Mismatched update Tuesday 30 November 2021

Mismatched 30 November 2021: The Episode starts with ACP Ahir Chattwal talking to a man and scolding him for domestic violence. Constable slaps the man. Ahir asks what do you do, when she does all the work. Anokhi comes there and talks to Shaan on call. She goes to file the missing complaint. She says Aastha is like my mum, she is my teacher, she went missing some time back, she is mentally disturbed, she had a fight with her son, he spoke to her badly. Constable says you find her. She asks him to write the FIR.

He asks how long did she go missing. She says two hours. He says you can’t file the complaint before 24 hours, ACP Ahir is inside. She says I can’t wait, I will talk to him. She goes and sees ACP Ahir. Inspector says you can’t get in. The lady asks Ahir to leave her husband. Ahir says your wife got beaten up by you and can’t see you getting beaten up. He scolds the man.He asks the lady to not make her husband her Lord and go to the hospital for aid. He asks the lady not to worry, just take care.

Anokhi says ACP Ahir, my teacher Aastha is missing, she is mentally disturbed. He asks her to come. She says thanks, your constable was saying that I can’t file complaint, Aastha took discharge from the hospital, she met her son, he spoke to him rudely and she got mentally disturbed. He insists her to have water and tell everything calmly. She tells him. She says we have to find him. He says she is a teacher, she will not take any wrong step, relax. She says you know her, she can’t throw her phone away, it means she is in trouble, please find her. He says we will take the FIR, we are police, its our work, do you have her details or pic. Shaurya comes and says I will give the details. Anokhi looks at him.

Devi looks for Shaurya. Gayatri asks about Aastha. Shaan says Anokhi is in the police station, I m trying to find her. Kanchan says maybe Shaurya finds Aastha. Shaan asks what. Gayatri says Shaurya went to find her. He says this happened because of Shaurya. Shaurya asks by what right are you filing the FIR. Ahir says she is her student, who are you. Shaurya says Aastha is my mum, I m her son. Anokhi asks did you forget it when you spoke to her badly, my Fir will be taken, not yours. He says this is happening because of you. He blames her and argues.

He says you provoked me since 2 days and I vented her anger on her, else I know how to control my anger and emotions. She says don’t blame me, she is missing because of you, you are responsible for this. Ahir says your discussion is imp, but this is my police station, you engaged my staff, they have to do work, we will go to my cabin and talk, come.Shaan says I will leave for Kapurthala. Gayatri worries for Aastha. She says I m happy that Shaurya worries for his mum. Devi says Shaurya doesn’t care for Aastha, I have raised him such that he is doing this for his mum.

Gayatri asks what’s wrong if he cares for his mum. Devi says Aastha isn’t his mum, she left this house and son. Gayatri says they are same blood, you trust your upbringing than worrying. Devi asks her to stay in limits. Gayatri argues. She asks will you send me to Maayka now. She goes. Devi gets angry.Ahir asks them to sit. He says I take ginger tea to calm my mind, everything gets fine. Shaurya says listen inspector, I didn’t come to have tea. Ahir orders tea. He says you came to report for same person. Shaurya introduces himself. He says its my personal matter, Anokhi shouldn’t be here. Ahir introduces himself. He says this is my police station, I don’t take order from you, she came to report first. Shaurya asks what’s her relation with missing person.

Ahir asks what’s your relation with her. Shaurya says she is my mum.Ahir says you had hurt her so she disappeared. Shaurya says you can investigate by involving her, you can call the commissioner Arora, tell him that you are talking to Shaurya Saberwal. Ahir says you maybe a rich man and know Arora, but I have taken Anokhi’s report, my team and I will find the missing person, not Arora, keep a big heart, we will find her together. Shaurya leaves. Anokhi asks when will you go to find her. Ahir says its difficult, have positive thinking, we will find her. Shaurya looks for his phone.

