Mismatched update Friday 21 January 2022

Mismatched 21 January 2022: The Episode starts with Devi asking Anokhi not to taste the food in between, because its prasad, they have to keep bhog first. She says you have three hours to make it. She asks Gayatri and Kanchan to come along. They wish all the best to Anokhi and goes. Anokhi sees the menu and worries. She prays. Shaurya comes and hugs. She says I wasn’t nervous in exams too. He says yes, you were well prepared for exams, prepare yourself now, all the best, I can order food. Anokhi says no. He says ask Babli. She says nice idea. He gives her phone. He says you should say thanks.

He forwards his cheek. She kisses on his cheek. Shagun comes. Anokhi asks do you want something. Shagun says no, I came to offer help, I guess my timing was wrong. He says like yesterday. Anokhi asks how are you now. Shagun says much better, I slept well. He jokes. Shagun leaves.Shaurya says I had to send Shagun away, leave it, do your work. He asks for a kiss. Anokhi says go… let me work. He says I love you. She says I love you. He goes. She calls Babli. Babli is on another call. Anokhi says please answer. Babli calls back. Anokhi says its an emergency, its my first rasoi, Devi gave me a big list and asked me to make it in 3 hours, I have send it to you, tell me.

Babli says fine, do as I say. She instructs Anokhi. Anokhi says wait, I have just two hands. She begins cooking. Babli explains her. Devi comes and looks on. She sees Anokhi struggling and laughs. Babli says you are very smart, I didn’t get this idea, you are the best student. Anokhi says you are the best teacher, thanks, bye.Kitty and Bebo come and see the dishes made. They say Anokhi knows cooking, she made it all alone. Kitty says she will win Shaurya’s heart also. They try to spoil the food. Kanchan comes and stops them.

They say we just wanted to taste the food. Kanchan asks them to leave, its old ways to trouble, find some new way. They leave. Anokhi serves the food. Everyone looks on. Shaan says it looks great. Shaurya and Anokhi smile.Aastha says Anokhi, I didn’t know you know cooking well. Tej asks someone to serve it to him. Devi asks Anokhi to keep sweets for bhog. Kitty and Bebo come and ask Shagun to help them in exams preparations. Anokhi says even I have to concentrate on exams. Tej asks what’s the need. Anokhi says I have to complete studies and do a job.

Tej says in our family, women don’t work after marriage. Devi says you don’t need to think about exams. She says Shaan and Aastha should have told Anokhi. Shaan says times have changed now, we should also change. Tej says traditions aren’t changed, Shaan. He asks Aastha to be quiet, its about Saberwals.Anokhi says sorry, I can’t leave my exams, its old thinking that women handle home and men do work, we should change this thinking, I don’t want to depend on anyone for my personal expenses, be it my husband or in-laws, what’s the use of studies if I can’t become independent.

Devi asks what’s the meaning of independent, I had told you, she is like Aastha. Shaan asks what’s wrong. Devi says you didn’t find it wrong even that time. Shaurya says wait, what’s happening here, its Anokhi’s first rasoi, we shall concentrate on it. Shaan says he is right, we can talk later. Tej gets up. Everyone gets up. Anokhi says don’t get angry on food. Tej says I can sense rebel. Anokhi says please don’t leave the food, I made it with hardwork, it will be insult of the rasam and me if you leave, if you don’t eat, then no one will eat.

Tej says you know about respect and insult, but you don’t care for Saberwal’s respect, you became Shaurya’s wife, don’t know you deserve to become our bahu or not. Anokhi cries. Tej says you started telling your principles, but we also have some rules, until you respect that, I will not have the food prepared by you. Anokhi says fine, this rasam is meaningless then, the day you think I m suitable to become your bahu, then this rasam will be completed, it will be good to cancel my first rasoi rasam today. Shaan says no Anokhi, this rasam can’t cancel, there are other family members also, if Tej has a problem then…. Anokhi says no, I made the food for everyone, if the eldest member doesn’t eat, then how will the rasam complete, what’s the use.

