Meet in love Zee world, Sunday 21 January 2024

Meet in love 21 January 2024: Meet and Meet Ahlawat having romantic time. Barfi Devi looks at him thinks you did wrong with me and she walk away. Meet ask what are you doing. Meet Ahlawat says you are my first wife. Meet says you got married again. He says but you don’t consider it as marriage, he gets closer to her says nobody is here and grab her. Meet push him and start walking away. Meet Ahlawat hold her hand. Meet grab glass of water and throw at him says what happen to you are you in senses. Meet Ahlawat says I’m in my senses you are my legally wedded wife I have right on you and he grabs her says I know you miss me and every moment we spent, don’t worry nobody is in house. Meet says leave me she gets out of his hands and slaps him.

Barfi Devi in room says to herself I warned you not to break my promise  but still you try to trick me and she remembers seeing Meet Ahlawat with Meet. Barfi Devi says you will be punished for this, she grab white duppata from her bag says it’s time to tell Isha truth.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I don’t believe you can go down tgis level, she walks out of room.

Meet crying after remembering what happen to her in room says I know whatever he is doing to trouble me.

Meet Ahlawat says this is what I want, you become so angry on me that you divorce me.

Meet says how can he be so cheap.

Meet Ahlawat says I wish I succeed.

Hoshiyar with friends playing. Someone knocks on door. His friend ask him to check. Hoshiyar see Masum ask what happen, what are you doing here. Hoshiyar says yes come in. Everyone staring at them. Hoshiyar says let’s go out and talk. Hoshiyar say’s you should have thrown out earlier because of your behaviour with you family members.

Masum says now you are also scolding me, you say you love me so prove it by supporting me because that’s what couple do. Hoshiyar says same applies for you. Masum says I understood everything was lie, I’ll go to my friends there are many who helped me in my bad time and she start walking away. She thinks I have no place to go stop me Hoshiyar. Hoshiyar says it’s nice idea go to your friends I won’t be worried about you and you won’t be able to adjust here with me and few men, give me time I’ll look for rented house till that time stay at your friends house. Masum start crying says all my friends are selfish nobody will help me, tell me what to do. Hoshiyar says I’m thinking.

Ram, Ragini, Isha and Babita back from jagran. Babita says ut was so peaceful at jagran, felt like everything is normal and I hope it happens too. Ragini says don’t worry it sill. Everyone looks at Barfi Devi. Meet walks to everyone. Barfi walks to Isha with white duppata and puts it over her. Everyone in shock. Ragini says what nonsense is this. Barfi says I want to tell you all something your daughter is a widow now. Isha feels dizzy. Meet Ahlawat throws gulaal on Isha. Everyone confused.

Meet Ahlawat says my sister will never be a widow. Babita ask then why did she do this, if it’s some kind of joke I didn’t like it. Meet Ahlawat says Barfi is angry on her because she didn’t apply sindoor she complaint about this too me, she explained how her daughter keep care of everything but Isha was not obeying so she wanted to make her realise, you all know how harsh she is, she did it in her own style.

Babita is this the way to explain anything. Ragini says you know Isha get’s panic attack, what if she could have gone sick, I request you please don’t behave like this with Isha. Meet Ahlawat says no chachi she didn’t mean anything. Barfi says he is right I get angry on wrong things and forget she is very sensitive, I did this so that something wrong didn’t happen again, understand. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry it won’t happen again. Isha apologies to Barfi Devi. Isha crying and Barfi walks away. (Meet Ahlawat looks at Neelu and remember she giving her information about Barfi Devi’s anger and ask him to handle situation. Meet Ahlawat thanks her.

She says my name is Neelum.) Everyone walks away. Meet walks to Neelu why did she took so harsh step to punish Isha. Neelu says she don’t think while punishing, she is very hard for girls and don’t like if girls don’t follow customs, she believes to teach a lesson so person remembers for life and she walk away. Meet thinking about situation.

Meet Ahlawat and Barfi in room. Meet Ahlawat says don’t you trust me, what were you doing there have thought if family would have known about the situation and what about Isha’s condition. Barfi take out Deep’s photo from drawer hugs it says did you ever thought how I feel, whenever I think about Deep I feel empty, now I only have daughter you got married 2 day’s ago and her marriage is in danger. Meet Ahlawat says I’m handling situation. Barfi says you words won’t help me, try to understand my pain, it’s not easy. Meet Ahlawat says I understand your pain, give me 24 hours, I’ll break her strength and my relation with her.

