mum thinks her son is a diamond, but diamond can also break by pressure. She says no, I didn’t do that. Shaan looks on. Alok says I agree with Devi. Tej scolds him.Tej says Shaurya isn’t a kid now, you should have told him about engagement, why did you take him on stage and shock him.

Devi says I had no other way to stop him, maybe he would have proposed Anokhi in front of everyone, would we bring that girl as bahu. Tej says don’t do anything now, leave this. She asks how can I do this. He says you have to use your mind in children’s matter. He goes. Shaan looks at Shagun. Devi says I have to bring someone to senses. Shaan asks Shagun are you fine. She says yes, I m fine.He says Shagun, it won’t be easy for you, that engagement is happening or not, whom does Shaurya love, I completely understand.

She says thanks, I thought no one is bothered for me, you are supporting me, you should explain him right and wrong, I promise once I marry Shaurya, I will never leave him alone, he won’t need to stay alone like you, I didn’t mean that. He says its okay and goes. She thinks sorry to hurt you, there would be many differences between me and Anokhi, I know which to show whom, Anokhi has lost this game. Anokhi cries recalling Shaurya. Paas aaye…plays… She packs her bags.

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