Shaan says explain her Shaurya. Shaurya says no dad, I was silent because of the rasam, but its no use, what’s wrong, its Anokhi’s right to get accepted by the family, this rasam will complete when you all accept her as bahu in real sense. Devi taunting that the rasam can ever get completed, Anokhi can’t become a good bahu ever. Aastha says good bahu here means leaving the dreams and obeying the family, Anokhi don’t expect anything from them, I expected something from them, you know the result of my story, you fulfill the rasam, let anyone think anything. Alok jokes on Aastha. Shaan stares at him. Anokhi says no, if Tej doesn’t accept me as bahu then this rasam won’t happen today.

Shagun asks Tej shall I serve you. Devi says yes, Shagun please come. Anokhi says sorry Shagun, I m the bahu of this house, I should do this rasam, I made the food. She asks Tej to not leave the rasam incomplete, will it be good for their house. Tej says I don’t want any bad omen because of me, serve me the food now, come on. Anokhi smiles and says yes, everyone sit. She serves the food to Tej and then others. Everyone smiles. Sapne uske satrangi….plays… Tej says enough, I won’t eat much. Anokhi says fine, I will be glad that you accepted me. Tej tastes the food. Devi signs him. He signs nothing. Everyone smiles.

Shaurya says its fantastic Anokhi. Shaan says its really tasty food. Alok says yes, good, Gayatri take some tips from Anokhi. Devi says good attempt, but I think salt should have been less in dal, we have less salt, spices should have been roasted well. Anokhi says sorry, I will be careful next time. Shaan asks Tej to give nek to Anokhi. Tej gives nek and blesses her. Anokhi says I m sure one day you will accept me as your bahu. Alok and Shaan also give nek and bless her. Shaan says I m sure you will fill sweetness in relations also, work hard, make us proud, stay happy. Anokhi thanks her.

Devi says Anokhi if you want bahu’s rights, then you have to do bahu’s duties. Anokhi says yes. Ahir likes the food. He asks Babli what’s the occasion, his birthday is not so soon. Babli says sorry, I was helping Anokhi in first rasoi and had to make this food, we have to eat everything now. He says this party will go on for two days. He likes the halwa. He says your hands have magic, my mum used to make good halwa. She says I spoke to dealer for PG, I will shift. He says I will miss my flat mate and good food. She says I will feed your fav dishes. He says lets see, we have to finish this food in 2 days. She smiles.

Anokhi says I made sweets for you all, give this to helpers. The helper goes. Aastha smiles and blesses her. Aastha says I also thought you are my reflection, but no, Devi and I were wrong, you have courage and determination, I never had it, you got acceptance here, you stay alert, its just the start, you have to win, it won’t be easy. Anokhi says yes, I will try hard, I have your blessings. Aastha hugs her.Anokhi gets ready. Shaurya comes. He fills sindoor. He jokes. She gets jealous and scolds him. He asks will you talk to professor like this.

She says its not college, but our bedroom, I m the professor here. Kanchan calls her. He says Kanchan’s timing is bad. Anokhi says bye. Shaurya says I should get a chance of mu dikhai. Anokhi goes for mu dikhai. She says I have to check exam schedule. Reema says check later. Aastha praises Anokhi. The ladies see Anokhi’s face and praise her. Everyone gives her gifts. Devi gives a diamond necklace.Aastha gifts her a pen. Devi says such an ordinary pen to your only bahu. Anokhi says no, its the most precious gift. Aastha says I expect you to give exam and file the first job application, sign cheque with this pen.

Anokhi says Shaurya gave me the best gift, a promise to always stand by me. Shagun gets angry. Alok says don’t worry, this time, I have a good plan, see this. Shagun sees the papers. She smiles. Everyone smiles. Shaurya says so many gifts to show face, what about boys, why this injustice. Kanchan jokes. Shaurya says its too much. Shagun asks Shaurya to have this, SIAC is selected for prestigious conference. Shaan says that’s great news, we got it today. Alok says best thing is that two members will be going to represent our college, Shaurya and Shagun.

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