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Wednesday update on Mehek 10th July 

Mehek comes to Shaurya and asks what is all this? Shaurya says this is offer to join my team, why you are wasting your and your family’s time? Mahek tears menu and says we will see at the end of the day about who is wasting time.

Mohit and Nehal are in stable and searching for dried cow dung, Mohit outs hand inside cow dung and says eww its not dry, Nehal finds dried one and says take it, Mohit says you get them too, Nehal says I already feel like puking, you collect it, Mohit tries to collect but he slips and falls in cow dung, Nehal laughs at him.

Sheetal is hiding and spying on Shaurya’s team, Shaurya sees her, he comes behind and says Nameste aunty, come here, I will take you to your station, he brings to Mahek and says if you wanted to know my secret then you could have asked me, why did you send your spy? Mahek says sorry, she must have got excited and went to your station. Mahek pulls her family closer and starts giving them instructions, Shaurya sees this and huffs at her, he is jealous, he angrily slams glove on table, Mahek smirks at him and shows him thumbs up, he shows her thumbs down.

Host says to contestants that they have one hour remaining only. Shaurya is tensed but keeps eye on Mahek. He taunts Mahek that its smelling good from your side but you havent made anything? He checks their pans and its empty. Shaurya says to Mahek that if you dont make anything then you will be disqualified, if you need help then you can ask me, Mahek says I want to be disqualified so you can win and if I need help then I will ask for it. Mahek brings mud there, Shaurya asks if she is going to make people eat mud? Mahek huffs and leaves, Shaurya goes behind her.

Mahek comes to garden. Mahek is collecting herbs from garden, Shaurya says seems like you have taken contest quite seriously. Mahek turns to leave but he grabs her hand and stop this rubbish and comeback to my team, Mahek says if you had asked me first then I would have been in your team but now we are competitors, Shaurya says I am not judge in this competition but your competitor and there is no chance for you to win against me, Mahek says really? if thats the case then you wont need me right? he glares at her, she sweetly smiles at him and leaves, Shaurya smirks.

Kanta says Mohit havent comeback till now, only 45 minutes is remaining, Sheetal says if Mahek is doing all this to make her husband win? Kanta glares at her. Mohit comes there drenched in cow dung, all laugh at him, Vicky says hello cow dung Ganesh.

Mahek washes Mohit’s face and cleans his shirt. Mahek starts using cow dung to make stove, Vicky says to Shaurya that what will they do now when they havent done anything for two hours? Shaurya says Mahek have played big game.

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Mahek makes old stove and starts cooking biryani, Shaurya thinks why didnt I get this idea? Mahek comes to Shaurya and says isnt it good idea? remember you made me this recipe earlier? He huffs at her. Mahek cooks with her family, round is up.

Judges taste dishes of contestants, Mahek asks Shaurya why he is tensed? Shaurya says dont be on cloud, you will fall soon, Mahek says lets see the results.

Host says lets ask judges about who is going to round 2nd round, Mahek prays for her team to win. Host says one team cheated so they have got 0 points, host says another team used glasses to burn fire but they forgot that there were not glasses in old age so they have got 2 points, Goa’s team gets 5 points out of 10.

Host says number 3rd team is Calcutta, they have got 8 points. Host says number 2nd team is.. Shaurya’s team, white chilies. Kanta and family celebrates being on top, Host says Shaurya have got 8 points and winner of this round is Mahek Sharma and family. In tomorrow’s round, all will be given secret ingredient, ingredient will be sent to their house address, all the best, Shaurya is angry and starts leaving but Sheetal stops him and asks if he wants to cry? you can cry so you would feel better, Shaurya is about to attack her but Vicky stops him and takes him with her.

Kanta says to Mahek that tomorrow is your birthday, she gives her dress and says its your gift, happy birthday, Mahek gets elated, she hugs her and thanks her. Kanta says we will go outside after contest tomorrow for dinner, all agree.