Everyone in hall having breakfast. Tej says Dad is recovering good. Babita pray for Raj. Meet serves Paratha to everyone. Barfi says to Neelu tgis is the chance to be good daughter in law, do as I asked you. Barfi sit down for breakfast. Neelu cut fruit says having fruits in breakfast is good for health. Everyone ignore her. Meet thinks act how much you want it wont help you here. Meet Ahlawat toss a coin, says today we will play a game and ask Neelu and Meet to choose head or tails.

Neelu choose heads. Meet Ahlawat check the coin says tails it is which means Meet win the game and get opportunity to stich button on my favourite shirt. He walks to Meet give her needle and thread says do fast I have an investor meeting and there are few more rules. Meet ask what rules. Meet Ahlawat says I have to spend my time with two wife’s so I have decided Monday to Thursday will be yours and Friday to Sunday will bs yours Neelu.

He sit down says to Neelu today is Meet’s turn to feed me, tomorrow I’ll eat anything even fruits and ask Meet to stich button. Meet don’t react. Meet Ahlawat touch her. Meet says stay away don’t touch me and I don’t wato follow any rules, are you out of your mind what do you think yourself did you forget how to respect women, I didn’t apologie for last night, I can bear anything but won’t let you play with my self respect.

Meet Ahlawat says who forced me to become shameless, you said no to divorce, you don’t want to go and I don’t want to leave Neelum so stop your nonsense and stitch this button. Meet start walking away. Meet Ahlawat stops her says don’t go anywhere, he brings stool for her to stand, he try to get close to her. Meet says I hate you and push him away. Meet Ahlawat stop himself from falling down and hurt his hand, he start bleeding.

Meet in shock tear her duppata and tie it around his hand says why you do nonsense, now you hurt yourself. Neelu bring first aid box. Meet takes it and apply bandage to his hand. Isha takes Neelu away says you are seeing them nobody can make them apart, how much they fight but still there heart’s are connected and you are just an outsider, look at them they are soulmates. Meet in tears and anger applying bandage to Meet Ahlawat.

Meet get’s call from Hoshiyar says I’m at your home. Ammaji snatch phone from Hoshiyar and says to Meet look at Hoshiyar he is asking me to rent a room in our house that too with his wife, who did lot of wrong things with you, I don’t like hsr at all. Meet says give phone to Hoshiyar. Hoshiyar says you have all right to kick us out of your house for whatever Masum did to you but for humanity please help me. Meet says I have no problem to help you. Hoshiyar says don’t worry nothing will happen because of her but for one time please help me.

Meet ask him to give phone to Dadi. Meet says to Dadi give them one room. Dadi says his wife did so wrong with you and you are trying to help her but you are saying that’s why I’m doing it, I don’t like to see Manushi’s and her face only god my help. Hoshiyar thanks Meet and disconnects call. Dadi says come I’ll show you room. Hoshiyar says to Masum did you see how kind hearted she is, you did wrong to her but still she give you room. Masum thinks who wants to stay here, I have to spend some days till the time Ahlawat mansion is open for me.

Meet Ahlawat in call says to himself I pray investors don’t cancel the meeting. Someone rings door bell. Servant open door for them. Three old man standing one of them ask for Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat see them and ask them to sit. Investor’s says we got news that you hurt yourself so thought let’s meet here. Meet Ahlawat ask how did you know. Man says your wife messaged and requested us to do meeting here. Other man says let’s start the meeting we have busy schedule.

Meet with Neelu in kitchen. Meet give her tray says this is some snacks go and serve to guest sitting outside this will help you make your place in everyone’s heart. Neelu take snacks and start walking outside. Meet Ahlawat says if you want we can do this meeting in office. Man says I think you believe we have lot if time to waste, you are very unprofessional if this is the case I’ll leave and he stands up. Neelu walks in with snacks says please sit down before going atleast have some snacks. Meet walks in with snacks and ask them to sit. Man ask why two snacks and tea. Meet says it’s easy Meet Ahlawat have everything two just like his wife’s.



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