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Friday update on Mehek 14th June 2019

Mahek just keep looking at screen in helplessness, she hugs mobile and silently sobs while Shaurya smiles. Mahek composes herself and takes call, she asks how are you? Shaurya moves and winces in pain, Mahek gets tensed and asks what happened? Shaurya says my breathing stopped but now i talked to you so my breathing is normal, Mahek says you are crazy, see what you have done to yourself you fool. Shaurya fills water glass, Mahek fills water glass too, Shaurya says atleast you talking to me because of my condition, they both drink water. Mahek says this is no joke, Shaurya winces in pain,

Mahek asks if he is fine? Shaurya says you are my strength, if you are with me then i can fight anyone, i can face whole world, thats why i am asking you to not be miffed with me now, be with me please, you have started crying just because i got beaten, what if those goons had killed me? Mahek says i am cutting call, you are talking rubbish, Shaurya says please dont call, Mahek says please eat medicine and sleep Shaurya, please agree with me. Shaurya says okay but i have one condition, till i dont get sleep, you will have to stay on line with me,

Mahek gets emotional hearing it, both get silent, Mahek hugs dupatta that Shaurya gave her from Karona’s side, she silently weeps, Shaurya takes bridal dupatta and hugs it, they both are in pain.. dard dilon ke kam hojaty.. mein or tum gar hum hojaty plays, Shaurya looks at Chura that Mahek left with him and kisses it, Mahek looks at bangles that Shaurya gave her, Shaurya takes medicine and lies in bed with phone attached to his hear, Mahek tries to control her crying, Shaurya falls asleep…

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All are tensed in Sharma house. Sonal asks Nehal what is time? Nehal says its 7PM, Sonal says where is Shaurya? why he hasnt come till now? Storm starts, Ravi says why is there thunder storm coming and bolt of lightening when weather is fine? Nehal says even storm has come but when will brother in law(Shaurya) coming? Mahek says he is not going to come here and he shouldnt, he is sick and should be resting in his house, its better for him. Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s house with Vicky, he says on mic that Mahek Sharma come out, where are you? Sharma family is stunned to hear him, Nehal and Sonal gets elated.

Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s house and asks her to come out, Sharma family gets tensed hearing him. Mahek says Shaurya? One neighbor asks Shaurya if its Mehndi today? Shaurya says see Mahek whole world knows its our mehndi, did you forget Mahek? i am waiting for you, come outside. Mahek looks on. Kanta comes to Mahek and says come with me, Mahek says where? Kanta drags her inside house. Kanta pushes Mahek in her room and glares at her, Kanta brings paint there and draws line there, Shaurya is asking Mahek to come out, he says i am waiting for you, come out please.

Kanta draws boundary outside Mahek’s room and says if Mahek cares for me and my respect then she will not cross this line(Laxman rekha) and if she crosses this line then it will mean she wants Shaurya and not my love and upbringing, Mahek pleads to not do this, Kanta says listen to me if you cross this line then your and relation will end. Jeevan says this is madness Kanta, PD says till when you will stop Mahek with these foolish things Kanta?

Kanta says i cant stop that Shaurya but i can give orders to my kids, i am testing my kids if they care for me or not, she says to Mahek that if you cross this line then i am dead for her, she leaves from there, Mahek is torn hearing all this, her head spins with Kanta’s words. Family sadly looks at Mahek, Mahek goes in her room dejectedly.

Sonal comes to Shaurya and says dont put Mahek in this dilemma, please postpone this function and dont ask Mahek to come out. Shaurya says no Mahek has to come out. Sonal says dont put Mahek in this exam, you dont put her in this situation, Shaurya says I am not taking her test, its Kanta who is taking her test, i have just loved her, its either Kanta winning today or our love will break every rock that is in our love’s way. Shaurya calls tattoo artist Rick and asks him to come.

Shaurya says to Mahek that today is our love’s test, its okay even if you dont apply my name’s mehndi on your hands but I am going to put your name on my chest today infront of everyone. Kanta comes on street and sees Shaurya taking off his shirt.

Mahek comes to room’s window and sees Shaurya on street, tattoo maker comes there and says Shaurya you are injured so much, did you have accident? Shaurya says something like that, Shaurya asks to create tattoo on my chest, Vicky says you have wound on chest, you cant have tattoo there, you will bleed, you are totally broken, you cant have this tattoo, shaurya says they are my inner pain, these outer wounds are nothing.