Mahek is at Shaurya’s home at night, family calls her and wishes her birthday, Mahek says I am missing you people a lot. Sonal asks if her husband wished her? Mahek says Shaurya? he didnt come home till now, must be busy, she says I am going now, she ends call.

Shaurya comes there, he brings cake piece and says we fight a lot but not today, we will live with love today so blow this candle, close your eyes and make a wish, Mahek blows candle and smiles, Shaurya says there is one more surprise for you but come closer for that, he comes closer and leans in to kiss her but smashes cake on her face, she screeches and says what is this nonsense?

Shaurya says this is just start wife, a lot is remaining, he tastes cake from her face and says happy birthday, he smirks and leaves. Mahek looks at her cake smeared face and huffs.

Mahek comes to Shaurya’s room and sees his sleeping, she says his ingredient is about to come, if I take it then he will say I cheated, she tries to wake Shaurya up but he jerks her away, Mahek says wake up, your secret ingredient must be coming, and keeps sleeping, she says fine dont wake up, I am leaving. She leaves.

Mahek comes to contest venue, she meets her family, they hug her and wishes her birthday, she sees all sleepy, she asks for the ingredients list, Mohit gives it to her, Mahek sees list of ingredients, Jeevan says i talked with my vegetable seller, he said its difficult to find these ingredients, we have to go market to get them now, stock will be gone soon.

Jeevann sees some people spying on them, he shouts market’s name in Khan market and says lets leave, they leave. Priya was spying on them, she says to chef that Boss is not taking call, we should to market which Jeevan named and buy our ingredients too.

Shaurya is sleeping, his phone rings, he wakes up and sees time, he wakes Vicky up too by throwing him off bed and goes to washroom. Shaurya calls his chef and says where are you? chef says in Khan market to buy ingredients, shaurya says who asked you to go there? chef says Mahek’s family said that name, Shaurya it was to fool you, go to other market, he tells him name and ends call.

Mahek’s family is at ordinary vegetable market, they are fighting to get ingredients but there is too many people to buy and they are not able to fight people. Mahek finds one woman, woman offers her vegetables and asks if they will work for her? Mahek gets elated and says its more than enough, she gives her money and thanks her. Mahek comes to family and says I found ingredients.

Priya calls shaurya and says we were late to market and we couldnt get ingredients, Shaurya says why dont you take rest? ‘she says sorry boss.

Mahek is standing by her scooty when some car comes from behind and hits her scooty, a modern girl comes out of car. She says to Mahek and Mohit that you have damaged my car and have to pay, you people think road is your property, Mohit says I was standing here and you hit me from behind, your father can be rich but you cant pull this crap on me, she says dont even take my father’s name, you are a cheapster, now give me 20,000/- for the damage, Sheetal says are you mad?

Jeevan says your car didnt get scratch, Mahek says we are getting late for contest, police comes there, girl says this guy hit my car, Mohit says i didnt do anything, policeman starts to beat Mohit, they have chaos there, Girl says fine fine, it doesnt matter whose fault it was, we are all right so lets leave this matter, she sits in car and leaves. Jeevan says weird, she was fighting for money and now left easily. Mahek says lets go we are getting late for contest.

Mahek’s family arrives at contest venue, Shaurya’s family is already there, Karona is there too. Shaurya shows big cake to Mahek, he has decorated whole place and wishes Mahek birthday, Mahek cant believe it. Nehal says people should learn how to surprise from shaurya.

shaurya brings Mahek to cake table, Mahek cuts cake, all clap for her, Shaurya comes closer and whispers ‘happy birthday darling wife’ in her ear, she blushes. Shaurya makes her eat cake, Mahek offers cake to Kar ona.

Jeevan comes to Karona and says we have given you so much pain, I am really sorry for that, Karona says I am not angry or miffed, I just want Shaurya and Mahek to be happy. Mahek looks down.

Host says to Mahek that you are lucky, what other surprise Shaurya has for her? they are against each other in competition but they are life partners and a team in real life so we want them to show their team effort, come and dance in the center, clap for Shaurya and Mahek.

