Meet in Love Zeeworld update Wednesday 20 December 2023

Meet in Love 20 December 2023: Meet confronts Sarkar and questions his actions. She asks why he hid the truth about Cheeku being her son and why he exchanged his belongings with another child. She mentions that he had Cheeku’s locket, so why did he keep the truth hidden? Mahendra questions Meet’s right to question Sarkar, but a servant arrives and hands over the DNA reports to Meet.

Meet in Love 19 December 2023

She checks the reports and sits down, overwhelmed with emotion. Manmeet asks her about the contents of the report. Meet tearfully reveals that it proves Cheeku is her biological son. She recalls the moments when Cheeku called her “Mumma” and the time they spent together, bringing tears of joy to her eyes.Sarkar is about to leave when Meet stops him and insists on getting answers from him about his actions. Sarkar admits that he wanted

to make Meet suffer because she took Manmeet away from him, so he retaliated by separating her from her son. He curses Meet, claiming that she will experience the pain of being distanced from her son. Meet, however, is determined not to let anyone take Cheeku away from her. Sarkar retorts that Cheeku is already moving away from her. Cheeku arrives at the scene with a blindfold on his eyes. Meet asks why he is wearing it, and Cheeku explains that he only wants to see Meet’s face because she is his mother and no one else.

Shagun arrives, shocking all the family members. She distributes sweets and feeds everyone, announcing that it’s a happy day for her as she has found her son. Sarkar jokes with Shagun and joins in the celebration. Shagun tells Meet that by adopting Cheeku, she has snatched away her motherhood. Meet embraces Cheeku, who is scared, while Shagun disrupts the “havan” fire for the ritual. Meet watches as Shagun breaks a pot and asserts that she is Cheeku’s real mother, backed by the DNA report. However, Shagun presents official adoption papers and declares herself as Cheeku’s mother.

Manmeet questions Shagun about her motives, urging her to seek revenge from him instead of targeting Meet and Cheeku. Shagun challenges him to plead with her sweetly, but Manmeet becomes angry with her. Meet reminds Shagun that she separated Manmeet from his wrestling dreams. Shagun retaliates, stating that her revenge against Meet is fulfilled by snatching her love away, and now she is taking her child as well. She informs Meet that she only came to inform her that she will be taking Cheeku away.

Meet desperately tries to stop her, but Shagun asserts her legal rights.Cheeku cries as Shagun attempts to force him to go with her. Shagun reveals her plan to take him to America within 48 hours and confidently states that she has won. She tells Meet that she will cry for the rest of her life. In desperation, Meet falls at Shagun’s feet and begs her not to take her son away. Manmeet questions Sarkar about his actions and whether he is siding with Shagun. Sarkar admits that he will support anyone who is against Meet Hooda because now she will experience the pain of separation.

Gunwanti and Yashoda encouraging Meet to go and reclaim her son from ShagunMeet meets with a lawyer in his office who informs her that, as the biological mother, she has the right to her child. Meet expresses her concern about Shagun taking Cheeku to America within 48 hours. The lawyer explains that the court is closed on the weekend, so he can’t take any immediate action. Meet pleads with him to find a solution, but the lawyer explains that he won’t be able to help until Monday.

Meet feels helpless and breaks down in tears, but Manmeet consoles her and promises to find a way. Sumeet arrives and asks if Meet has brought Cheeku home, as Gunwanti is saying he has been taken by someone else. Meet assures Sumeet that she will bring Cheeku back.Shagun calls Meet and taunts her for crying, showing Cheeku on the video call. Meet becomes angry and leaves in frustration.

Jasodha questions Sarkar about allowing all of this to happen despite being a father. Sarkar admits that he wants Manmeet to be free from Meet and believes their reunion was a mistake. He claims that he can only regain his son when Manmeet separates from Meet. Jashoda warns him that she will leave Sarkar if he continues with this plan. They argue, with Jashoda trying to make Sarkar understand that Meet is Manmeet’s happiness.

Meet and Manmeet arrive at the location where Shagun is with Cheeku. Shagun’s bodyguards hold them captive. Shagun announces her intention to tattoo on Cheeku’s hands that she is his mother, blaming the rituals of Sarkarpur for her actions. Cheeku shouts that only Meet is his mother and he will only call her that. Manmeet urges Shagun not to provoke his anger further, but she insists on hurting Meet. Jashoda confronts Sarkar, expressing her disappointment in his unfair actions, and warns him that if he fails to realize the truth, he will fail as a father.

Sarkar still maintains that Meet is the reason for his separation from Manmeet.Cheeku continues to cry and pleads with Meet not to leave. Shagun prepares to use an electric gun to tattoo Cheeku’s hand. Sarkar asks Gunwanti to serve him food, but Jashoda intervenes and declares that he won’t receive anything from her kitchen since he has committed the crime of separating a child from his mother. She reminds him of the pain she felt when Manmeet was separated from her during his childhood. Jashoda refuses to serve him food unless he helps Manmeet. Even Gunwanti and Sapna take Jashoda’s side and refuse to serve Sarkar.

Sarkar still refuses to help Meet and Manmeet. Shagun is shocked to see Meet missing from the venue. Meet returns with a water pot and drops it on a wire, giving Shagun an electric shock. Cheeku quickly runs to Meet, and she asserts that no one can defeat a mother’s love. The guards capture Meet, but Cheeku manages to escape. Mahendra praises Sarkar for his cunning plan and for making Shagun aware that Cheeku is Meet’s child. Sarkar admits that he used Shagun as a means to seek revenge.

Meet searches for Cheeku and Manmeet pulls her aside, revealing that he has brought Cheeku with him. Meet worries about the police being with Shagun, but Manmeet explains that it was the only way to stop her. The episode ends with Shagun informing the police that Meet Hooda has taken her son.

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