Vicky says to Sharma family that please call Mahek and stop Shaurya, he has fever and he is going for this madness, please call Mahek, he shouts for Mahek’s name, Kanta says dont shout, Mahek is not going to come. Mahek sees from window that Shaurya’s wound on chest bleeding, tattoo artists starts tattooing Mahek’s name on Shaurya’s chest, Shaurya flinches in pain, Mahek is unable to see him getting so much pain, she extends her hand as if to reach him, Shaurya clenches his jaw in pain,

Mahek cries seeing his pain, she close her eyes, Shaurya screams in pain, Mahek says please dont do this Shaurya, she begs him to stop but he doesnt listen, Shaurya says you may not put my name’s mehndi on your hands but i have put your name on my heart forever, i love you, tattoo maker engraves Mahek’s name on Shaurya’s chest, Shaurya looks at Mahek and says I love you Mahek, Mahek cries seeing all this.

Shaurya feels dizzy with pain, Mahek is unable to bear it, she runs out of her room, crosses boundary which Kanta created, she runs downstairs, she mistakenly throws vase on her way and her foot gets injured, her foot bleeds but Mahake doesnt stop, she comes out, Ravi tries to stop her but Mahek runs to Shaurya, she pulls him close and hugs him tightly, She caresses his neck and cries in his arms, Shaurya smiles feeling her warmth in his arms, Kaun tuhje yun pyar karega jaise mei karti hun plays..

Sonal sees Mahek’s foot bleeding, she says Mahek your foot.. family sees Mahek not caring about her foot. Mahek says to Shaurya that see I have come, she breaks hug and looks at tattoo on his chest, she caresses it and lovingly gazes at him, she says you won Shaurya, you won, your stubbornness won, Shaurya cups her face, she leans in his hand and sobs, Kaun tujhe yun pyar jaise mei karta hun plays..

Shaurya intensely looks in Mahek’s eyes, she smiles, Shaurya calls Vicky, Vicky brings mehndi cone, shaurya takes it and makes design with mehndi on her hand, they both share eyelock, she shakes her head at him, Sonal smiles seeing them, Shaurya says thank you Mahek, today i am sure that no one can break our love, he hugs her, Mahek hugs him tightly, Kanta huffs seeing their hug. Ravi says to Kanta that i will call police right now, Kanta says dont do it, police cant do anything, there is no use for all these things now, she goes back in house dejectedly, Shaurya and Mahek looks on.

Mahek looks at Shaurya tensed, Shaurya cups her face, and says dont worry, i will talk to Kanta chachi, she says no, you will silently go back to your house, she asks Vicky to give him turmeric milk and medicine at home and if acts tough to not take it then call me, Vicky says okay, shaurya smiles at Mahek, Vicky starts taking Shaurya away from Mahek, Mahek looks at her mehndi filled hand then at Shaurya, Shaurya keep looking at Mahek while leaving, he puts hand on his chest where Mahek’s name is engraved and goes from her street, Mahek looks on and thinks that between Kanta and Shaurya’s fight, i lost.

Balwant says to family that Mahek has broken my trust too, PD says dont be so hard on her, she is our daughter, start to accept and forget, everything will be fine, Balwant says Kanta might forgive her but i will never, Jeevan says a lot has happened outside so dont create mess here, leave everything to Kanta and Mahek. Kanta is silently sitting there in pain.

Mahek comes there and sits infront of Kanta, she says i know you are miffed with me but please forgive me Chachi, I am sorry, she cries and says i know you want my good, you are scared that if i go back to Shaurya then i will get pain again but Shaurya is trying to change his mistakes, i agree that this is same Shaurya who stole my mother’s recipes but same Shaurya accepted it infront of world, gave respect to my mother, apologized to us, fought with goons, saved me from Ajay many times and today just to show love, he kept bearing pain for me, this all cant be lie, please say anything, punish me but talk to me.

Kanta glares at her, she leaves from there, Mahek is broken. Nehal comes there and bandages Mahek’s foot. Otherside Shaurya is taking shower, he caresses Mahek’s name on his chest, he recalls her smile. Mahek is in pain otherside, Roke na ruke naina plays.. they both miss each other. Shaurya recalls their love confession, their kiss, their dance, their hald wedding. Shaurya looks at Mahek’s name near his heart and smiles broadly.

Shaurya comes out of shower in towel and looks in mirror, he takes phone and calls Mahek.. Mahek doesnt see her phone being worried about Kanta and doesnt see Shaurya calling. Shaurya gets dejected that she didnt receive his call.

In morning, PD says to Mahek that dont worry, time is difficult but it will be fine, Kanta will forgive you, she loves you a lot. Jeevan says Kanta has locked herself in her room since last night, i dont know if she took her BP medicine. Mahek says i will go and see, Ravi says you have hurt Kanta a lot yesterday by crossing her border line, you dont need to do anything.

