Mismatched update Saturday 20 November 2021

Mismatched 20 November 2021: The Episode starts with Bebo saying its natural thing, we don’t want any innocent person to get punished, we have seen Anokhi, she answers Shaurya. Shaurya says you don’t get in between, you both will also be punished if you are hiding anything. Bebo asks why will we hide anything. Devi asks Shaurya to let Tej handle this. She asks Shaan not to get emotional. Shaurya says we have to take action. Tej asks Shaurya to message committee members and inform Anokhi. He says we will know the truth tomorrow. Bebo and Kitty worry.

Babli hugs Anokhi. Vineet says we had to face these troubles. His dad says its not easy for a girl to say all this. His mum asks did Anokhi encourage that guy. Babli asks what are you saying, you are also a woman, when anything wrong happens, we always blame her. Aastha thinks to call Anokhi. Power goes.She gets some sound and asks who is it. Kitty says I told you not to let Anmol do this. Bebo says I didn’t tell him, no one will listen to Anokhi, forget it.

Gayatri looks on. Babli and Anokhi talk to Rama. Rama curses those students. Babli asks her not to tell anything to Bhalla. Rama says I m angry on myself. Anokhi says I had got an admission, I had to pay this price for my freedom, why shall I change my destination because of those students’ cheap act. Rama says Aastha also praises your courage, do as you like, take care. Anokhi says sorry, I couldn’t tell that to Rama, I can’t lose courage, I can’t break her dreams. Babli says you forget whatever happened, we have to fight this with a new hope and courage.

Aastha checks at the door. She gets shocked seeing a torn doll and a threatening note. She takes pic of the note on the wall. Anokhi sits in darkness and cries. Babli comes with the food. She hugs Anokhi. She says I can’t change whatever happened, I can assure that just good will happen with you now, have food now. She cheers up Anokhi.Its morning, Anokhi comes to the college. Shaurya comes. She stumbles. He holds her. Students say Shaurya is 5mins late.

Shaurya asks Anokhi to identify the students who ragged her. He says I will punish them, okay, no need to get scared, I m here, just sign me. He takes her to the class. He says sorry, I got late today, the lecture will be late, its imp what I mean to say, maybe this happened for the first time, and it will be the last time, Anokhi was ragged, we want to know who has done it. The students worry. He asks her to point out those students. Anokhi goes towards the students. She points out Bebo. Bebo says Sir, she is lying.

Anokhi says they have ragged me. Kitty says we didn’t do anything. Anokhi points out other students. Everyone denies it. Shaurya asks was there anyone else. Anokhi points at Anmol. She says this guy tried to forcibly kiss me. Shaurya gets angry. Anmol worries.Shaurya asking Anokhi to be sure before naming the students, they can’t do this. He says you would be in shock. Anokhi says you think I m lying, why do you think so, that they are rich students. He says they are Saberwals, they are my sisters, they can’t let this happen with any girl. Anokhi says maybe you don’t know them, you are supporting them. He says like Aastha supports you, everyone knows that I don’t support anyone, you get things in your favor, you want to say that you didn’t do anything.

She says yes. He counts her mistakes. Kitty and Bebo smile. Anokhi says I didn’t say wrong about any professor. Anmol and Bebo lie. Anmol says you can ask anyone around, did anyone saw it happening. Anokhi asks did you forget the slap. She asks Reema to say it, she has seen it. Shaurya asks Reema is it true. Bebo says Anokhi is defaming us. Anmol says yes, she came to me for friendship, I refused, just look at her, so she is taking revenge on me. Shaurya says that’s it, I didn’t come here to hear this, we have a meeting with disciplinary council in an hour, you all have to come.

Anokhi says those students proved me wrong in front of Shaurya. Anokhi sees the students and argues. Shaurya asks her not to say it to anyone, talk to the committee. She gets hurt. Shaurya goes to help.Anokhi says think about it, I don’t have any physical wounds, what will I show, I was in shocked state yesterday, was it a lie. He says you just have to prove it, suppose anyone blames me, will college authorities not ask for proof. He goes. She says you saved me, this may happen with any other girl, I can’t let this happen.

Anokhi and all the students come for the meeting. Tej says students will be punished if their crime is proved. Shaan asks Anokhi to tell everything in detail. Anokhi tells everything. Anmol says she is lying. Shaan asks Shaurya about Anokhi’s situation. Shaurya says she was locked, I got her bag and phone in the dustbin, ragging happened with her, but she is blaming Kitty, Bebo and Anmol have harassed her, its a serious blame of molestation, we have to hear both sides. Anokhi says my principles aren’t such, my teacher gave me values. Shaurya says its not necessary to involve her always.

Shaan asks why will Anokhi lie. Bebo says Anokhi wants to defame our college. Tej asks what proof you have, all the students are equal for me. Anokhi says sorry, I don’t feel so, this college has behaved strange with me, challenges were kept for me for admission. Bebo says maybe watchman didn’t see her sleeping in the class and locked her. Anokhi says we will call the watchman and ask. Tej says we know how to investigate. Shaan says you know about the consequences. Shaurya says there is no witness and proof. Alok says she is ragged, but we can’t say that these students did the ragging, we need proof.

Reema and Neha come. Reema says we want to say something.Reema says we have seen Anokhi being ragged by Kitty, Bebo and Anmol, they asked her to do something in an insulting way, then we left from there, we didn’t see if someone locked her in the room. Anokhi says now, you will believe me. Anmol says we just had some fun. Bebo says she didn’t like our joke. Kitty says she is taking revenge on us. Anmol says I m the heir of 400 crores, Anokhi is trying to use that. Shaan says thanks for info, we just knew that you are the son of a rich man, we got to know your price now.

Tej says I m leaving with you all with a strict warning, its not necessary that your joke appears like a joke to others. Anokhi asks what about the molestation, he tried to kiss me forcibly. Tej says its not proved, Shaan do you want me to ruin other student’s life, its not proved by now. Alok says there is no proof, our college students are from good families, if Anokhi thinks their fun is ragging, then its not their mistake, small town girls makes stories. Anokhi says I want justice, please take action against them. She sees Shaurya.

She says if anyone doesn’t investigate about this incident, then I have to go to the police or press. Everyone looks on. She leaves.

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