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King of hearts update Saturday 1st June 2019

Sid goes to Mr. Mehta’s house. He is on the phone telling his father that he suspects Mr. Mehta is innocent, and wants to find out what really happened. He rings the doorbell and says he’s looking for Mr. Mehta.
Krish sees him and tells him to leave!
Sid begs him saying he only wants to know what really happened because he thinks his father didn’t do it.
Krish tells him to go back to DD! He says there are so many things DD made him do that he could tell the Police, and they will get her arrested!
Sid says he just wants to know if his father really set DD up?
Krish says if his father didn’t do it, he wishes he did, because DD deserves
it! He pushes Sid away and Sid gets confused as to whether Mr. Mehta is guilty or not.
A delivery Man delivers a box to the house for Rajveer. Roshni receives the package. Resham sees the package and asks if it’s for her, as she had done some online shopping? Roshni says it’s for Rajveer
Sid sees her and asks who it is for?
Roshni says it’s for Rajveer. Sid says he can smell Chicken.

Roshni says the whole family is Vegetarian, so no one will bring Chicken to the house. She gives the package to Mona to take to Rajveer.
Sid is still convinced that he can smell Chicken.
Mona takes the package to Rajveer in bed. She offers to open it for him, but he tells her not to. She insists and takes it from him. He panics. She gets a pair of Dcissors and starts to cut open the package. Rajveer stands up thinking of what to do! He drops a bottle of medicine, and it smashes on the ground. Mona drops the package and says she will go and get something to clean it up. He tells himself that it was a lucky escape for him.
Samaira is asleep in bed.
Rajveer is on the balcony eating his Chicken. He complains that his friend got him Chicken with bones when he requested for boneless ones, and now, he doesn’t know what to do with the bones! He complains that he doesn’t know where to throw the bones, so they don’t find out in the house, since they are Vegetarians. He takes the bag to the living room and sees DD coming down the stairs, so he hides.

DD gets downstairs and has a feeling there is someone in the living room.
She asks who is there, but Rajveer doesn’t answer. She goes to the Kitchen and he sneaks to the pool area. He sees Sid there on the phone and runs back to the living room.
Sid runs into DD in the living room.
She tells him to stop following her!
Sid teases her about seeing her in his dreams. She shuts him up and goes upstairs. Even Sid goes back to his room.
When the coast is clear, Rajveer wonders why he didn’t think of it, he can put the bones to good use and his enemy will get thrown out of the house!
Next day, DD asks Rajveer if he’s feeling better? Grandmother shouts and everyone asks what’s going on?
She says the Lord will purnish them all for the chicken in the house!
She calls for someone to give her holy water to wash her hands because she might have touched the Chicken.

The Chicken bones are left on the dining table. Grandmother says whoever brought the chicken to the house must be cursed!
Kesar says it must be a servant.
One of the servants says they all know the rules, so they won’t dare bring a Chicken into the house.
Samaira says everyone is a Vegetarian in the house.
DD says she knows who did it; everyone is a Vegetarian in the house except her Son-in-law, Sid!
DD accuses Sid of spoiling the atmosphere of the house! Everyone turns to look at Sid, who is shocked.
Roshni says Sid said he could smell Chicken last night! Sid says he stopped eating Chicken when he married Roshni. Roshni says she believes Sid!
DD says she doesn’t believe him as no one else could have done it!
Grandmother is upset, she shouts at Sid saying she never expected him to do such a thing!
Rajveer is happy that Sid may leave the house soon.