Kanta comes out of her room, Mahek says dont talk to me but eat something, you havent eaten since yesterday, Kanta says to Mahek that go and get ready, Ravi asks where are we going? Kanta says to Shaurya’s house, all are stunned.

Karona puts ointment on Shaurya’s wounds and says I am tired of seeing your wounds, just look at your bruised body. Shaurya says they are not bruises, they are proof of my love, this many wounds are either on warrior’s body or on lover’s. Shaurya turns and sees Kanta, Jeevan and Mahek standing there. Karona says you people here? Kanta comes inside and says sorry to come here early.

Kanta says to Karona that i accept Shaurya and Mahek’s relation, Mahek and Shaurya are stunned to hear it, Kanta says I am sorry Karona, i talked with you very rudely, Karona hugs her. Mahek smiles and hug Kanta. Kanta says but before taking your relation at its destination, i have one condition, everyone looks on. Shaurya asks what condition? Kanta says you both will not meet each other for one month, Jeevan says what are you saying?

Kanta says i have bowed to your love but i still think Shaurya’s love is his obsession only, this getting injured, engraving her name on chest, this is just his blood boiling, i dont know if this is love or stubbornness to be together, its like when a child wants a toy, he gets obsessed with it but when he gets it, he plays with it and then gets bored and throw it away, Shaurya says nothing like that.

Kanta says then prove it, stay away from her for one month, wait for her and come to her after one month and prove that you will love her always, Karona says i agree with Kanta, Shaurya says what is this rubbish? i dont want to give this foolish exam. Kanta says fine, you both are adults, both are half married so go to any mandir and get married then invite us to reception,

Mahek stops Kanta and says we agree with your condition, we will not meet for one month, Shaurya says what are you saying? Mahek says to Kanta that i promise you that our obsession and love will be no less even after one month apart, we will prove that you and agree to your condition, Shaurya gets mad at her, he holds her hand and drags her out of room.

Shaurya brings Mahek out of room. Shaurya says have you gone mad? why I have to give exam? i have passed all exams, Mahek says she has taken step to accept us so we have to take one step ahead too, its just one month, we can prove her that our love will survive it, do it for me, Shaurya says I love you so much but I cant do this, you do this but I cant stay away from you. Mahek looks at him, she comes closer, puts hand on his neck and pulls hi closer, she softly kisses his cheek and looks in his eyes, Tum his ho, shaurya calms down with her kiss, Mahek looks at him last time and leaves.

Mahek is in rickshaw with Kanta, she puts her head on Kanta’s shoulder, Kanta puts hand on her head.

Shaurya says to Karona that why I have to stay away from Mahek? Karona says you have done a lot in their lives, let them have peace, win Kanta’s trust, its just one month, wait for it and let Kanta be proven wrong. Shaurya says no this is not that simple, something is going on in Kanta’s mind.

Mahek, Kanta and Jeevan are in rickshaw going home. Some jeep comes infront of car, they stop rickshaw, goons come out of jeep wearing masks. They bring out Jeevan, Kanta and Mahek from rickshaw, they start beating Kanta and Jeevan, Mahek tries to stop but they put Kanta in jeep and takes her away from there kidnapping her. Mahek and Jeevan shouts her and cries.

Police comes to Mahek’s house, Mahek tells about jeep and kidnapping of Kanta. Mohit says Pammi and Ajay must have done it, they have rivalry with us. Shaurya comes there with Karona, Sonal says to Mahek that i called Shaurya. Shaurya calls commissioner and takes information.

Shaurya says to Jeevan that police have found that jeep empty near bridge, he says to Jeevan that I promise you to find Kanta Chachi, i will bring her and wont let anything happen to her, the people who tried to hurt Mahek and Chachi will get punished badly, Shaurya sees Mahek crying and leaving, he goes behind her.

Shaurya comes to Mahek in kitchen and sees her crying, he says I promise my wife that I will bring Chachi back home till this evening then I will wait for you even for two months, will do as Chachi wants and then be with you, Mahek emotionally looks at him and hugs him tightly.

Kanta comes home. Kanta is beaten badly, limping, her hair is disheveled, she is dizzy, All see her, Jeevan makes her sit and asks if she is fine? Mahek and Shaurya comes there, Mahek asks to bring water and first aid kit. Ravi says Pammi must have done it, inspector asks who did it to her? Jeevan asks Kanta who did this to her? was it Pammi? Ajay? Kanta says it was not Pammi, this was done to me by.. she points at Shaurya hinting that he kidnapped her and says Shaurya did it, all are shocked and angrily looks at Shaurya. Shaurya cant believe it.

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