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Karan and Rishab are questioning Sanju and asks the reason for his loyalty, he says that he will be paid a lot of money and that is the sole reason, Rishab says that he will give him twice the amount, he then agrees to thrice but still Sanju says that he will not tell him after Prithvi says that he will pay him four times the amount. Sanju still does not agree, Rishab starts beating and does not listen even when everyone tries to stop them,

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Sanju then says that the person who paid him the money is with them in the same room, Sanju looks towards Preeta who is standing in front of Prithvi but Karan hits him thinking that he was talking about Preeta. Prithvi thinks of a way to stop Sanju and goes towards him with a knife, Sanju realizes the plan and takes him outside, and he does not stop and takes Prithvi.

Prithvi is acting and also asks Sanju to act with him but he does not do it and forces him to come with him. He leaves and Preeta is very worried and goes after them both, Karan and Rishab also follow her.

Sanju says to Prithvi that he has a very clever mind and would become a don if he was in their line, Prithvi gets angry and says that they are in this problem because of him and he also got injured, Sanju says that it i9s just a little scratch and it will heal but Prithvi says that he has a lot of problems to face and this will result in his death.

He gets a call from Sherlin who is very angry and constantly asking questions about what happened, Prithvi says that they are in a problem and will talk with her after coming back home. Sherlin ask so Prithvi makes Sanju talk with her and they both get into a fight and so Sanju asks Prithvi to handle her himself, Prithvi makes himself feel like and intelligent person, Sanju tell him that he must talk with her as otherwise she will get angry again, Prithvi turns back and sees Karan and Preeta following them.

Prithvi asks Sanju to drive fast, he tells Sherlin that he will tell her everything after coming back and now she must not call him. Preeta is very worried but Karan is adamant that it a plan and nothing else, Rishab asks him to be quiet and consoles Preeta, they follow them and Rishab then also says that something is wrong, Rishab spots Prithvi’s car and when they reach near it,

Rishab says that there is something wrong as there is no movement in the car and if he was Kidnaped he would have tried to escape but there is nothing, and this means that it was a plan, Preeta does not listen but Rishab then makes her realize and she also understands, Karan says that she will understand after they catch him.

Mahesh asks Karina as to what she has to say, Dadi also asks her at which she says that Sherlin is about to become their Sons wife but she has never got the respect which she deserved and it is all because of Preeta as she dislikes her from the beginning and that is why even when Sherlin is trying so much, Preeta blamed that she is about to become mother of someone’s else child and it is all because of their support.

Rakhi and Mahesh are confused, Karina’s says that she brought the doctor to their house to prove it, she ask as to what happened to their family’s rules, she says that Preeta is a very clever girl and she came here for their family’s wealth, Rakhi says that Preeta never said anything regarding Pregnancy, Karina is not moved and says that she is a very clever girl and wants to marry Rishab and that is the reason she made Karan her friend, she knew that Rishab love shim a lot and will not deny anything that he says.

Karina taunts Rakhi that she cares for her sons but how can she neglect such an important thing that Preeta wants to take Sherlin’s place, Dadi says that Karina said something’s that should not have been spoken, Mahesh also agrees saying that Preeta is a good girl. Rakhi says to Karina that she knows that she doesn’t like Preeta and today she has said a lot, Rakhi says that Preeta is a very precious person.

Rakhi is very angry with Karina, she says ton her that she knew that Karina never liked Preeta but this does not mean that she is a bad girl and Preeta is a very obedient person and is one of a Kind, Karina gets angry and thinks that Preeta has everyone in the palm of her hands. Sherlin thinks that she is worried About Prithvi and can’t even call him, she only wonders if he is alright, she is very tensed.

Sanju is driving the car, he say that his right eye is blinking, Prithvi asks in amazement about what he is saying to which he says that this means that danger is after him, Prithvi doesn’t understand at which Sanju gets frustrated and explains to him the reason as he almost died the last rime.
Rishab is trying to convince Preeta that there is nothing wrong, Karan also says that she must open her eyes.

Prithvi asks him to throw him out of the car but Sanju says that he will not do it, there is a lot of risk in it, Prithvi is adamant and then tries to struggle with Sanju, he gets distracted and so the car moves out of the road, Preeta is convinced that Prithvi is being kidnapped, Sanju asks what is he doing to which he says that they have seen both of them and this means that they have to struggle to make them believer that he is being Kidnapped.

He asks Sanju to throw him out but Sanju says that he will not do it then after Prithvi forces him, Sanju throws him out of the car on a turn at which Preeta and Karan stop the car, Sanju escapes and thinks that he got into a big problem.

Mahesh and others are with the Doctor Seema and ask her as to what does she know about Sherlin’s Pregnancy, Karina taunts her saying that there is not proof, the doctor remembers everything that happened but doesn’t say anything even when Mahesh and Rakhi ask her saying that she feels dizzy.

Preeta comes to Prithvi who is in pain and bleeding, she is much tensed, Rishab and Karan also follow her and come to sit by his side. He says that he is very blessed to be with someone like her as he was saved just by her prayers, he thinks to himself that his planed worked.

He doctor says that she feels relieved, everyone asks her as to what the matter is to which she says that she wants to talk in front of Karan and Sherlin, Rakhi says that she will call them, she also asks Mahesh to call the Police and they agree, Both of the phones are not reachable, Karina feels that they atre being such fools for believing in the doctor, Doctor Seema thinks that Sherlin is a very criminal minded girl and she will not let someone like her do anything wrong to such a nice family and will tell; everyone the truth about her as well as Sanju.

Preeta bandages Prithvi and says that they must take Prithvi to the hospital, Rishab gives him a hand and also asks Karan, He says that Prithvi is just acting and there is nothing wrong but when he asks Preeta, Karan jumps in and quickly gives him his hand, he picks him up but walking behind him thinks of his plan.

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Sherlin says that she is fed up of the middle class girl and what is her plan, Karina says that Preeta wants to prove that Sherlin is pregnant and she also brought the doctor with her, Sherlin gets tensed and asks as to what the doctor said, Karina sys that she was on medicine and is not fully awake but her family is with her and trying to know what she has to say, but the doctor is really afraid of someone, Sherlin thinks that this means that doctor has not said anything about her, Karina asks her the reason for being silent,

Sherlin says that this means that everyone believes that she is pregnant, the doctor must say that there is nothing if the sort, Karina comforts her and says that she has not said anything and asked for Karan and Preeta to be with her, she says that Rakhi has called them , Sherlin ask her to which Karina says that Prithvi came and created a lot of drama,

Karina asks her to come as she is the one being blamed and she wants her to be with them to defend herself, they are talking when Karina daughter comes and ask her to come with her as everyone is asking for her, Sherlin thinks of what Karina said and then sees Prithvi’s massage.

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