Sid tries to talk to grandmother, but she is too upset. She says they don’t even eat Onions or garlic and now, she has to start a fast!
DD accuses Sid of eating the Chicken!
Roshni says she can’t believe Grandmother thinks Sid did it! Grandmother says she is at an age where she can die anytime, and Sid should have considered her before doing such a thing!
Sid keeps trying to tell her he didn’t do it, but she keeps shutting him up.
DD asks how he could do such a thing to her mother who has done nothing to him, but show him love! Sid says he didn’t do it. DD asks if she didn’t see him last night in the living room when everyone was asleep?
Roshni tells DD that she never misses an opportunity to go off on Sid and he has done nothing but show her respect! She says she believes Sid is innocent, then pulls Sid and takes him away.
Sid is in tears, as he says he has done everything and it keeps failing; DD calls him all sorts of names and it doesn’t get to him, but he can’t believe Grandmother spoke to him like that today, and she thinks he did it.
Roshni begs him and says she has faith in him, and Grandmother was just hurt.
Sid asks who could have done it? He says it started with Mr. Mehta’s case and now this, someone is trying to set him up. Roshni hugs him and says she knows.
Rajveer is in DD’s room. He tells her that what happened today was not right and he has a feeling it wasn’t Sid who brought in the Chicken, but someone else did it on purpose.

DD says she also got swayed when Roshni said Sid was innocent, but then she remembered that Sid has gotten Roshni emotionally trapped, and she refuses to see anything wrong in whatever he does! She says Sid has driven a wedge between her and Roshni! She has managed to keep Roshni in the house so far, and she intends to keep it that way!
Grandmother comes out of the bathroom. DD asks her how many time she will shower in one day?
Grandmother says she feels like she has committed a big sin!
DD says the sinner is Sid! She begs her to calm down and take care of herself.
Roshni sadly looks at the sky from the balcony. Pratima brings her milk and says she knows what it feels like to see your husband being humiliated. She says she does not believe that Sid would do something he knows would hurt grandmother and it was right for Roshni to be on his side. Roshni thanks her for understanding her.
Sid sees Grandmother sitting sadly on a bench. Sid approaches her and sits with her. He has tears in his eyes as he asks if she is still upset with him?
Grandmother says who is she to stay upset? Sid says he knows she’s still angry and he will not justify anything because people who don’t know you, never understand, and the ones who love you, don’t expect you to explain. He says he knows she’s hurt, and he can’t explain, but she should please forgive him.
Grandmother begs him not to apologise and make her feel worse.

Sid says he should be allowed to apologise. Grandmother says he should have told her that he didn’t do it. He hugs her.
Sid says he thought she believed the others who said he did it. He vows that he will make the person responsible for making her cry, pay.
Sid goes to the Servants’ room to make enquires about it, and the older Man asks the others if they are responsible for bringing the Chicken into the house? Sid says he knows they didn’t do it, but he wants to know if they saw anything odd in the last few days? One of the servants said a courier package was delivered for Rajveer. Sid also remembers.
Roshni is still on the balcony, thinking about how Sid was humiliated. She cries and asks how long will they continue to blame Sid in the house over everything that happens? She vows not to let it happen again! She will do something to stop it!
Rajveer is alone in the bedroom. He removes the arm sling and tells himself that if he can get Sid and Roshni to leave the house, then he won’t have anything else to worry about anymore. He hears Sid’s voice and quickly puts his hand back in the sling. Sid asks if everything is alright? He says yes. Sid says in few days time, everything will be alright. Rajveer says yes and says he felt bad seeing today’s incident, and he’s sorry for what happened to him earlier. Sid says it happens in family, and says whoever brought the Chicken home will not be spared! He says the helps said a package was delivered for him earlier. Rajveer says he hopes Sid isn’t suspecting him; he already told him about his smoking habit and that was what, was in the package.

Samaira enters the room with food for Rajveer and asks Sid if he’s interrogating her husband like he has done to everyone else in the house! She tells him to leave her husband alone, so she can feed him his porridge because unlike Sid, her husband doesn’t eat Chicken!
Sid leaves the room and and as he gets to the door, he hears Samaira telling Rajveer that Roshni is always melodramatic, and Sid pretends to be innocent; she’s sure Sid did it, and he’s trying to blame it on someone else!
Rajveer tells himself again that as long as Sid is around, his plans won’t work out. He needs Sid to leave the house soon!

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