Meet in Love Zeeworld update Tuesday 19 December 2023

Meet in Love 19 December 2023: Meet and Manmeet putting garland on Meet Ahlawat’s photo for his punyatithti puja. Hoshiyaar says Meet must be very happy seeing his dream of medicine factory come true. Meet tells Meet Ahlawat’s picture that he will be happy to know about factory but even happier to know that she is adopting a kid named Cheeku and she finds their Cheeku in him. Priest informs Meet that he cannot come but his send his friend instead to do the puja. Meet feels someone is peeking around but they cannot find anyone.

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Sarkar pays money to someone and tells to get the work done. He thinks Meet has distanced him from her son so he will never let her reunite with her own son. Sumeet prepares bed for Cheeku in her room. Gunwanti comes there and Sumeet tells her about Cheeku coming back as her brother. She asks Gunwanti not to scold Cheeku instead to love him. Gunwanti asks Sumeet when her parents are coming from orphanage. She says they have gone to Ahlawat house. Sapna comes and tells they have gone there for Meet Ahlawat’s punyatithti. Priest gets shocked to see Manmeet and asks if he is twin brother of the person in picture.

Manmeet says it’s just a miracle that they took alike. Hoshiyaar also says its by fate that Manmeet became Meet’s partner and is by her side now. Priest says one such miracle happened few years back one from kid in basket fell from cliff but safely survived. He says that kid was wearing mata rani’s locket and was wrapped in blanket which has something embroidered on it. Meet gets shocked to know because all the details match with her lost son Cheeku. She asks priest to recall time and date of the incident.

Meet is left beyond shocked when priest tells the day. Hoshiyaar says same day incident had happened to Meet’s lost child. Priest tells the kid was taken by NGO and grew up in Baal Seva orphanage. Meet and Manmeet join the link and come to conclusion that Cheeku is her lost son Cheeku. She goes to room and opens chest where she had kept small toys and clothes for Cheeku. There is also Gita which was given by his dadi. She says she had closed her dreams when she lost Cheeku and now he is fine and safe. Meet dances happily with Manmeet.

Meet and Manmeet rush to orphanage. Meet tells she will buy new clothes for Cheeku and goes excitedly. She says she will also buy some toys and balloons. Manmeet smiles seeing her happiness. Meet tells manager of orphanage about her lost son and he lets them check the stuff of all the children. She finds embroidered blanket and Cheeku’s childhood picture in one of the boxes. But they get shocked when manager brings another kid Akhil and claims him as the owner of the stuff. Flashback shows Sarkar had paid the orphanage manager. The episode ends with Sarkar saying now he will make Meet leave his house as well as Manmeet’s life.

Meet being shocked when the orphanage manager claims that Akhil is the child who owns the belongings. Akhil runs towards Meet and calls her “mumma,” but she doesn’t feel the same connection as she did with Cheeku. Meet recalls the strong bond she felt with Cheeku when he called her “mumma.” She wonders how it’s possible and becomes certain that this kid is not her child, but Cheeku is. Despite the manager’s insistence, Meet firmly believes that Cheeku is her son. She proposes getting a DNA test done to prove it and adopt Cheeku.

Meanwhile, a guy informs Sarkar that Meet is determined to adopt Cheeku. The orphanage manager taunts Meet, accusing her of being a heartless mother for denying her own child. He refuses to allow Meet to take Cheeku unless she provides evidence. Meet tells him to wait until the evening when she will bring the DNA test reports. Sumeet is busy decorating the house to welcome Cheeku home. Gunwanti pretends to help Sumeet and asks for assistance in putting balloons on a board.

Mahendra questions Gunwanti about the new game she’s playing. Gunwanti reveals that she’s trying to impress Meet by showing affection towards Sumeet and Cheeku, hoping that Meet will make them partners in the factory.Meet calls Cheeku and hugs him tightly. He asks when they will take him to Sumeet. Cheeku shares that he feels scared at the orphanage and misses Sumeet immensely. Manmeet notices a drawing made by Cheeku depicting his family.

Meet assures Cheeku that soon he will be home with his family. Cheeku mentions Sarkar coming to the orphanage and meeting the attendant and manager, but he didn’t meet Cheeku. Meet and Manmeet ponder over Sarkar’s intentions.After Meet and Manmeet leave, Shagun arrives at the orphanage, expressing her desire to adopt a child. Meanwhile, Sumeet surprises Meet and Manmeet by blindfolding them and leading them into the house. She reveals the decorations she has prepared for Cheeku’s arrival, bringing a smile to Meet’s face. Sumeet shares that she has already made space for Cheeku in her cupboard, divided the toys, and even created a timetable for playing and studying with him.

Meet appreciates Sumeet’s efforts and promises to bring her “Cheek bhaiya” home soon. She suggests performing a “hawan” ceremony for Cheeku, and Gunwanti offers to arrange all the necessary materials.Manmeet is taken aback by Gunwanti’s changed behavior. Meet explains that she has been reunited with her long-lost son, and Gunwanti’s positive transformation is a good sign. Sumeet asks Meet about DNA, and Meet explains that DNA is the thread that connects loved ones. Sumeet interprets it as “Dear Near Apne,” bringing a smile to Manmeet’s face.

Masoom arrives with a gift for Sumeet and witnesses Gunwanti instructing Lata to cut the fruits nicely to impress Meet. Masoom gifts Sumeet a locket with a Mata Rani pendant, similar to the one Cheeku had. Sumeet tells Meet about Cheeku having the same locket and how she had given it to Sarkar, asking him to return it to Cheeku when he came back from the hospital. Meet realizing that Sarkar already knew about Cheeku being her child.

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