Ahir asks Anokhi not to worry, police will find out Aastha soon. Anokhi turns to sit. Tea falls over her hand. Ahir asks is your hand okay. He cares for her. Shaurya looks on. He thinks strange girl, she has impressed ACP soon. Ahir says so sorry, have this tea, don’t worry, I will go and find Aastha, I think its a great idea. They see Shaurya. Shaurya takes his phone and leaves.Anokhi saying I will come to find Aastha. Ahir says I will find her, I promised you. She says I won’t get peace until we find her. She insists.

He says promise you won’t interfere in our work. She says fine. He asks her to sit. Shaurya looks for Aastha. Devi says this isn’t happening right for me. She worries. He asks people about Aastha and shows her pic. Ahir says I will get some food for you, will you have juice or something, inform your family else they will worry. She nods and says I will inform my sister. He gets a call and says they found a body. She says no. He says relax, we have to go and see it. He calls Shaurya and says we found a body. Shaurya gets shocked. He asks what are you saying, check again, no, this can’t happen.

Ahir says calm down, we have to go and check it, this can’t happen, you are right, I will send the address. Shaurya says I m coming. Devi calls him. He says ACP said they found a dead body. She sees Shaan. She asks Aastha’s body? Shaan gets shocked. He takes the phone and says Shaurya….. He asks whose body. He sits crying and says it can’t be Noor.They go to check the dead body. Anokhi prays that its not Aastha. She turns away. Shaurya shows her. Its someone else.

She hugs him. They cry. She thinks Aastha should be fine. Ahir says we will find Aastha, I will go on round, you both go home. Shaurya says keep us updated. Ahir says I will definitely inform you. Shaurya asks Anokhi to come, he will drop her. She says no, I won’t go home until Aastha is found. He asks her did she lose her mind. She says I won’t go. Ahir says come. Shaurya asks Ahir how can he take a civilian along, who isn’t even related to Aastha. He says I think you are becoming irresponsible. Ahir smiles and says you reminded me of my dad, he used to say we have two eyes, two ears but one brain, I was confused, brain has everything, I have two thoughts, I will explain.

He says why did you talk to me like this, your mother is missing, justified, why are you so ill-mannered, you have a misunderstanding that police is your servant, you can buy anyone and order. He breaks the stick and say sorry, you are already worried, everyone is finding your mother, if I send you to jail for few hours for this misbehavior, then everyone will look for you, you are educated, adults can decide for themselves, better Anokhi take this decision, with whom she will go.

Shaan comes there. He asks is it Aastha’s body. Shaurya says no, it wasn’t Aastha’s body, don’t worry. He hugs Shaan. Alok looks on. Shaan says I have to go Kapurthala and find her. Shaurya says I will find some way. Anokhi goes with Ahir. Shaurya brings Shaan home. He talks to Devi. He says I will take Shaan to the room. Devi and Alok worry. Devi says we have to control things, we have to reach Aastha before police. He asks why, she is missing, its good news. Devi says no, its bad news coming, Shaurya is also going on Aastha’s side. Alok says never. She says never say never, Shaurya is going close to her, better she shouldn’t come in front of her, we should find her first. He says I understand, don’t worry, I will try my best.

Ahir informs Anokhi about Aastha’s possible locations. He says I m going to find her. Anokhi says send me the address, inform me if she is found there. He says okay. She says Ahir called me, he said he got news of Aastha’s location. He says he didn’t inform the family and told me, tell the address. She says no need, I m going to find her. He says you won’t go, you have a class, I will go. She says I don’t trust you, you may tell her something that she goes away. Her hair gets stuck in his coat. He says its your mistake. She says I m getting hurt. He says I have to go. He cuts her hair.

She gets angry. He says your hair are also complicated like you, have it. He goes. She sits in the car and says you don’t have address. He says I have sources, get lost. She says we can fight while you drive, we can find Aastha. He says I m not interested to fight, wear the seat belt. He helps her. They leave.

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