Mismatched update Friday 7 January 2022

Mismatched 7 January 2022: The Episode starts with Shagun saying I had seen the car on the roadside, I was so worried. Shaurya is shocked. Shagun says I will take you there, we will drop Anokhi as well. Ahir comes to help Babli. He says I think I will be alone forever. She talks to him. He says now I m fine. She asks were you not fine before, is it because of Anokhi. He says I like her, but she just thinks I m her good friend. He goes. Babli says even Anokhi didn’t tell me anything.

Shagun and Anokhi think of Shaurya’s words. Anokhi thanks Shagun for the lift. She goes. Shagun thinks you will get a warm welcome. Anokhi rehearses for the speech. She says I m tensed, how will I do this. Shaurya says recall the marriage day which you left, show the same courage, you don’t think if anyone will judge you, talk from the heart, judges will understand you, this 4-5 mins are just yours, you can touch many lives by it, how your talks affects and changes people, you don’t know. Anokhi thanks him.

He wishes her all the best. Sapne uske…..plays… Anokhi is called on the stage. He writes all the best on her hand. She goes smiling. Shagun looks on. Anokhi gives the speech and comes. Shaurya and everyone clap for her. He says well done and well deserved, you had to get this award. She says thanks. He says welcome. He asks her to say I love you. She says I will go, this time I don’t want to miss the bus. He applauds her. He stops her for a pic. He clicks her pic. He takes a selfie with her. Shagun interrupts them.

She congratulates Anokhi. She asks Anokhi to click pics with other professors. He asks Anokhi to come with him, she can talk to the other professors and discuss about the seminar. He goes. Shagun hears Kitty and Bebo pitying her. She cries. Shaurya looks for Shagun. He says maybe she left. He leaves with Anokhi. He says you deserved this award. He asks for a kiss. She smiles. He says two people who love each other share a kiss, you can’t say that you don’t love me. She looks around and kisses on his cheek. She smiles and turns to go. He says listen, sorry, go. He thanks her. Shagun comes to Devi and says we have to plan something big now. Devi looks at her.

Shaurya comes home and greets everyone. He asks all good. Devi asks him to answer, did he marry Anokhi. Tej, Shagun, Shaan and Alok look on. Anokhi gets happy seeing the award. She says you don’t know I m so happy seeing your try. Shaurya asks Devi to ask Shagun. He says Shagun you act well, you behaved like you didn’t know each other, this drama wasn’t needed. Shaan says we want to know it from you. Shaurya shouts I love Anokhi and married her. They get shocked.

Shaurya saying I would have told you if I had planned this, Anokhi was also shocked, she didn’t know that I will fill her maang, its the truth, for me, this marriage will be intact, nothing can change that. Alok asks what about the family. Shaurya says you decide what you think, my decision is final. Devi says we don’t know anything about her, how can you marry her so soon. Shaurya says I can’t love someone and marry someone else, I heard my heart, you know why, you have taught me always, to listen to my heart, I m doing that, how can I be wrong, I m choosing my desires, how can I be wrong. She says you got engaged to Shagun, you promised me… He says I m breaking that promise….

He argues with Devi. Shaan sits in shock. Shaurya says if I m not happy, then how will I keep Shagun happy, you wanted to see me happy, I m happy, I love Anokhi, I got her. Shaan shouts Shaurya…. what’s this joke, do you get engaged to Shagun and fill Anokhi’s maang, did you tell Anokhi about Shagun. Shaurya says it doesn’t matter, I didn’t do anything. Devi says Shagun loves you. Shaurya says I love Anokhi. Shaan scolds him.

Shaurya says I had no courage to tell you, I was helpless because of your health. Shaan says you have hurt everyone. Shaurya says no, truth is, I did the engagement for Devi’s sake, I was helpless, and marriage, I did it being helpless by my heart, I don’t regret, I will never regret.Reema comes to Anokhi. She asks her to share everything with her friend. Anokhi tells her about the marriage. Reema says I m very happy for you. She dances with Anokhi. Anokhi says I was in shock that day, I was angry, I didn’t know how to react, I didn’t know that I will marry the one I love, I feel this relationship will work. Shaurya removes the ring and keeps it.

He says sorry to hurt you. Shagun also removes the ring. She stops him. She says I felt cheated, but I m sure that you won’t deny that my feeling wasn’t wrong, maybe I reacted wrongly, I didn’t know how to react. She asks Devi to end her annoyance with Shaurya, he loves her a lot, he did the engagement for that sake. She says we shouldn’t push him now, sorry. She cries and leaves. Shaurya says the truth is, I m sure about my relation. He leaves.

He goes to talk to Shagun. Shagun works out. She recalls Shaurya’s words. He says I know Shagun, I m not the nicest person in your life, whatever happened, the situation was such, it was unintentional. Shagun says I knew the truth and still saw the dreams of reconciliation, we know each other since years, it won’t be possible to end all the ties, friends. He hugs her. He thanks her. He asks her to stay back and not be formal. She asks are you sure. He says yes. Devi sees them. Shagun says listen, I was thinking to not tell Anokhi about our engagement, its no use now. He says yes. Shagun comes downstairs and sees Devi. She says before Shaurya makes me out of his house, I have to find some way, I still love him and want to become his wife, trust me. Devi smiles. Shagun says I have no choice without Shaurya, I can’t go back, I didn’t get rid of the reason for which I went there.

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