Mahek and Shaurya comes in center, Shaurya offers his hand, Mahek takes it, they starts couple dancing on Janam Janam song, they look in each others eyes while dancing closely, Shaurya pulls her closer and waltz around with her. All couples join them, Mohit and Sonal dance,s Vicky and Nehal dances.

Shaurya twirls Mahek, they both smile at each other and dances happily, Shaurya caresses her face, she blushes and turns to leave but Shaurya holds her hand and pulls her closer, Mahek looks down shyly, she puts hand behind shaurya’s neck and pulls him closer as they dance.

Host says lets start our second round. Priya says to Shaurya that round is about to start and we dont have ingredients, Shaurya ask them to go to their station, they leave. Mahek comes to shaurya and says thank you, after yesterday’s antic, I didnt think you would surprise me with such pretty stuff, thank you,

Shaurya says this is just start, I have many surprises planned for you, you wouldnt even imagine them, Mahek says most good thing is that we are on same page, is everything fine between us now? I am sorry, you couldnt get ingredients, your alarm was ringing but.. shaurya says you stopped it right?

Mahek says no, I tried to wake you up but you got angry on me and kept sleeping, what we can do now is that we can share ingredients, you can take half of our ingredients, Shaurya says no they are you ingredients, I will manage without it, shaurya says to Mahek that your next surprise is waiting for you on your station, she smiles and says I dont need anything more.

Mahek comes to her station, family says where is vegetables and ingredients? they find shopper empty and says its not there, Mahek gets tensed and says how will we cook without ingredients? Shaurya takes mic and says before this contest was starting, my pretty wife was to join me but she made her own team so i talked with judges about one place vacant in my team and they allowed me to bring another member, I want to announce new member of my team, she is super talented and very beautiful, welcome Nikita Tiwan.

Nikita comes there, Mahek sees its same girl who hit her scooty. shaurya takes Nikita’s hand and makes her sit beside him, he says Nikita and me were college friends and today fate has brought us together again, Mahek feels bad and jealous hearing it and seeing them together.

flashback shows when Nikita was fighting with Mahek’s family over hitting her car, Mahek got involved with police meanwhile Nikita stealthily took vegetable’s shopper from Mahek’s scooty and put empty shopper, she took their ingredients in her car and left, flashback ends. Mahek is stunned to see them together, Mohit says this must be Shaurya’s trick to bring this international girl here, Kanta says what we will do without ingredients? Jeevan says lets talk to judges.

Nikita brings Mahek’s vegetables shopper which she stole, Nehal sees it and says see she has our bag, Jeevan says I am going to judges, Mahek says its not needed, we dont have proof to announce that Shaurya and Nikita stole our bag, Kanta says what will we do now? Mahek sees Nikita hugging Shaurya, Shaurya smiling at her, she says we will do anything but we wont accept defeat.

Shaurya’s team start cooking, Mahek is tensed, Shaurya looks at her. Nikita says that you want to worry Mahek but you get worried seeing her tensed, we could have taken other teams ingredients then why Mahek’s team? Shaurya says because we can make Mahek lose by giving her tension, she still hasnt accepted her defeat, she will do something. Judge comes to Mahek and says if you dont use your ingredients then you will lose.

Mahek looks at shaurya in tears, Shaurya feels bad for her. Jeevan says to Mahek that shaurya always take advantage of your innocence, Mohit says I will teach him lesson after contest. Shaurya comes to Mahek and says this is leftover of our ingredients and you are good using at leftovers so take them, this is another surprise, Mahek says why Shaurya?

Shaurya says this is to make you feel what happens when someone you trust ditches you, when you plan everything and the one you trust just ruin it for you, you did that with me by switching teams, Jeevan says we dont need your leftovers. Mahek says no we will use them, this is not help Shaurya, help is done when someone willingly wants to help but this is your favor, you have done favor on us and we will pay you back, Shaurya looks on and leaves.

