Mismatched update Thursday 20 January 2022

Mismatched 20 January 2022: The Episode starts with Shaurya defending Anokhi. Tej says I know Anokhi is educated, she does what she wants, it doesn’t mean that she will give a reply to anyone. Anokhi says I will give the same reply if they say such a thing again. Alok says you will make anyone look wrong to prove your point, why would they say wrong, they said you insulted them. Anokhi says fine, ask them to come in front of me and say it, they can’t lie here, Shagun was also there, she had heard it, she can tell what they said about Tej and Devi.

Alok says don’t put Shagun in this mess. Anokhi says I m saying the truth, I m not lying, they were insulting you both. Shaurya says she did right, I would have done this being in her place. Shaan says she would be saying right, she doesn’t lie. Tej scolds them. He says I have to go and apologize to them to keep relations. Anokhi says if they can’t keep relations, then its useless to convince them. Shaurya says she is right. Devi says its not right to always agree with your wife, when you weren’t there. Shaurya says I m sure that she won’t lie, why isn’t Shagun saying anything, she was also there. Shaan says leave it, the relatives left, we can’t keep everyone happy, its time for reception, get ready.

Shaurya takes Anokhi to their room. She smiles seeing the decorations. He comes there and holds her close.She asks what are you doing here. He says I didn’t do anything yet. He holds her close. She says uff, what’s it. He says I love this uff, I came here to say you don’t feel bad, everything will be fine with time. She says you trust me right, I don’t want anything else, this is enough for me. He makes her smile. He says I will tell you something, come here. They have a moment. Kanchan comes to call him. Anokhi asks him to go. Shaurya gets ready and comes in the reception.

Shaan compliments Shaurya. Shaurya compliments Aastha and hugs her. Kitty and Bebo praise Shagun’s lool. Shagun goes to ask Shaurya. Shaurya says you look nice. She asks just nice. He says actually, simply beautiful… He sees Anokhi and smiles.Aastha compliments Anokhi. Devi says Anokhi made Shaurya mad. Shagun says I won’t see this drama. Alok says I know what you are going through, I made a good plan. He tells her. Everyone comes in the reception. Bhalla likes the arrangements. Devi says you have not seen such a party before, how would we expect you to arrange a party like this, we kept it simple, else our parties are very grand.

Babli and Ahir feel bad. Ahir says reception happen here or any palace, it doesn’t matter, we came here to congratulate the groom and bride, you made amazing arrangements, you look good. Babli smiles. Tej asks Bhalla and Rama to have food, they won’t know some items, have enough food, every plate price is equal to their 6months electricity bill. Rama and Bhalla go. Shagun asks what’s the guarantee that this plan will work. Alok asks her not to worry. A lady wishes Shaurya and Anokhi. Shaurya goes. The lady asks Anokhi her future plans. Devi says she is our bahu now, being a Saberwal bahu is bigger degree. Anokhi looks at her.

Shagun getting up. She says so sorry, I don’t know how I came here. Shaurya says don’t worry, we will rectify your mistake. He asks Kitty and Bebo to drop Shagun to her room. Alok says wait, she is our guest, look at her state, she may fall down. Anokhi says I don’t think she is in good state, she can rest here. Tej says you guys decide this, we have some rasams in the morning, everyone has to wake up early tomorrow. He goes. Aastha says Shagun just got this room in the big house, you aren’t going from here, its their wedding night. Shaan says Shaurya and Anokhi are tired, they need rest.

Shaurya asks Kitty and Bebo to take Shagun. Shagun says someone spiked the mocktail. They say relax, its your not mistake, this would have been your room if Shaurya didn’t marry Anokhi. Shaurya scolds them and says just Anokhi will be your Bhabhi. Shagun falls on the bed. Anokhi asks Shagun to rest. Alok says very good Anokhi, you understood Shagun is our guest, everyone else is scolding her. Shaurya asks Anokhi would you send Shagun to guest room now. Aastha says we will send lemon water for you. Anokhi says we can call a doctor for her. Shaurya says good idea, I will call a doctor. Alok, Kitty and Bebo take Shagun. Anokhi says I worry for Anokhi.

Kanchan jokes on Anokhi’s innocence. Aastha asks them to take rest. Kanchan teases them. Everyone leaves.Shaurya says you decide now what changes to make in this room, I ordered a book shelf for you. He asks Anokhi is she thinking about Shagun. Anokhi says no. He asks what’s the problem, sit. She says Devi has told a guest… She tells everything. She says I want to continue my studies.He says I know my family can be rigid in this, but I promise, their thinking won’t come between the path of your success, shall we concentrate of ourselves now and not waste time. She smiles.

He gets close to kiss. She says wait, marriage was done by filling sindoor in 70s style, why don’t we have a suhaag raat in 70s style. He says you mean milk glass and all. He looks around and says there is no milk glass. She puts up a ghunghat. She asks him to just lift her ghunghat. He says fine, as you say. Old song plays… They laugh. She changes and comes with the milk glass. Udi udi….plays…. They dance romantically. They romance.Its morning, Shaurya looks at Anokhi. She wakes up and smiles seeing him. He says its a good feeling to see you early morning.

She says its 10am, you didn’t wake me up, I have to learn recipes for first rasoi. Shaurya says its fine, just be with me. Kanchan comes to call them. Anokhi says we are getting ready. Kanchan says everyone is waiting. Shaurya asks don’t you know any cooking, make anything. Anokhi says I didn’t cook for many people. He says you can accept big challenge, this is a small thing for you. She says yes, wife has to accept all the challenges, when we both got married, we both should cook. He thinks to leave, else he will have to cook. He says you are thinking right, I will take shower and come. She says I will go and take the shower first.

He says we will take shower together, we will save time and water. She says no and smiles. She goes.Anokhi gets ready and comes downstairs. She comes to kitchen and thinks its a big kitchen. She takes Devi and Gayatri’s blessings. She says sorry, I woke up late, I got bit late. Devi says its too late, everything should be done on mahurat. Anokhi says really sorry, I will take care. Devi says breakfast is ready, but you need to see the lunch menu, we have it different, we have the entire thali set up. Kanchan says I will help Anokhi. Devi says Kanchan, you don’t remember your first rasoi, what does it mean. She says no one will help Anokhi.

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