Nikita(Niki) says to Shaurya that you should be vice captain of Mahek’s team, he says shut up and looks at Mahek, Niki says nobody knew in college that one girl can affect you this much, Mahek’s presence affect you a lot, he asks her to focus on work, he looks at Mahek. Mahek is using his leftovers and working something.

Host says time is up, he says countdown and ask them to stop, Mahek stops cooking and hugs Mohit. Sheetal says Shaurya made us lose today. Host says lets announce results now, Bengal has scored 5 points, Goa have scored 6 points.

Host says Mahek and Shaurya’s team have put spice in contest today, Mahek’s team made very tasty dish but it had less ingredients thats why they have got.. Shaurya is worried, Host says they will only get 4 points, Mahek feels bad. Host says team which followed international standards is white chilies so they won with 9 points, Shaurya gets happy and hugs Niki, Mahek feels bad.

Sheetal says look at that witch, she is hugging married man infront of everyone and isnt even ashamed. Host says there will be twist, there will be punishment for losing team. Judge says Mahek’s team’s punishment is to plan a romantic dinner for winning team that is Shaurya’s team, Shaurya smirks at Mahek, Shaurya thanks everyone, he comes to Mahek and says I want to have date with pretty girl, he comes towards Mahek, Mahek blushes thinking he would want a date with her, Shaurya says I want this date to be with.. Nikita, Mahek is shocked as well as Nikita, Shaurya takes Niki’s hand. Kanta says what is this? his new game.

Host says one more thing, Judges says if Mahek’s team failed to give Shaurya and Nikita a nice date then they will be disqualified from next round and they will get 0 marks. Niki asks Shaurya why he is taking her on date instead of his wife? Shaurya says I want to see how much jealous Mahek will get. Mahek looks at him and is fuming in anger, he smirks at her.

Mahek is in kitchen when Shaurya comes there and puts hand on her shoulder, she turns and glares at him, she turns to leave but Shaurya stops her.

Shaurya asks Mahek if she is feeling bad after losing? I feel something is burning, Mahek says someone’s character is burning, she turns to leave but Shaurya says I will wait for tomorrow, tomorrow will you be able to handle and see your husband going on a romantic date with some other girl, will you cry? Mahek clenches her teeth in anger.

Sonal brings snacks for family, all are sad, Mohit asks Mahek what they have to do on date night? Jeevan says we have to make Shaurya and Nikita happy, we have to prepare their favorite dishes, Mahek says dont worry I will handle everything about this date.

Mahek says to Sonal and Mohit that he wants to take her ex-college mate on date infront of me, Sonal says you said you dont care and now you are jealous, Mahek says I dont care if he dates her or marry her but its not easy to bear shaurya which only I can.

Niki says to shaurya that its not easy to see your partner on date with someone else, why doing this with Mahek? she might go away from you, Shaurya says we are connected by a thread that cant be broken, I feel irritated when she is not affected by me, I want to see her reaction on this date, Niki says I thought you would become mature after wedding but you are still stubborn and weird person, Shaurya says I want to see how this date affect her, I want to make her jealous.

Sonal asks Mahek if they should kidnap Nikita? Mahek says no we will make date great, Sonal says he is doing all this to distract you from contest, Mahek looks on.

Mahek comes to Shaurya’s house, she ignores Shaurya. Shaurya acts like calling Nikita, he says if you dont like food on date then we will go somewhere else, you dont have to worry, I will take care of you, Mahek gets jealous and goes to bring water.

Shaurya laughs, Karona laughs and says you are doing all this to irritate her? Shaurya says she teaches lesson to everyone and I want to see how teacher gets jealous who wants to teach everyone but how she will get jealous, i want to see that. Shaurya says I am doing this to make white chilies win, I know we can never win over Mahek’s talent so I am playing mind games to make her lose focus.

Mahek hears it and thinks fine, lets play minds games Shaurya.

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